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Bottomless Dungeon Guaranteed Dragon

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Starting on Monday at 8:00 UTC and ending the following Monday at 07:00 UTC, the Bottomless Dungeon offers Trainers an opportunity to acquire a different Event-Only Dragon each week referred to as the Guaranteed Dragon. Acquiring the Guaranteed Dragon can be done by participating in the weekly Dragon Brawl and working through the map to the multi-open (pink) Chest located at the end of the Dungeon Map.

Obtaining the Guaranteed Dragon[edit]

In addition to the small chance to obtain the Guaranteed Dragon from one of the Dungeon path chests, once the final pink chests is reached the Trainer can open it up to a total of 15 times before they are guaranteed to receive the weekly Guaranteed Dragon. Depending on the Trainer's luck, they can obtain the Guaranteed Dragon additionally any time within those 15 chest opens. Once the Guaranteed Dragon is selected as a prize from the 15th chest, the prizes are reset and the Trainer has the same odds of obtaining the Guaranteed Dragon again some time in the next 15 chest opens. If the Trainer does not select the Dragon in chest 15 it will be offered on every subsequent chest open until it is selected, the guarantee count and other prizes are also not reset until it is selected.

Additional Special Prizes[edit]

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During some special Events there may be special prizes offered in pink Dungeon chests in addition to the Guaranteed Dragon. Special prizes are time-limited and typically include Divine Event tickets, Ancient Event tickets, and/or Catch-up Dungeon Dragon Pieces for those same Events. When such prizes are offered the existing mechanism of the Guaranteed Dragon is also retained, therefore if Trainers open 15 chests and do not claim the Guaranteed Dragon the Dragon will continue to appear until it is claimed blocking any special prizes from appearing. It is generally advised that Trainers claim the Dragon even if they already have it to reset the chances of obtaining other prizes (as well as the Guaranteed Dragon) in the next 15 chest opens.

Note: Duplicate Event-Only Dragons can be ascended for a Full Set of Enchantment Materials.

Guaranteed Dragons[edit]


Month Dragon Time Interval Notes
July Leo Dragon Icon.png Leo Dragon 26 July - 2 August
Green Agate Dragon Icon.png Green Agate Dragon 19-26
Royal Dragon Icon.png Royal Dragon 12-19 Catch-Up Dungeon
Druid Dragon Icon.png Druid Dragon 5-12 Ancient Ticket (Earth) Icon.png
Memorial Dragon Icon.png Memorial Dragon 28 June - 5 July Ancient Ticket (Earth) Icon.png
June Warden Dragon Icon.png Warden Dragon 21-28 Ancient Ticket (Earth) Icon.png
Ivory Dragon Icon.png Ivory Dragon 14-21 Ancient Ticket (Earth) Icon.png
Darkfire Dragon Icon.png Darkfire Dragon 7-14
Splotch Dragon Icon.png Splotch Dragon 31 May - 7 June
May Gemini Alpha Dragon Icon.png Gemini Alpha Dragon 24-31
Violin Dragon Icon.png Violin Dragon 17-24
Moose Dragon Icon.png Moose Dragon 10-17
Bonsai Dragon Icon.png Bonsai Dragon 3-10 Divine Ticket - Green (Divine Fest) Icon.png
April Hel Dragon Icon.png Hel Dragon 26 April - 3 May Divine Ticket - Green (Divine Fest) Icon.png
Ba Jiao Gui Dragon Icon.png Ba Jiao Gui Dragon 19-26 Divine Ticket - Red (Divine Fest) Icon.png
Doomsday Dragon Icon.png Doomsday Dragon 12-19 Divine Ticket - Red (Divine Fest) Icon.png
Vivid Dragon Icon.png Vivid Dragon 5-12
Sweet Treat Dragon Icon.png Sweet Treat Dragon 29 March - 5 April
March Aries Dragon Icon.png Aries Dragon 22-29
Turf Dragon Icon.png Turf Dragon 15-22
Gentle Dragon Icon.png Gentle Dragon 8-15 Catch-Up Dungeon
Jade Warrior Dragon Icon.png Jade Warrior Dragon 1-8 Ancient Ticket (Plant) Icon.png
February Autumn Dragon Icon.png Autumn Dragon 22 February - 1 March
Snow Sport Dragon Icon.png Snow Sport Dragon 15-22
Potion Dragon Icon.png Potion Dragon 8-15 Ancient Ticket (Plant) Icon.png
Kelp Dragon Icon.png Kelp Dragon 1-8
January Royal Dragon Icon.png Royal Dragon 25 January - 1 February
Snowflake Dragon Icon.png Snowflake Dragon 18-25
Quartern Dragon Icon.png Quartern Dragon 11-18 2x chances

Divine Ticket (Fortune) Icon.png

Avalanche Dragon Icon.png Avalanche Dragon 4-11
Capricorn Dragon Icon.png Capricorn Dragon 28 December 2020 - 4 January 2021


