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Divine Islands

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A Divine Island is a small, sea-floating structure, which appears south of the Main Island only during a special multi-event experience. During the Divine event, the island becomes the epicenter of various limited-time events using Divine Thematics which borrow elements from mythology. Each Divine event has a distinct type of Divine Chest, Divine Ticket, and (purchasable) Divine Ticket Generator isolated to that event. Divine Chests are mystical boxes, filled with various resources and specific Dragon Pieces, which can only be opened through the use of associated Divine Tickets. Divine Tickets must be used to open the corresponding Divine Chest before the Divine event ends. The opportunities to obtain certain Divine Dragons are what sets the Divine Island experience aside from other events. During the visibility of the island, specific Divine Dragons can be obtained after completing rooms in Castle Events, reaching goals in Boss Challenges, breeding, and opening Divine Chests.


Mythology Island Visibility Divine Chest(s) Divine Ticket(s) Ticket Generator(s)
Greek Mount Dragolympus.png
Mount Dragolympus
23 August - 9 October 2017 Divine Chest (Mount Dragolympus).png Divine Ticket (Mount Dragolympus) Icon.png None
Chinese Island of New Beginnings.png
Island of New Beginnings
16 February - 19 March 2018 Divine Chest (Island of New Beginnings).png Divine Ticket (Island of New Beginnings) Icon.png Divine Ticket Booth (Island of New Beginnings).png
Egyptian Golden Pyramid.png
Golden Pyramid
13 July - 20 August 2018 Divine Chest - Sun (Golden Pyramid).png Divine Ticket (Sun Golden Pyramid) Icon.png Pyramid of the Sun.png
Divine Chest - Moon (Golden Pyramid).png Divine Ticket (Moon Golden Pyramid) Icon.png Pyramid of the Moon.png
Norse Midgarden.png
9 October - 12 November 2018 Divine Chest - Wood (Midgarden).png Divine Ticket (Wood Midgarden) Icon.png Totem of Wood.png
Divine Chest - Frost (Midgarden).png Divine Ticket (Frost Midgarden) Icon.png Totem of Frost.png
Chronosian Time Rift.png
Time Rift
1 March - 8 April 2019 Divine Chest (Time Rift).png Divine Ticket (Time Rift) Icon.png Zeus's Totem.png
Time Rift II.png
Time Rift II
31 May - 8 July 2019 Divine Chest (Time Rift II).png Divine Ticket (Time Rift II) Icon.png Pangu's Totem.png
Time Rift III.png
Time Rift III
2 August - 9 September 2019 Divine Chest (Time Rift III).png Divine Ticket (Time Rift III) Icon.png Chrono Seth's Totem.png
Time Rift IV.png
Time Rift IV
4 May 2020 - 8 June 2020 Divine Chest (Time Rift IV).png Divine Ticket (Time Rift IV) Icon.png Chrono Odin's Totem.png
The Final Time Rift.png
The Final Time Rift
7 September 2020 - 5 October 2020 Divine Chest (The Final Time Rift Part I).png Divine Ticket (The Final Time Rift Part I) Icon.png Chrono Osiris' Totem.png
Divine Chest (The Final Time Rift Part II).png Divine Ticket (The Final Time Rift Part II) Icon.png Chrono Poseidon's Totem.png
Chapter 1


Island of New Beginnings.png
Divine Fest - Red & Green
12 April 2021 - 10 May 2021 Divine Chest - Red (Divine Fest).png Divine Ticket - Red (Divine Fest) Icon.png Talisman Generator.png
Chapter 2


Divine Chest - Green (Divine Fest).png Divine Ticket - Green (Divine Fest) Icon.png
Chapter 1


Golden Pyramid.png
Divine Fest - Marble & Sand
16 August - 13 September 2021 Divine Chest - Marble (Divine Fest).png Divine Ticket - Marble (Divine Fest) Icon.png Talisman Generator (blue).png
Chapter 2


Divine Chest - Sand (Divine Fest).png Divine Ticket - Sand (Divine Fest) Icon.png
Chapter 1


Two Suns.png
Divine Fest - The Two Suns
13 December 2021 - 10 January 2022 Divine Chest - Winter Sun (Divine Fest).png Divine Ticket - Winter Sun (Divine Fest) Icon.png Talisman Generator (cyan).png
Chapter 2


