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Battle System

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Battles are one of the main components of Dragon Mania Legends, allowing Trainers to engage in battle against other players and automated opponents in order to obtain items and progress through various parts of the game. There are several different battle venues, each battle venue unlock at a different Player Level, accessible by tapping the respective Building or button. After reaching Player Level 20, all battle venue buttons get grouped together and are accessed by pressing the Battle Button.png in the bottom-left corner of the main screen.

Campaign Button.png Sigil Campaign Button.png
Arena Button.jpg Dungeon Button.png

General Battle Mechanics[edit]

The general mechanics of battle apply to almost all venues: Campaign Map, Bottomless Dungeon, Dragon League, Sigil Campaign, and events (with the Enchantment League being a notable exception).

Battle Team[edit]

It is very important to have the proper Dragon team built up when going into battle. Dragons will need to be raised to Level 4 or higher before they can participate in a battle. A minimum of six Dragons should be chosen and prepared for battles. Only three are needed for regular battles, but six are needed to complete the Bottomless Dungeon and up to six can be used for the Enchantment League. Dragons should be selected according to their level and the strength of their abilities against various opposing teams. Once a Trainer has selected the Dragons they wish to have on their team(s), they will need to be properly levelled and trained.

Several factors should be taken into consideration when selecting a team. A Dragon's level and Enchantment Level should be comparable to the opponent it will be battling. Selecting a team of Dragons that are more than one or two levels (depending on Elemental abilities) below the opposing Dragons can easily result in defeat. Having a Dragon's Elemental skills built up is vital. These abilities should be raised up to the highest level at the Dragon Academy, as quickly as possible. Increased Elemental abilities will allow the Dragon to do more damage and provide better defences in battle, as well as the ability to affect multiple targets. The highest level of skills also provide the added benefits of long-term effects as well as other advantages. Before a battle, Trainers will usually be shown the opposing team along with their levels and abilities. This information can be used to strategize and to help select a team with abilities that will have strong attacks. Trainers should select their team carefully based on the composition of the opposing team.

Engaging the Battle[edit]

When going into battle, one to three Dragons can be selected to participate. Dragons which are currently in the Dragon Vault can not participate in battles. In all battles, the Trainer will always have the first strike. Regardless of the battle venue, the opposing Dragons will always start with 100% health. The opposing Dragons have a 20% chance of missing the Trainer's Dragons and a 60% chance that they will not use defensive skills. Additionally, opposing Dragons will never inflict perfect hits. Lastly, all battles, including those in the Enchantment League, can be sped up using the Speed-Up Arrows.png
button. The Speed-Up button is available starting with Quest 3 (The Great Plains) in Normal Mode. The Speed-Up button toggles between Speed-Up Arrows.png
, Speed-Up Arrows.png
and Speed-Up Arrows.png
, speeding up the animations accordingly.

In wave battles, the Trainer will encounter fights with two sets of enemy Dragons. These battles act the same as regular battles, the difference being that the second wave will begin immediately after the first wave of opposing Dragons is defeated. The Trainer must defeat both waves in order to win the battle.

Dragon Level and Enchantment Level restrictions do not apply to the opposing Dragons operated by the game AI, thus these Dragons can be higher than Level 100. Also, Dragons which are normally not eligible for a certain Enchantment Level can still be encountered benefiting from it. Once the battle has been engaged, the strength of an attack can be determined by selecting one of the Elemental abilities of the attacking Dragon. This will highlight a broken ring under each of the opposing Dragons. A green ring indicates a strong attack (normal attack plus 50% damage), yellow indicates a normal attack, and red indicates a weak attack (normal attack minus 50% damage). Dragging the Element and holding it on one of the opposing Dragons will highlight the amount of damage, on the health bar located behind the Dragon, that will be inflicted with a normal strike by using that element.

Attack Bar.png

Once an attack is chosen, a curved gauge will appear showing a clear, a green, and a red section. An arrow will move from the bottom of the gauge to the top, and a tap of the screen will stop the arrow from moving. If the arrow lands in the red section, the attack will miss and there will be no damage dealt. If the arrow lands in the clear sections it is a normal attack, the damage inflicted upon the opponent will be equal to the attacking Dragon's strength (assuming there are no multipliers). If the arrow lands in the green section it is a perfect hit and the damage inflicted upon the opponent will be equal to between 105% and 110% of the attacking Dragon's strength (assuming there are no multipliers). If the screen has not been tapped before the arrow reaches the top of the gauge it will cause the strike to occur and inflict the damage of a normal attack.