Month Dragon Time Interval Notes
December Li'l Angel Dragon Icon.png Li'l Angel Dragon 21-28 2x chances
Sagittarius Dragon Icon.png Sagittarius Dragon 14-21
Holly Dragon Icon.png Holly Dragon 7-14
Moose Dragon Icon.png Moose Dragon November 30 - December 7 Ancient Ticket (Light) Icon.png
November Memorial Dragon Icon.png Memorial Dragon 23-30
Scorpio Dragon Icon.png Scorpio Dragon 16-23
Ivory Dragon Icon.png Ivory Dragon 9-16 Ancient Ticket (Light) Icon.png
Asteroid Dragon Icon.png Asteroid Dragon 2-9
Rose-Wing Dragon Icon.png Rose-Wing Dragon October 26 - November 2
October Marshmallow Dragon Icon.png Marshmallow Dragon 19-26
Doomsday Dragon Icon.png Doomsday Dragon 12-19
Scarf Dragon Icon.png Scarf Dragon 5-12
Springtime Dragon Icon.png Springtime Dragon September 28 - October 5 Divine Ticket (The Final Time Rift Part II) Icon.png
September Jade Warrior Dragon Icon.png Jade Warrior Dragon 21-28
Black Hole Dragon Icon.png Black Hole Dragon 14-21 Divine Ticket (The Final Time Rift Part I) Icon.png
Hel Dragon Icon.png Hel Dragon 7-14
Scribble Dragon Icon.png Scribble Dragon August 31 - September 7
August Loyal Dragon Icon.png Loyal Dragon 24-31
Green Agate Dragon Icon.png Green Agate Dragon 17-24
Violin Dragon Icon.png Violin Dragon 10-17
Darkfire Dragon Icon.png Darkfire Dragon 3-10
Warden Dragon Icon.png Warden Dragon July 27 - August 3 Ancient Ticket (Water) Icon.png
July Royal Dragon Icon.png Royal Dragon 20-27 Ancient Ticket (Water) Icon.png Dragon Shop
Crone Dragon Icon.png Crone Dragon 13-19 Ancient Ticket (Water) Icon.png
Vulture Dragon Icon.png Vulture Dragon 6-12 Ancient Ticket (Water) Icon.png
Memorial Dragon Icon.png Memorial Dragon June 29 - July 5
June Kelp Dragon Icon.png Kelp Dragon 22-29
Moose Dragon Icon.png Moose Dragon 15-22
Algae Dragon Icon.png Algae Dragon 8-15
Bubble Dragon Icon.png Bubble Dragon 1 June - 8 June
May Liberty Dragon Icon.png Liberty Dragon 25 May - 1 June Divine Ticket (Time Rift IV) Icon.png bugfix
Gloom Lady Dragon Icon.png Gloom Lady Dragon 18-25 Divine Ticket (Time Rift IV) Icon.png bug
Down for maintenance 11-18
Ivory Dragon Icon.png Ivory Dragon 4-11
Caterpillar Dragon Icon.png Caterpillar Dragon April 27 - May 4
Arboreal Dragon Icon.png Arboreal Dragon 20-27
Doomsday Dragon Icon.png Doomsday Dragon 13-20
Cottontail Dragon Icon.png Cottontail Dragon 6-13
Sprite Dragon Icon.png Sprite Dragon March 30 - April 6
March Bonsai Dragon Icon.png Bonsai Dragon 23-30 Ancient Ticket (Metal) Icon.png
Darkfire Dragon Icon.png Darkfire Dragon 16-23
Turf Dragon Icon.png Turf Dragon 9-16
Green Agate Dragon Icon.png Green Agate Dragon 2-9 Ancient Ticket (Metal) Icon.png
February Shamrock Dragon Icon.png Shamrock Dragon February 24 - March 2
Trickster Dragon Icon.png Trickster Dragon 17-24
Potion Dragon Icon.png Potion Dragon 10-17
Cowpoke Dragon Icon.png Cowpoke Dragon 3-10
January Ba Jiao Gui Dragon Icon.png Ba Jiao Gui Dragon January 27 - February 3
Pigsy Dragon Icon.png Pigsy Dragon 20-27
Vulture Dragon Icon.png Vulture Dragon 13-20
Quartern Dragon Icon.png Quartern Dragon 6-13


Month Dragon Time Interval Notes
December Cinnamon Dragon Icon.png Cinnamon Dragon 30 December 2019 - 6 January
Holly Dragon Icon.png Holly Dragon 23-30
Ivory Dragon Icon.png Ivory Dragon 16-23
Arctic Dragon Icon.png Arctic Dragon 9-16
Moose Dragon Icon.png Moose Dragon 2-9 Ancient Ticket (Fire) Icon.png
November Gobbler Dragon Icon.png Gobbler Dragon 25 November - 2 December Ancient Ticket (Fire) Icon.png
Loyal Dragon Icon.png Loyal Dragon 18-25 Ancient Ticket (Fire) Icon.png
Royal Dragon Icon.png Royal Dragon 11-18 Ancient Ticket (Fire) Icon.png
Doomsday Dragon Icon.png Doomsday Dragon 4-11
October Crone Dragon Icon.png Crone Dragon 28 October - 4 November
Scribble Dragon Icon.png Scribble Dragon 21-28
Eagle Dragon Icon.png Eagle Dragon 14-21
Darkfire Dragon Icon.png Darkfire Dragon 7-14
September Kongming Dragon Icon.png Kongming Dragon 30 September - 7 October
Flutterby Dragon Icon.png Flutterby Dragon 23-30
Vulture Dragon Icon.png Vulture Dragon 16-23
Ceramic Dragon Icon.png Ceramic Dragon 9-16
Warden Dragon Icon.png Warden Dragon 2-9
August Hellhound Dragon Icon.png Hellhound Dragon 26 August-2 September
Ivory Dragon Icon.png Ivory Dragon 19-26
Violin Dragon Icon.png Violin Dragon 12-19
Vibrant Dragon Icon.png Vibrant Dragon 5-12
July Rock Dragon Icon.png Rock Dragon 29 July-5 August
Aquatic Dragon Icon.png Aquatic Dragon 22-29
Royal Dragon Icon.png Royal Dragon 15-22
Doomsday Dragon Icon.png Doomsday Dragon 8-15

Other Dungeon Events[edit]

Prior to Update 4.6, the Clockwork Dungeon (later replaced by the Bottomless Dungeon) featured Seasonal Event dragons. For a list of Seasonal Clockwork Dungeon events, see: Clockwork Dungeon Seasonal Events.