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Ancient Islands

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The following article contains details about content in-progress for development. ***The content may be incorrect and/or incomplete.*** The information present on this page is subject to change.

An Ancient Island is a small, sea-floating structure, which appears south of the Main Island only during a special multi-event experience. During the Ancient event, the island becomes the epicenter of various limited-time events using Ancient Thematics. Each Ancient event has a distinct type of Ancient Chest, Ancient Ticket, and (purchasable) Ancient Ticket Generator isolated to that event. Ancient Chests are mystical boxes, filled with various resources and specific Dragon Pieces, which can only be opened through the use of associated Ancient Tickets. Ancient Tickets must be used to open the corresponding Ancient Chest before the Ancient event ends. The opportunities to obtain certain Ancient Dragons are what sets the Ancient Island experience aside from other events. During the visibility of the island, specific Ancient Dragons can be obtained after completing Ancient Events, reaching goals in Boss Challenges, Breeding, and opening Ancient Chests.

Islands[edit | edit source]

Element Island Visibility Ancient Chest(s) Ancient Ticket(s)
First Fire.png
First Fire
8 November - 9 December 2019 Ancient Chest (First Fire).png Ancient Ticket (Fire) Icon.png
Origin of Metals.png
Origin of Metals
2 March - 30 March 2020 Ancient Chest (Origin of Metals).png Ancient Ticket (Metal) Icon.png
Origin of Water.png
Origin of Water
6 July - 3 August 2020 Ancient Chest (Origin of Water).png Ancient Ticket (Water) Icon.png

Ancient Shrines[edit | edit source]

Where applicable, Ancient Shrines (small buildings with limited functionality) are introduced as an additional method of obtaining Ancient Event Currencies. Each shine produces currencies at a different rate per hour and their currency-holding capacity varies. Each building gives additional currency upon purchase.

For easier collection, a Yellow-Bordered Icon.png appears above the building to indicate it has accumulated at least 30% of its capacity, while the Green-Bordered Icon.png appears when the shrine is at 100% capacity. Both icons display the type of currency generated by the building. Apart from this method of collecting, currency can also be collected by pressing the Collect Gold Button.png button after the building is selected or by pressing the Collect Button.png button from the information screen that appears through the Information Button 2.png option.

Each shrine costs 3.99 USD, it is built instantly, yields no experience points, and has a size of 2x2 squares. It can not be sold, but it can be stored in the inventory Inventory Icon.png. While Trainers can buy more than one shrine of a different type, the exact same shrine can be purchased only once.

These buildings are only functional during the time their associated Ancient Chest can be accessed, after which they turn into regular decorations. Once an Ancient Shrine has its functionality limited to that of a decoration, it still can not be sold and can only be stored in the inventory. Selecting the shrine and pressing the Information Button 2.png button will bring up a small description of the generator.

Interface[edit | edit source]

The interface of each Ancient Island is made up of several buttons, each leading to a specific area or relating to the island itself. The appearance of the interface and its associated buttons change throughout the unfolding of each "chapter" of the event. The interface and the buttons change in accordance with specific ongoing events. Though their appearance is different, some buttons have the same function across different islands while other buttons lead to an area or event specific to that island.

Event Timeline[edit | edit source]

The Event Timeline Button.png button allows the Trainer to directly access the official island schedule in the News Feed, though it can still be accessed in that manner as well. The island schedule displays information about all of the chapters in the Ancient event.

Main Rewards[edit | edit source]

This section shows all of the Dragon rewards relevant to the event. Each Dragon image has a Information Button.png button displayed in the lower-left corner which allows the Trainer to access that Dragon's Codex entry.

Ancient Chest[edit | edit source]

The Ancient Chest button allows the Trainer to access the Chest Room where Tickets can be exchanged to open Ancient Chests. The Ancient Chest button itself displays the main reward Dragon and the time remaining in the event. In the top left-hand corner is a Information Button.png button which can be pressed to displays all of the possible rewards held in the Ancient Chests and the number of items awarded for each chest opened (the information card also displays a Information Button.png that can be used to bring up the awarding stats).

Collection[edit | edit source]

The Collection button(s) give the Trainer direct access to the ongoing Collection Event(s). The option has the same function as accessing the event through its banner from the list of current events. The button displays the image of the prized Dragon, the number of acquisitions still needed, and the time life until the event is over.

Events[edit | edit source]

Through the Events button, the Trainer can access the list of ongoing events (except Clan Events). This option has the same function as accessing the events through the usual method. The time remaining for the next event to end is displayed on the button.

Milestone Rewards[edit | edit source]

Milestone Rewards are only activated through the purchase of the event's Ancient Shrine. Once activated, this button allows the Trainer to access the Milestone Rewards section directly to view their progress. The button displays a sack of tickets relevant to the event, a chest of gems, a mound of food, and the current amount of milestones reached/milestones possible.

Enter the Dragon Dice[edit | edit source]

The Trainer can use the Dragon Dice button to access the current Dragon Dice Event. This option has the same function as accessing the event through its banner from the list of current events. The button displays the Ancient Dragon of the Top Rewards and the time left until the event ends.

Special Offers[edit | edit source]

The Special Offers button allows the Trainer to access either the list of promotions or the window for purchasing specific limited currency. This option has the same function as accessing the promotions through the Main Shop button or the currency-purchasing window using the Forward Button.png button on the main screen. The button will be graphically represented by a chest and Ancient Tickets and/or the associated shrine and currency where applicable.

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