Landing seven perfect hits on the opponent will activate Dragon Fury. The number of hits acquired and still needed to achieve Dragon Fury is shown as a bar at the bottom left of the screen. This attack can be used to deliver several blows against all three opposing Dragons at once. Dragon Fury Essence can be used to activate the Dragon Fury immediately, without having to strike any perfect hits beforehand.

Full Health Bar.png
Empty Health Bar.png
Damage Preview Health Bar.png

The health bar of each Dragon indicates how much health they have remaining. Available health is shown in green and missing health is shown in gray. Whenever the Trainer hovers over an opposite Dragon with an attack, the bar will indicate in red how much health that Dragon will lose once the damage is inflicted successfully if the hit is a normal one.

Introduction/Tutorial Video[edit]

Video - Dragon Fights 101 (Pre-Sigils).jpg
Click the image above to view the official video on Youtube.

Battle Venues[edit]

Battles can take place in several different areas and going into battle will require energy units: Portal Energy Bolt.png for Quests on the Campaign Map, Arena Energy Bolt.png for fights in the Dragon League, and Sigil Energy Bolt.png in the Sigil Campaign. Before going into battle, one Dragon can be trained to be the Champion. The training will last for two hours (or until an alternate Dragon is trained) and it will temporarily increase the Dragon's Health and Attack. Trainers that have achieved VIP Level 3 or higher have the option to train regularly or use the auto-training option.


Campaign Button.png

See Campaign Map for more information

Pressing the Battle Button.png and then selecting the Campaign option transports the Trainer to the Campaign Map where they can choose between Normal Mode and Heroic Mode. The Campaign map can also be accessed by selecting the Ancient Portal and then tapping the Campaign Map Button.png button. Once a mode is chosen, the Trainer can engage in battle by selecting any available Main or Side Quest or any occupied mine.

When the Trainer picks a Main or Side Quest or an occupied mine, they will see the name of the quest or mine, the enemy occupier (only available with mines), the in-game number of the quest (only available with Main or Side Quests), their Dragons, and the level, rarity, Elements, skills (excluding the mastery), Enchantment Level of their Dragons, and the  Attack!  button. Once the attack button is pressed, the game will proceed to the pre-battle screen. From here, the Trainer can see their high score and stars earned (applicable to mines only if they were previously conquered at some point, otherwise the stars are grayed out Score Star Gray Icon.png), the in-game number of the quest or mine, the allied and opposing characters, the rewards that can or were already earned, and several options to choose from.

From this set of options, the Trainer can choose to:

  • Refill their energy by pressing the Extra Button.png button.
  • Hire a friend's Dragon by selecting the  Hire  button.
  • Make changes to the Dragons taken into battle by pressing the  Select  button in the snapshot they wish to make changes to.
  • Engage in battle by pressing the  Battle Portal Energy Bolt.png button.

Additionally, the following options can be found on the same screen:

  • Information Button.png for viewing information on scoring battle points.
  • Element Information Button.png for seeing information on Element strengths and weaknesses.
  •  Auto-Select  for selecting the Trainer's three strongest Dragons.
  • The Ranking Button.png option that will bring up three different tabs:
    •  Friends  is for the Trainer to compare their high score to that of any of the Trainer's friends from their list.
    •  Global  is to compare their high score to all Trainers (one the same platform and server) that have previously conquered this mine.
    • Competitors is to compare their high score to Trainers that are in the vicinity of the Trainer in the rankings.
    • The option to view and compare rankings is also made available in the top-left corner of the screen after a battle is over.

The top 3 Dragons of the Trainer are included in the calculation that determines the level of the opposing Dragons in Side Quests while the top 6 Dragons are taken into account for mines. On the Campaign Map, wave battles are only encountered starting with the sixth campaign island.

