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Buildings are structures Build Icon.png that need to be purchased, built, and upgraded Upgrade Icon.png to progress in the game.

Dragon Vault are required to house them, and Farms and Temples are essential for leveling Dragons to earn gold and participate in battle. The Ancient Portal is used to travel to the Campaign Map, where various characters are battled.

The Trainer can also compete against other Trainers in the Arena's Dragon League competitions. In order to have a greater advantage in battle, Dragons can have their competitive stats enhanced at the Enchantment Altar and can have their skills increased by training at the Dragon Academy. Trainers can choose to collaborate with each other and form Clans, which are hosted in the Clan Fortress (the only place where Clan Dragons can be raised).

Although not necessary, there are other buildings which enhance the gaming experience. The Lighthouse allows friends to be added so that gifts can be exchanged and Rusty Gates may be opened without spending Gems. The Totem of Friendship allows Trainers to earn points for interacting with friends and receive rewards after accumulating different point totals. Some buildings offer practicality to the Trainers, such as the Gold Vault, which allows the Trainers to collect the Gold from all Habitats at once, but is limited to Trainers whose VIP Status is active. Other buildings deal with aesthetics, such as the Fountain of Youth, which restores the baby form of any adult Dragon while allowing them to keep their enhancements, levels, and skills.

Some buildings in the game, after being selected, have options for various actions. Trainers can use these to: Information Button 2.png see information about the building, Upgrade Button.png upgrade it, Sell Button.png sell it, or Inventory Button.png store it in the inventory Inventory Icon.png. Buildings that can be upgraded Upgrade Button 2.png in exchange for Gold will also have the Instant Upgrade Button.png option for being upgraded instantly in exchange for a certain sum of Gems.

Buying some of the buildings can be done by accessing the Main Shop and choosing the Buildings Tab.png tab. The same tab is available in the inventory where it is used to filter the buildings from the rest of the storage.

Moving Buildings[edit]

Any building can be moved by pressing on it to select it for moving then dragging it to, or tapping on, the desired location. A building is selected for moving when the X and buttons appear underneath it. An arrow also appears on each side indicating if it can be placed in the new location or not. If the arrows are gray, the spot is not accessible, and if the arrows are green, the building can be placed onto that spot. Repositioning is confirmed using the button, or cancelling using the X button.

Square Sizes[edit]

Below is a table listing the sizes, in squares, for all of the movable buildings in the game.

Building Level(s) Size
Ancient Portal All 7x7
Dragon Academy All 6x6
Dragon Vault - 6x6
Breeding Den All 6x6
Farms All 5x5
Fountain of Youth - 5x5
Gold Vault - 5x5
Eternal Fruit Tree All 6x6
Habitats (regular) 1-4 5x5
Habitats (regular) 5-9 6x6
Habitats (Legendary) All 6x6
Habitats (Divine & Ancient) - 6x6
Habitats (Boss) All 6x6
Hatchery 1-2 5x5
Hatchery 3 6x6
Temples All 5x5

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