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Enchantment Dragons

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Enchantment Dragons.png

Introduced as part of Update 2.3, a new category of Dragons (along with their own breeding processes) was brought into the game with the Enchantment feature. Enchantment Dragons can only be obtained in one of two ways; through Enchanted Breeding or by being won in the Enchantment League.

See Enchantment for more information

Enchantment-Breedable Dragons

See Enchanted Breeding for more information

Enchantment Dragons which can be bred must meet multiple conditions in order for breeding to occur. Firstly, the Breeding Den must be upgraded to at least the level specified for the Dragon that will be bred. Secondly, each Enchantment-Breedable Dragon has a unique combination that requires each parent to have at least a specific level of Enchantment activated. These Dragons are unbuyable and can only be obtained through this method.

Enchantment-League Dragons

See Enchantment League for more information

Enchantment-League Dragons are given as prizes to all Trainers who are promoted to certain leagues for the first time in the Enchantment League. In order for a Trainer to be promoted to a higher league, they must earn a specific amount of trophies, obtained by winning battles offensively and/or defensively.

Icon Dragon Type Elements League Trophies
Armadillo Dragon Icon.png Armadillo Epic Earth Plant Fire 3 Golden Trophy Icon.png 300
Wolf Dragon Icon.png Wolf Epic Shadow Plant Void 5 Golden Trophy Icon.png 1,000
Sumo Dragon Icon.png Sumo Legendary Legendary Shadow Light 7 Golden Trophy Icon.png 2,000