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Balloon Dragon

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Balloon Dragon.png
Balloon Dragon.png
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Balloon Dragon Egg.png
If another dragon is feeling blue, the Balloon Dragon will cheer them up by inhaling some helium from the balloons on its back to produce comically high-pitched battle roars.
Devotion Dragons
Base Stats & Attributes

Type Epic
Elements FireWindEnergy
Health 184 Health Icon.png
Attack 70 Attack Icon.png
Gold/Hour 450 Gold Icon.png
Experience 980 Experience Icon.png
Selling Cost 9,950 Dragon Selling Icon.png
Base DCP 105 Dragon Collector Points Icon.png


Availability Reward Exclusive
Method Friendship Points (7,500 Friendship Point Icon.png)
Cost 1,625 Gems Icon.png


Breeding Time 18 Hours
Hatching Time 1 Day & 2 Hours
VIP Breeding 14 Hours & 24 Minutes
VIP Hatching 21 Hours & 12 Minutes
Game Update Update 1.4


The body style of the Balloon Dragon is stout. It has a cheesy yellow body and a light orange underbelly, all of which shine as if to give the impression that it is made out of latex, much like an actual balloon. It has large lavender eyes and its mouth constantly hangs open in a grin, exposing a lolling pink tongue and several blunt teeth. A small blunt spike sits at the end of its snout, while two large blunt spikes stick out from the sides of its head. Three large blunt spikes can also be seen running along its tail. Atop its head rests a light red horseshoe formation, possibly for holding balloons. A smaller ring of the same color juts out of its back and five balloons can be seen tied to it, one blue, one green, one red, one orange, and one yellow. Its stubby feet have short yellow claws on all of them.

Enchantment Materials Requirements

Enchantment Star.png Enchantment Star.pngEnchantment Star.png Enchantment Star.pngEnchantment Star.pngEnchantment Star.png Enchantment Star.pngEnchantment Star.pngEnchantment Star.pngEnchantment Star.png Enchantment Star (Purple).png Enchantment Star (Purple).pngEnchantment Star (Purple).png Enchantment Star (Purple).pngEnchantment Star (Purple).pngEnchantment Star (Purple).png Enchantment Star (Purple).pngEnchantment Star (Purple).pngEnchantment Star (Purple).pngEnchantment Star (Purple).png
14 Average Materials - Fire.png 21 Good Materials - Fire.png 25 Excellent Materials - Fire.png 28 Extraordinary Materials - Fire.png 23 Extraordinary Materials - Fire.png 25 Extraordinary Materials - Fire.png 27 Extraordinary Materials - Fire.png 30 Extraordinary Materials - Fire.png
14 Average Materials - Wind.png 32 Average Materials - Wind.png 25 Excellent Materials - Wind.png 28 Extraordinary Materials - Wind.png 23 Extraordinary Materials - Wind.png 25 Extraordinary Materials - Wind.png 27 Extraordinary Materials - Wind.png 30 Extraordinary Materials - Wind.png
14 Average Materials - Energy.png 32 Average Materials - Energy.png 32 Good Materials - Energy.png 39 Excellent Materials - Energy.png 23 Extraordinary Materials - Energy.png 25 Extraordinary Materials - Energy.png 27 Extraordinary Materials - Energy.png 30 Extraordinary Materials - Energy.png


Level Health Attack Gold/Hour
1 184 70 450
10 949 363 1,566
20 5,879 2,243 2,806
30 36,398 13,887 4,046
40 225,365 85,982 5,286
50 1,395,401 532,376 6,526
60 8,639,952 3,296,330 7,766
70 53,496,306 20,410,004 9,006
80 331,235,031 126,373,365 10,246
90 2,050,920,005 782,470,567 11,486
100 12,698,756,094 4,844,851,509 12,726
Full Stats.png 234,780,010,921 89,573,678,079


The Balloon Dragon is a Reward-Exclusive Dragon which is awarded only one time if the Trainer has earned a minimum 7,500 Friendship Points through the Totem of Friendship.

Once this Dragon is obtained and then subsequently housed on an island, duplicate eggs can be purchased through the Dragon Codex in exchange for 1,625 Gems.

Incubating and subsequently hatching the acquired egg of this Dragon takes 1 day, 2 hours and 30 minutes. With an active VIP Status of Level 2 or higher, the hatching time is reduced to 21 hours and 12 minutes.

Campaign Map Encounters[edit | edit source]

Map Quest Level
Normal 173 56
Heroic 141 66
183 76