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Arcade Events

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Arcade Events are limited-time competitions in which Trainers offer various items to their Dragons in order to earn points, reach individual milestones, and compete against each other.


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Every six hours, from the beginning of the event, Trainers can complete various tasks to earn currency specific to the event. The currency is used to activate the filling of three separate tubes. Each tube provides three random items and each tube can be refilled in exchange for more currency once it is empty.

Four random Dragons are shown, each requesting items. Items in the bottom row of the tubes can be gifted to these Dragons, but the item must match one of the Dragon's requests. If the Trainer does not have matching items for any of the Dragons, they can choose to empty Trash All Button.png all of the tubes and then pay to refill each one or they can swap out any of the given Dragons using the Refresh Button.png button and waiting one hour (Gems can be used to skip the waiting period).

After a Dragon is gifted the items it requests, one Happy Dragon Icon.png point is awarded to the Trainer, then a new Dragon immediately takes that place. The points awarded are automatically added to the Trainer's overall score.

(Note: A minimum score is needed to participate and qualify for the grand (leaderboard) prize. Trainers are randomly placed in groups of 100, where the top Trainer(s) of each grouping will receive the main prize of the event.)


  • Update 6.6: With the introduction of the Primal Element the drop values for the rarities got changed again.
    • The probability of lower rarity dragons increased slightly, Epic decreased, Legendary doubled.
    • Filling the tubes got more expensive (from 50 to 60).
    • Frenzy bar threshold lowered (from 600 to 500), but fills slower (from 30 to 10 points per item).
  • Update 6.4: The chance for higher rarity dragons increased, the chance for lower rarity dragons also decreased.
    • The score for higher rarity dragons decreased, in line with the higher frequency of their appearance.
    • It is possible to score more points, so the milestone requirements for the event were adjusted to be higher.
  • Update 6.3: The frenzy bar increase per item was raised from 10 to 30 to fill the frenzy bar sooner.
  • Update 6.1: The Dragon Delight event was reworked an now has a frenzy meter and different number of items for the different Dragon Rarities.
  • Update 5.0: Only 1 point is given for a happy Dragon anymore.
  • Update 4.2: Since January 2019 there is a chance to score additional points every time a Trainer completes a Dragon.
  • Update 2.9: Dragon Delight Events got introduced.