Hiring Dragons[edit]

If Trainers have enough Category:Battle Energy, they can opt to hire a friend's Dragon before going into battle. The Dragon automatically listed for hire from each friend will always be the most powerful one that they have. This option can be useful for battles against stronger opponents where success is questionable with the available team. If the selected Dragon is trained as the Champion when hired, the temporary benefits of increased Health and Attack will not carry over during the battle. However, any Enchantment or Elemental abilities the Dragon has acquired will be included for the duration. The hired Dragon is only available for that battle and will not be available to hire again for 24 hours, regardless of whether it participated in battle or not. The 24-hour waiting period can be bypassed only by paying with Gems. The Dragon will automatically appear in battle only after one of the Trainer's Dragons is defeated, replacing that Dragon, or if the Trainer has two or fewer Dragons on their team.

Hiring Dragons is done by pressing the  Hire  button in the pre-battle screen. This will bring up a list where the Trainer can see each friend's strongest Dragon and its rarity, level, Elements, skill level, and Enchantment Level. The Trainer can choose to hire a Dragon by pressing the  Hire Portal Energy Bolt.png button to the right of that Dragon. The amount of energy needed to hire the Dragon will be shown on the button. If the Dragon is too tired to fight, the Skip Button.png option will be shown and the Trainer can pay to speed up Speed-Up Arrow Icon.png the waiting time and use that Dragon immediately. Energy is only consumed when the battle is started and not when the Dragon is hired, thus the Trainer can, at any time before commencing the battle, replace the hired Dragon. Additionally, in this very same list, if the Trainer does not have their account connected to Facebook, they will have the  Connect  option at the end of the list. If the Trainer makes changes to their team after hiring a friend's Dragon, the hiring slot will be reset, thus the Trainer must rehire that Dragon.

Hiring Dragons is not available on the last island of either map.

Hiring Costs[edit]
Dragon Level
Portal Energy
1-5 1
6-11 2
12-15 3
16-20 4
21-29 5
30-35 6
36-70 7
71-100 9

Instant Win[edit]

Trainers that have achieved VIP Level 6 or higher have the option to battle regularly or use the fight-skipping option on any quest previously won with three stars, excluding mines. The Instant Win function only applies to the Campaign Map (Normal and Heroic Modes). By pressing the  Instant Win  1 Instant Win Ticket Icon.png button the battle portion of the quest will be skipped, providing an automatic win with three stars. Tickets that are not used by the reset time are permanently lost. Instant Win Tickets are automatically refilled each day at 00:00 UTC.

During automated battles, the AI, on both sides, has a 5% chance of missing during an attack.

There is also a limit to how many free Instant Win Tickets Instant Win Ticket Icon.png are available per day and a limit to how many can be purchased each day which depends on the Trainer's VIP Level. Purchasing extra tickets costs 5 Gems per ticket.

VIP Level 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Free/Day 3 6 7 8 9 10 12 14 16 18 20 25 30 35 40
Purchase Limit/Day 3 7 9 10 15 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 95 100

Sigil Campaign[edit]

Sigil Campaign Button.png

The Sigil Campaign is both an Event and a battle venue that unlocks when a Trainer reaches Player Level 20.

Initiating a Sigil Campaign battle costs 1 Sigil Energy. Progressing on the map, the Trainer completes Sigil-equipped battles until they can no longer win battles, or they reach the end of the map and the monthly Reward of the Month Dragon is obtained. Every month, the progress on the map is reset. The difficulty on the new map will be based on the Trainer's progress in the previous month. The game detects the last boss that has been defeated and calculates the next iteration's starting point based on the four Boss battles before that. See Sigil System and Sigil Campaign for more information

Arena (Dragon League)[edit]

Arena Button.jpg

See Dragon League for more information

The Dragon League was merged with the Enchantment League in Update 6.2, to compose the Enchanted Arena. When a Trainer reaches Level 11 the Dragon League can be accessed through the button on the bottom left-hand side of the screen or by pressing the very same button after selecting the Arena. After reaching Player Level 20, all battle venue buttons are grouped together and are accessed by pressing the Battle Button.png in the bottom-left corner of the main screen instead, and then selecting the Arena option.

Going to Battle[edit]

The Trainer can then choose the Go Battle option to proceed to the battle selection screen. The Trainer can then choose one of the three opponents presented and press the Challenge button to proceed to the pre-battle screen. If the Trainer does not want to face any of the current opponents, they can press the  Free Refresh  button for a free refresh of the opponent choice. If the Trainer has already used their free refresh, the Refresh   Gems Icon.png button can be used. This option costs 5 Gems each time it is used.

