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Breeding Den

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See Breeding for more information

Breeding Den - Level 1.png
Place two adult dragons in the breeding den to get new baby dragons.
Enables Breeding to obtain new Dragons, and Enchanted Breeding when upgraded.

Cost: Free
Requirements: None
Upgradable: Yes
Can go in Inventory: No

6 x 6

The Breeding Den is a building and the only place where Dragons can be bred to obtain new Dragons. Dragons must be adults (at least Dragon Level 4) in order to breed.


Pressing the Breeding Den offers the following options:

  • Breeding Button.png - Select 2 eligible Dragons to breed.
    • Search Button.png - Filter results or Search by name.
    • Unavailable Dragons are greyed out with reason displayed on its snapshot.
    • Breed Button.png - Begin breeding.
    • VIP Status Icon.png - Reduced breeding times if VIP Status Level 2 or higher.
  • Rebreed Button.png - Repeat the last-used breeding combination.
  • Enchanted Breeding Button.png - Select an Enchanted Dragon to breed (appears when the den is upgraded and the Trainer has three level 16 Dragons).
  • Information Button 2.png - Information about Breeding.

Breeding Time[edit]

Breeding requires a period of time before an egg is produced, typically the time increases with Dragon Rarity and higher Elements. When breeding, only the two highest units of time appear on the den itself to indicate breeding time left. Dragons in the Breeding Den do not produce Gold, can not be interacted with, and are not able to return to their Habitats until the egg is moved to the Hatchery. Breeding completion is indicated by a notice Yellow-Bordered Heart Icon.png above the den, tapping it moves the egg to the Hatchery if free nests are available. Initial breeding time can sometimes be used to identify resulting dragons if matched against the times for other potential outcomes.

Time Reduction[edit]

If an advertisement video is available, a notice Yellow-Bordered Time Reduction Icon.png appears above the Breeding Den. Selecting it (or the Breeding Den when videos are available) provides a Speed-Up Button.png button with time reduction options:

  • Skip All Gems Icon.png - Skip the breeding time remaining using Gems.
  • SKIP 30m Video Icon.png - Watch an ad video (if available) for a 30-minute timer reduction.
  • Skip All Relic of Breeding Icon.png - Skip 8 hours using a Relic of Breeding (if available).

See Gems#Speeding Up for time skip formulas

Outside the Breeding Den, breeding time can also be reduced through forging Chronosian Seals or activating Chronos's power, both of which reduce several timers in the game by 6 hours. Visiting friends can also perform Timer Boosts which reduce some timers by 5 minutes.

Possible Results[edit]

Before confirming a breeding combination the Possible Results Button.png Possible Results button can be pressed to provide a list of all possible outcomes from the currently selected combination, in the form of an egg. Tapping each egg displays its species name and elements, and if it is already owned a ✓ check mark appears on it, along with Owned text.

The Get Duplicate button appears if all outcomes for the current combination have already been bred. Outcomes are influenced by game progress, since Elements not yet unlocked cannot be bred, meaning their outcomes do not appear in the list.

Double Egg Relic[edit]

Breeding outcomes are also influenced by use of the Double Egg Relic Icon.png Double Egg Relic, which is activated from the All or Consumables tab of inventory Inventory Icon.png, or inside the Breeding Den by tapping the Double Egg Button.png button and then pressing Activate 1Double Egg Relic Icon.png. Once activated, the relic lasts 12 hours and applies to both dens (if the Extra Den is activated).

For every breeding during this 12-hour period, two randomly-chosen Dragon eggs are presented as possible outcomes. The Trainer gets to choose which egg to breed by pressing the Select button underneath it.

Breeding Helper[edit]

Selecting the  ? Breeding helper button inside the den provides recommendations for which unobtained Dragons to breed next. A maximum of three Dragons are chose at random from Normally-Breedable Dragons, with the notable exception of Breedable Legendaries, while others are chosen from Breeding Tokens. If there are no Dragons left to breed, the Breeding Helper recommends breeding a Limited-Time Dragon.


See Enchanted Breeding for more information

Enchanted Den

Breeding - Enchanted Breeding.png

The Breeding Den is upgraded in exchange for Enchanted Trinkets, allowing Enchantment Dragons to be bred. Each new den level unlocks certain Enchantment Dragons, though the building always occupies a 6x6 square, regardless of level. Upgrading is done instantly by selecting the Den, pressing the Upgrade Button.png upgrade button, and then confirming the upgrade cost.

