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4th Draco-Versary (19/01/04)

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Started 4 January 2019
Ended 21 January 2019
Duration 17 Days
Type Calendar
Day 14
Grand Prize Quartern Dragon Quartern Dragon Icon.png


  • The main prize of the event is obtained by reaching Day 14.
  • The amount of Food and Gold rewarded depends on the Level Modifier.
  • Days marked with VIP Status Icon.png indicate the reward is doubled for Trainers with an active VIP Status.

Calendar[edit | edit source]

1 2 3 VIP Status Icon.png 4 5 6 VIP Status Icon.png 7
Pile of Gems.png

Pile of Gold.png

Pile of Food.png

Pile of Gems.png

Pile of Food.png

Pile of Gold.png

Pile of Gems.png

8 9 VIP Status Icon.png 10 11 12 VIP Status Icon.png 13 14
Legendary Habitat.png

Dragon Fury Essence Bottles.png
Card Dragon Pack Ticket Icon.png

Pile of Gold.png

Pile of Food.png

Pile of Gems.png

Quartern Dragon.png