Divine Chest - Frozen Hearts (Divine Fest).png Divine Ticket - Frozen Hearts (Divine Fest) Icon.png
Chapter 1


Springtime Passions.png
Divine Fest - Springtime Passions
4 April - 2 May 2022 Divine Chest - Spring's Renewal (Divine Fest).png Divine Ticket - Spring's Renewal (Divine Fest) Icon.png Talisman Generator (Springtime Passions).png
Chapter 2


Divine Chest - Spring's Stand (Divine Fest).png Divine Ticket - Spring's Stand (Divine Fest) Icon.png

Ticket Generators[edit]

Starting with the second island, Ticket Generators (small buildings with limited functionality) were introduced as an additional method of obtaining Divine Tickets. Each generator produces tickets at a different rate per hour and their ticket-holding capacity varies. Each building gives an additional ticket upon purchase.

For easier collection, a Yellow-Bordered Icon.png appears above the building to indicate it has accumulated at least 30% of its capacity, while the Green-Bordered Icon.png appears when the generator is at 100% capacity. Both icons display the type of ticket generated by the building. Apart from this method of collecting, tickets can also be collected by pressing the Collect Gold Button.png button after the building is selected or by pressing the Collect Button.png button from the information screen that appears through the Information Button 2.png option.

Each generator costs 1.99 USD, it is built instantly, yields no experience points and has a size of 2x2 squares. It can not be sold, but it can be stored in the inventory Inventory Icon.png. While Trainers can buy more than one generator of a different type, the exact same generator can be purchased only once.

These buildings are only functional during the time their associated Divine Chest can be accessed, after which they turn into regular decorations. Once a Ticket Generator has its functionality limited to that of a decoration, it still can not be sold and can only be stored in the inventory. Selecting the generator and pressing the Information Button 2.png button will bring up a small description of the generator.


The interface of each Divine Island is made up of several buttons, each leading to a specific area or relating to the island itself. Starting with the introduction of chapters from the second island, the interface and the appearance of its associated buttons change throughout the unfolding of each chapter. The interface and the buttons change in accordance with specific ongoing events. Though their appearance is different, some buttons have the same function across different islands while other buttons lead to an area or event specific to that island. The information on the buttons below is only applicable starting with the second island.

Learn More[edit]

The Learn More button is available starting with the third island. This button allows the Trainer to access the official island schedule, which displays information about all of the chapters in the Divine event. The island schedule can also be accessed through the News Menu. The scenes depicted on the button change with each chapter and represent a summary of the upcoming chapter. If the button is present in the last chapter, pressing it will take the Trainer to the main interface of the News Menu.


The Collection button is available starting with the third island. Through this button, the Trainer can access the ongoing Collection Event. If there is more than one ongoing event at the same time, then the event whose prize Dragon is featured on the button will be accessed. The option has the same function as accessing the event through its banner from the list of current events. The button displays the image of the prize Dragon and the the time life until the event is over.

Enter the Divine Castle[edit]

The Trainer can use the Enter the Divine Castle button to access the current Castle Event. This option has the same function as accessing the event through its banner from the list of current events. In the second island, the button displayed the current level the Trainer was on in the event and the total number of levels the event had. Starting with the third island, the button displays the current number of chests the Trainer has opened so far, the total number of chests the event has, and the time left until the event is over.


Through the Events button, the Trainer can access the list of ongoing events (except Clan Events). This option has the same function as accessing the events through the usual method. The time remaining for the next event to end is displayed on the button. For the second island only, the button was inactive if there were no ongoing events (or if the only event left was one that could already be accessed through another button in the main interface, such as the Castle Event).

Special Offers[edit]

The Special Offers button allows the Trainer to access either the list of promotions or the window for purchasing specific limited currency. This option has the same function as accessing the promotions through the Main Shop button or the currency-purchasing window using the Forward Button.png button on the main screen. The button will be graphically represented by a chest and a Divine Ticket if the former is applicable or by the associated shrine and currency if the latter is applicable.

Challenge Bosses[edit]

The Challenge Bosses button is used to access whichever Relay Event is occurring at the time. This option has the same function as accessing the event through its banner from the list of current events. The Divine Ticket representative to the current island or island chapter is displayed in the top-right corner.