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Campaign Map

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See Normal Mode, Heroic Mode and Sigil Campaign for specific information on each mode and Campaign Map Battles for the battle interface of the Campaign Map

In Dragon Mania Legends, the main story is contained in a series of Campaign Quests called the Campaign, spread across various islands occupied by enemies, for the Trainer to complete, freeing Dragolandia. Before Player Level 20, the Campaign is accessed by pressing the Campaign Map Button (Pre-Level 20).png button on the bottom-left of the main screen, and then selecting the Campaign option, or by selecting the Ancient Portal and then pressing the Campaign Map Button.png button. This allows the Trainer to access the Campaign Map. After reaching Player Level 20, battle venues, including the Campaign Map and its subsequent Modes, are grouped together under and are accessed by pressing Battle Button.png in the bottom-left corner of the main screen.

Campaign Map Modes[edit]

Sigil Campaign Tab.png

The Campaign Map can be played in different modes, namely Normal Mode, Heroic Mode and Nightmare Mode. The Normal Mode can be played since the very beginning of the game, while the Heroic Mode is unlocked once the Trainer reconquers the third island of the first mode. The Nightmare Mode is unlocked once the Trainer completes the Heroic Mode. The Trainer can toggle between the modes using Heroic Mode Toggle Button.png or Nightmare Mode Toggle Button.png while in Normal Mode, Normal Mode Toggle Button.png or Nightmare Mode Toggle Button.png while in Heroic Mode, or Normal Mode Toggle Button.png or Heroic Mode Toggle Button.png while in Nightmare Mode. Additionally, whenever the Main Quest that is currently available to battle is out of or almost out of the Trainer's visual range, the Position Button.png button will appear in the left-hand part of the screen and pressing it will take the Trainer to that quest.

Sigil Campaign[edit]

There is also a Sigil Campaign tab present on the Campaign map screen; however, this is part of the Sigil System rather than the regular Campaign.

See Sigil Campaign and Sigil System for more information

Campaign Map Quests[edit]

There are 5 types of quests on the campaign map:

See Quests for specific information on quest types and their rewards


Battle scoring consists of a point system for which stars are allocated. The number of stars received determines the level of rewards that will be given. Once three stars are obtained, a higher score will not give better rewards. The point system is divided into three tiers that are based on the difficulty of a battle (easy, medium and hard). The Trainers must earn a minimum number of points to obtain a certain number of stars:

Tier Score Star Icon.png Score Star Icon.pngScore Star Icon.png Score Star Icon.pngScore Star Icon.pngScore Star Icon.png
Easy 3,000 4,000 5,000
Medium 5,000 19,000 34,000
Hard 5,000 24,000 38,000

At the end of a battle, Trainers receive:

Score Action Maximum
1,000 points each for Every perfect hit landed Twelve
Every strong attack landed Twelve
2,000 points each for Unleashing Dragon Fury Two
5,000 points each for Each opposing Dragon defeated with only one hit Four
Each undefeated Dragon remaining once the battle is won Three
Bonus points Given for how quickly a battle is won[1] Seventeen attacks
Given by the remaining health the Trainer's Dragons have at the end of the battle[2] 15,000
  1. The bonus score is decreased by 6% after each attack of any Dragon in the battle. After seventeen attacks, the bonus score is no longer decreased.
  2. The remaining health (in percentages) is multiplied by 50. Thus, a Dragon with 100% health will give a bonus of 5,000 (50 * 100)

Important Icon.png Using Instant Win will offer no score for that battle.

Battle Scenes[edit]

Each battle on the Campaign Map takes place in various battle scenes, depending on the quest and island. The scenes in Heroic Mode, although the same as those in Normal Mode, are slightly darker in tone.

Normal Mode[edit]

Heroic & Nightmare Mode[edit]