Breeding Den
Breeding Den - Level 1.png
Breeding Den - Level 2.png
Breeding Den - Level 3.png
Breeding Den - Level 4.png
Breeding Den - Level 5.png
Breeding Den - Level 6.png
Level Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6
Upgrade Cost None 500 Enchanted Trinkets Icon.png 2,500 Enchanted Trinkets Icon.png 7,500 Enchanted Trinkets Icon.png 15,000 Enchanted Trinkets Icon.png 25,000 Enchanted Trinkets Icon.png
Experience None 5,000 25,000 75,000 150,000 250,000


The Enchanted Breeding Button 2.png button provides a list of all Enchantment Dragons. Dragons not yet unlocked are greyed out and provide information about their required Breeding Den level on their snapshot.

Selecting any Enchantment Dragon displays its required parent combination. If both parents are free and meet the necessary Enchantment Level, the Start Breeding Button.png Start Breeding button begins breeding.

Extra Den[edit]

Extra Den.png

The Extra Den is a secondary Breeding Den located to the left of the Clam. Since this den is part of the Main Island it can not be moved or upgraded. Only Dragons that can be bred in the usual Breeding Den can be bred in the Extra Den, it is directly dependent upon the level of other den.


The Extra Den is activated in one of two ways:

  • It can be purchased for 30 days for the price of $4.99 USD by selecting the Extra Den or by pressing the limited-time breeding button (lower right-hand corner of the main screen).
  • It can be activated for 24 hours by using an Extra Den Relic from the inventory Inventory Icon.png All or Consumables tabs. If the Extra Den is already activated, using another Extra Den Relic extends the current period by 24 hours.

If a breeding is ongoing when an Extra Den expires, den ownership remains valid until the breeding is finished and the egg is moved to the Hatchery. Renewal is not necessary for an active breeding to continue.


A single building or object can be moved by pressing and holding on it, until move options are activated (indicated by the X Edit Mode Button.png buttons that appear beneath it). With move options activated, the object can be moved by dragging or tapping the desired destination, and the move accepted or denied X. An arrow appears on each side of the object, green indicating it can be moved to new location or grey indicating it cannot.

To move multiple objects at once, with move options activated as above, press the Edit Mode Button.png Edit Mode button to enable (multiple-object) Edit Mode; once enabled, moving and/or swapping instructions appear at the top of the screen:

  • Select one or more objects to move them at the same time.
  • Swap two objects by selecting them and using the Swap Button.png Swap button.
  • Store multiple objects in the inventory by selecting them and tapping the Inventory Icon.png Inventory button (eligible buildings/objects only).

Dragging and tapping will not move selected buildings/objects initially in edit mode, the initial state is for selection-only; instead, pressing the Move (Green) Icon.png Move button to enable dragging or tapping, the base of all objects turn green or grey indicating if they can be moved as a unit to the new location.

  • Selected objects in edit mode are moved exactly parallel to their former positions, and any chosen destination must have the corresponding spaces freed and placeable in order for the move to be successful.
  • If all selected items are eligible to be moved into inventory, the Inventory Icon.png Inventory button appears below the last item selected, pressing it moves these items into inventory. The inventory button does not appear if any item is ineligible to be moved into inventory.
  • Objects cannot be selected from different islands at the same time.


  • Update 4.7: Introduced the Relic of Breeding, Extra Den Relic, and the Double Egg Relic.
  • Update 4.2: Introduced several changes to the Breeding Den:
    • Breeding Helper was moved from limited-time breeding screen to inside the Breeding Den.
    • Breeding Den now shows all possible outcomes.
    • Trainer is now informed if the currently-selected pair of Dragons has produced all possible offspring.
  • Update 3.8: Introduced the Extra Den.
  • Update 3.7: Reintroduced option to reduce the breeding time by watching videos.
  • Update 3.6: Discontinued the Skip 30 Minutes Button.png option.
  • Update 3.5: Reintroduced the Skip 30 Minutes Button.png option.
  • Update 3.1: Added ability to access the Enchanted Breeding menu while the Den is busy. The Skip 30 Minutes Button.png option was discontinued.
  • Update 3.0: Introduced the option to partially skip Speed-Up Button.png breeding times by watching videos when the Skip 30 Minutes Button.png or Hatch Now! Button.png buttons are available.
  • Update 2.3: Introduced upgrades to the Breeding Den as part of the Enchantment feature.
  • Update 2.1: Introduced option to search Dragons by name Search Name Button.png.
  • Update 1.1: Added information window for the basics of breeding.