In the pre-battle screen, the Trainer can:

  • Refill Arena Energy by pressing the Extra Button.png button.
  • Make changes to their team by pressing the snapshot of the Dragon they wish to change.
  • Engage in battle by pressing the Attack!  Arena Energy Bolt.png button for a regular attack.
  • Engage in a "focused attack" battle with a 50% increase in the damage inflicted by their Dragon for the duration of the battle by pressing the Focus Attack Button.png button.
  • See information on Element strengths and weaknesses with the Element Information Button.png option.
  • Automatically select the Trainer's three strongest Dragons using the  Auto-Select  button.

If all 3 of a Trainer's Dragons are defeated in battle, the Trainer can choose to revive all 3 Dragons for a cost of 8 Gems by pressing Revive, or they can select the Give Up button to conclude the battle. If the trainer opts to revive all 3 Dragons, the Dragons return to battle with 100% health.

Bottomless Dungeon[edit]

Dungeon Button.png

See Bottomless Dungeon for more information

Accessing the Bottomless Dungeon can be done by selecting the event bar on the top left of the main screen and choosing the weekly dungeon event from the listed events, clicking directly on the dungeon entrance on Tycoon Island, going to the Campaign Map and selecting the Bottomless Dungeon Button.png option, or by pressing Battle Button.png on the main screen and then selecting the Dungeon option. The Trainer can then select the Start Brawl button (or Restart Brawl button if they are continuing and existing brawl) to bring up the pre-battle screen. The Trainer's team, Stepping Stone Rewards, highest KO count, active Bonus, Dragon Fury, Tasks, and the first wave of opposing Dragons (their level, Elements, Enchantment Level and skills [excluding the mastery]) can be seen on this screen. Pressing on any Dragon will allow the Trainer to make changes to the team, the Extra Button.png can be selected to purchase Dragon Fury, and the   Battle   button is used to engage the battle.

Battles in the Clockwork Dungeon follow the general mechanics, the only difference being that the Trainer will face endless waves of enemies until they are defeated or choose to leave the battle.


See Campaign Map for more information

Campaign Map Battle scoring consists of a point system for which stars are allocated. The number of stars received determines the level of rewards that will be given. Once three stars are obtained, a higher score will not give better rewards. The point system is divided into three tiers that are based on the difficulty of a battle (easy, medium and hard). The Trainers must earn a minimum number of points to obtain a certain number of stars:

Tier Score Star Icon.png Score Star Icon.pngScore Star Icon.png Score Star Icon.pngScore Star Icon.pngScore Star Icon.png
Easy 3,000 4,000 5,000
Medium 5,000 19,000 34,000
Hard 5,000 24,000 38,000

At the end of a battle, Trainers receive:

Score Action Maximum
1,000 points each for Every perfect hit landed Twelve
Every strong attack landed Twelve
2,000 points each for Unleashing Dragon Fury Two
5,000 points each for Each opposing Dragon defeated with only one hit Four
Each undefeated Dragon remaining once the battle is won Three
Bonus points Given for how quickly a battle is won[1] Seventeen attacks
Given by the remaining health the Trainer's Dragons have at the end of the battle[2] 15,000
  1. The bonus score is decreased by 6% after each attack of any Dragon in the battle. After seventeen attacks, the bonus score is no longer decreased.
  2. The remaining health (in percentages) is multiplied by 50. Thus, a Dragon with 100% health will give a bonus of 5,000 (50 * 100)

Important Icon.png Using Instant Win will offer no score for that battle.

Dragon League battles - Battle points are awarded based on opponent difficulty, on the sigils and level of the opposing Dragons, number of KOs, and streak of consecutive victories. The battle points reset with each weekly iteration of the league.
Hard battles give twice the bonus of medium battles.
See Dragon League - Points for details.

Bottomless Dungeon battles - No scores are given for these battles.


