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Dragon Dice Events

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Dragon Dice Event.png


Roll two dice and move through the spaces to progress on the board.
Roll pairs to activate the battle story and defeat the elite opponents to win Rewards.
Collect keys to open chests with parts for different Dragon Rewards.


Dragon Dice events are limited-time competitions with individual goals, battle story content, and a Bingo feature. Trainers work on their own using event currency to move around the board collecting Dragon Pieces from chests. Each roll of doubles is accumulated until the Trainer is eligible to enter combat in the battle story; the double count is reset to a new goal once the current battle level is won. Meanwhile, the Trainer must attempt to land on specific colored tiles with exact numbered rolls to match squares on the day's Bingo Card. Each time a Bingo is achieved, the Trainer will receive the designated reward for that type of Bingo (row/column, diagonal, blackout).

Introduction/Tutorial Video[edit]

Videos - Dragon Dice Event Tutorial.jpg
Click the image above to view the official video on Youtube.

Event Currency[edit]

Emberstone Icon.png

Every six hours, from the beginning of the event, Trainers can earn a set amount of currency specific to the event by doing various tasks throughout Dragolandia. The maximum amount of Stones (appearance changing to the event thematic) that can be received each iteration from a task in this event is 200.


Dragon Dice Board (Fire).jpg

Dragon Dice Board (Metal).jpg

The Trainer is provided with a pair of dice. Rolling these dice cost a set amount of Event Currency. With each roll of the dice, they can then select which of the two dice outcomes they would like to use first to progress around the game board – aiming to land on colored tiles that match the Key type they require to open the relevant Chest. They can then use their second dice roll to move again.

In addition, there are three checkpoints across the board (the two big green tiles and the starting field) that, when passed through, will remove all the unused Keys the Trainer has accumulated. However, landing upon this checkpoint will award the Trainer with a Key of their choice. Any unused Keys at this point are converted into Event Currency.

A die can be rerolled for free up to 3 times in each lap. After using up the three free rerolls, each subsequent reroll of a die costs Event Currency that can be gathered by completing tasks.

Rolling a dice value of six will grant the Trainer with 2 Keys of the tile type they land upon. In this case, landing upon a checkpoint will grant the Trainer 2 Keys of their choice.

Completing one full lap of the Dragon Dice Board will grant the Trainer the ability to open one of each Chest, and three free dice rerolls to use at any time within the duration of the next lap.


Acquire Keys around the game board corresponding to each colored tile landed upon. Collecting three of the same type of Key will unlock a corresponding Chest and grant the Trainer a reward.


There are three Chest types available, each containing Dragon Pieces relevant to the Chest type. Once all of the pieces for a Dragon are collected, the chest will offer different rewards.

Dragon Dice Chest (Rare).png
Rare Chest
Dragon Dice Chest (Epic).png
Epic Chest
Dragon Dice Chest (Ancient).png
Ancient Chest

Ancient Market[edit]

The ancient market button provides a selection of time-limited offers where Silver Horn Icon.png Silver Horns, collected from Epic Dragon Dice Chests, can be spent on various items such as Relics, Food, Sigil Chests, VIP Tickets, Enchanted Arena Gems, Decorations from past events, and Dragons.

Battle Story[edit]

Double Dice Meter.png

In the event of the Trainer rolling two dice of the same value, this triggers a Double Dice point – a meter will fill with each successful Double Dice and, upon reaching the level amount of these, the Trainer will be prompted to enter a Double Trouble battle. Completing the battles awards different prizes and unfolds the Battle Story. Skipping the battle in exchange for stepping stones is also possible.