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Ancient Portal

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Ancient Portal.png

This Ancient Portal leads to the Outer Isles, a land of battles to win and treasures to claim.

The Ancient Portal is a building in the game that allows the Trainer to travel from the Archipelago to the Campaign Map. Traveling is done by selecting the Portal and then pressing the Campaign Map Button.png button. Returning from the Campaign Map is done by pressing the X button in the top-right corner of the screen.


Upgrading is the process through which the Ancient Portal's level is increased, thus determining the base number of Battle Energy available for use on the Campaign Map. Upgrading the Portal costs a fixed amount of Gems per level. Select the Portal to begin the upgrade process. Tap the Upgrade Button.png button, then the Instant Upgrade  Gems Icon.png button to complete the process. Each time the Portal is upgraded, both the Portal Energy and the Arena Energy are replenished. The level of the Portal does not affect the 'base' amount of Arena Energy, as that amount is only affected by the Trainer's VIP Status.

The size of the Portal is 7x7 squares, regardless of its level, making it the largest movable building in the game. Additionally, the aspect of the Ancient Portal stays the same throughout each of its levels.

Portal Level Upgrade Cost Maximum Energy Portal Energy Bolt.png Experience Experience Icon.png
Level 1 Starting Level 3 Energy None
Level 2 50 Gems 4 Energy 550
Level 3 100 Gems 5 Energy 1,110
Level 4 150 Gems 6 Energy 1,660
Level 5 250 Gems 7 Energy 2,770
Level 6 500 Gems 8 Energy 5,500
Level 7 750 Gems 9 Energy 8,330


Ancient Portal (Golden).png

Relocation of the Ancient Portal can be initiated by pressing down on the building until the X and V Button.png buttons appear below it. The portal can then be moved into any available space by tapping on the new location or dragging the portal into position. An arrow is displayed on each side of the Portal, during movement, indicating whether it can be placed in a given area. Gray arrows indicate when an area is not available. The arrows will change to green once the Portal is over a clear space. The Portal is then fixed into position using the V Button.png button. The X can be pressed at any time to cancel the movement and restore the Portal to its original position.

Golden Portal[edit]

Trainers of VIP Level 11 and above can switch between the normal aspect of the Portal Ancient Portal Button.png and a golden variant Golden Ancient Portal Button.png. The Golden Ancient Portal serves no purpose other than as an aesthetic enhancement. This option can be used even when the VIP Status is not active.


  • Update 3.2 increased the VIP Level at which the golden form of the Portal is unlocked from Level 5 to Level 11.
  • Update 2.4 introduced the option to upgrade the Ancient Portal to Level 7.
  • Update 1.9 introduced the golden form of the Portal.