Campaign Map battles - A chest is given based on the number of battle stars achieved. Chests can include Gold, Food, Scrolls and experience points. With the exception of Scrolls, the amount of each resource given is increased by 50% if the Trainer has an active VIP Status. Other chests will appear on the Campaign Map after defeating a specific quest or opening a specific gate. The contents of these chests are not affected by the VIP Status. Additionally, if there are videos available to watch for that day in exchange for (2,000*Level Modifier) Gold, the Trainer will be given the More Rewards Button.png option for that purpose after winning a battle. Gold received from watching videos is not affected by the VIP Status.

Dragon League battles - Win streak which accumulates until broken or timed out. The rewards for win streaks can include Gold, Food, Scrolls, Gems, Arena Gems, and Dragon Fury Essence. Additional rewards are given by earning League Chests or league Promotion Prizes.

Bottomless Dungeon battles - Rewards will include Gold, Food, Gems, Stepping Stones, Dungeon Tokens, Dragon Fury Essence, or unique Dragons.

VIP Status Increase[edit]

Rewards on the Campaign Map and Bottomless Dungeon are affected by the Trainer's VIP Status. When active, the Trainer will receive a 50% increase to the rewards received after winning battles. If inactive, the Trainer will have the  Buy VIP Ticket  option right after the battle to purchase VIP tickets. Activating the status through that option after the battle will not give the additional rewards that would have been given for winning that particular battle had the Trainer's VIP Status already been active.

Noteworthy Changes[edit]

  • Update 6.9: Fixed the position of Skill icons in battle so they are correctly displayed.
  • Update 6.2: The Dragon League was merged with the Enchantment League and an option to revive all Dragons upon Trainer defeat was added.
  • Update 5.9: Introduced the Speed-Up Arrows.png
    speed option button.
  • Update 4.2: Altered and enhanced the graphical aspect of pre-battle and post-battle interfaces of Campaign Map Quests, Dragon League, and Clockwork Dungeon fights.
    • Changed it so only Dragons that are stored in the Dragon Vault are not eligible for battling. Before this update, Dragons that were preoccupied with timed actions such as exploring ruins, breeding, and other processes of this kind were not available until the said process was finished.
  • Update 4.0: Modified the pre-battle interface of the Enchantment League so that the strongest defender is displayed instead of a randomly-featured defender.
    • Focus Attack now modifies the Attack of a Dragon rather than its Health.
    • The scoring system for the Dragon League was reworked.
  • Update 3.7: Replaced the  Select  button with the  Change  button in the Enchantment League pre-battle interface.
  • Update 3.6: Introduced the double-speed option in the Enchantment League and introduced Enchantment Stars for Dragons in Main Quests, Side Quests, and the Clockwork Dungeon.
  • Update 3.3: Introduced the Auto-Select option which was made available on the Campaign Map, in the Dragon League, and in the Enchantment League.
    • Once activated, the speed-up-battle option now remains active until manually deactivated.
  • Update 3.2: Introduced the option to speed up the battle speed and lowered the VIP level needed to unlock the Skip-Fight feature from 9 to 6.
  • Update 2.8: Modified the list for hiring Dragons from friends in order to display the Dragons' Enchantment Level and to no longer display the Dragon's name and given name.
    • Enchantment League battles were added to the game, and the Enchantment Level of the Dragons is shown on their respective snapshot before any battle. During a battle, the Elements of a Dragon are now shown as base Element in the middle, secondary Element at the top, and last Element at the bottom.
    • The offer for videos was altered so that pop-up windows no longer appear, but instead, the Trainer can choose to watch them in exchange for more rewards after defeating a quest whenever said videos are available.
  • Update 2.7: Introduced watching videos More Rewards Button (Old).png in exchange for more rewards after defeating quests on the Campaign Map and in the Clockwork Dungeon.
  • Update 1.9: Modified the attack bar so that automatic misses are no longer possible if the arrow goes all the way to the top.
  • Update 1.8: Added the Auto-Battle feature as part of the newly-introduced VIP levels.
  • Update 1.3: Made the enemy Dragons more offensive by increasing the chance of using offensive skills over defensive ones. Additionally, starting with this update, the Trainer will always attack first at the beginning of a Dragon League fight.
  • Update 1.2: Made the skills of the opposing Dragons visible before and during the battle. Additionally, during a battle, the Elements of a Dragon are now shown in reverse, with the base Element no longer being at the bottom.



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