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Arena (Enchanted Arena)

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See Dragon League for detailed information on the competition hosted inside the Arena

Face elite dragon teams of other players for everlasting glory and treasure byond measure. Triumph in Arena battles to win Trophies and get promoted to higher Leagues for better prizes, such as Enchantment Materials from League 3!
Allows Trainers to face other Trainers in Battle in to compete in the Dragon League

Cost: Free
Requirements: Functions unlock at Trainer Level 11
Upgradable: No
Can go in Inventory: No

The Arena, also known as the Enchanted Arena, is the building in which all Dragon League battles take place. It is located on the smaller island branching off of the Main Island (situated next to the Clan Fortress and Totem of Friendship). The Arena consists of an octagonal stone pit dug into the ground, with a rim consisting of wooden planks. On the floor of sand sit a pair of crossed swords - one red and one blue. The entrance to the Arena is flanked on either side by a blue pillar of stone. There is also a golden dragon statue sitting atop a stone pillar on two of the side planks in the rear. These League Idols carry the shield of the league the Trainer is currently in.

Moving & Upgrading[edit]

Unlike some other buildings, the Arena is permanently fixed in place, it cannot be moved. The Arena also cannot be upgraded.


  • Update 6.4: Tweaks to Arena interface were done.
  • Update 6.2: The Enchantment League and the Arena were merged into the Enchanted Arena.
  • Update 1.3: The League Emblem icons were changed. The Arena did not have League Idols of the Trainer's league's shield before this update.