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Chest Opening Events

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Ancient Chest (Origin of Water).png

A Chest can only be opened in exchange for 1 Ticket, the Tickets being - depending on the Chest type - either Ancient or Divine. Each time it is opened, it gives two cards, one being a guaranteed Dragon Piece and the other a Decoration. The contents of the chest can be seen by pressing the i button. The contents of the chest are limitless, thus the Trainer can win the same prizes over and over, including Dragon Pieces for already-collected Dragons. The Trainer can open between one and ten Chests at the same time, provided they have the necessary amount of tickets. The Trainers receive one free Chest for every (usually) 25 chests opened and 3 guaranteed matching Dragon Pieces for the main reward Dragon for every (usually) 100 chests opened. Additionally, if duplicates of a Dragon are obtained, the Trainer is allowed to either keep the duplicate Get Dragon or exchange it Get Ticket for 1 Ticket. The exchange can only take place right after a Chest has been opened and the duplicate has been obtained.

Notable Changes[edit]

  • The number of Chests needed for a free one changed numerous times.
  • The number of Chests needed for guaranteed main reward Dragon pieces changed numerous times.
  • Update 3.4 made the chests bottomless instead of containing a limited amount, thus removing the guaranteed Dragon reward.