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Events are time-limited contests to win various rewards dependent on the type of event. Most events that occur in the game pit Trainers against each other in various settings under different conditions. Some events require that Gold is collected or spent, some require that Food is collected or be given to Dragons, others require Gems to be spent, others require Trainers to work as a team (either as part of a Clan or on their own). In these events, there are two areas for obtaining rewards; final placement on the leaderboard and completion of milestones. Some events do not pit Trainers against each other, but rather have them complete various tasks individually.

Start Times

In general, the starting hour of the regular short events is 15:00 UTC and the ending hour is 07:00 UTC. The general starting hour for major events is 12:00 UTC whereas the ending hour varies. The start times of recurrent events sometimes get adapted to a major event running at that time to ensure consistency.

Usual Time Event Type
08:30 UTC Dragon of the Week Dragon of the Month
09:00 UTC Bottomless Dungeon Clan events
Chain breeding
12:00 UTC Ancient / Divine Arcade
Castle Cake Craze
Dragon Dice Relay
Sigil Campaign Solo
Calendar Events Frenzy Days
Collection Events
15:00 UTC Feeding Food Gathering
Gem Spending Gold Collecting
Gold Spending Hatching


Trainers can take part in most events after reaching Level 7, but Clan Events require Level 25 (the prerequisite for Trainers to join a Clan). Most events are worldwide and allow any DML Trainer to participate. Some events have limitations and only those who qualify can take part in them. Exclusive Events only allow those of a specific country or platform to participate. Some events require Trainers to have an active VIP Status. The      Get VIP!      option (shown under the milestone rewards) can be used to go to the interface for purchasing VIP Status if VIP is inactive.

All events, except Clan Events, can be accessed through the boat at the pier or through the Events bar under the Trainer level. This bar will cycle through all the available events that can be accessed from there. Whenever a new event starts, with the exception of Clan Events, a list of the events will pop up. Events that are new, and which the Trainer has not yet taken part in, will have the New Event Icon.png icon across their top-right corner. Selecting any available event's window will display the conditions needed to compete in it, the prizes that can be won (from the milestone or leaderboard), and the option to take part in that event through the      Participate!      button. Once that button is pressed, there is no option to cancel participation and the position and score of the Trainer become available to see in the section above the milestone rewards. Additionally, there are some events in which Trainers take part in automatically.

Most events are based on the Trainer's Level, giving different leaderboard brackets for groups by level. Therefore, the higher the level, the tougher the competition may be. Additionally, if the number of Trainers in the same level brackets exceeds the number of positions on a leaderboard, multiple groups of Trainers will exist, meaning the event will not be limited to the number of said positions. The level brackets also affect the milestones of events.

Levels by Event Brackets
Level Tier
1-6 No tier
7-15 Tier 1
16-25 Tier 2
26-40 Tier 3
41-55 Tier 4
56-70 Tier 5
71-90 Tier 6
91-110 Tier 7
111 and higher Tier 8

Scoring & Rewards

The Ranking Button.png button can be found next to the position and score. It can be pressed to see the position and scores of the opposing Trainers. Additionally, when Dragons are offered as the first prize, the i will be made available next to their name and pressing it will display the Dragon's base Codex Entry.

The maximum score the Trainer can have in an event is limited by the in-game technical capacity of 2,147,483,647, except for Gold Spending and Gold Collecting Events which have no limit. Thus, in theory, if there are events where the number of Trainers with the maximum score exceeds the number of allotted spots for the main prize, all Trainers with that score will receive the prize. However, the maximum score displayed is not, from a technical standpoint, at maximum, as it is unlikely to have even scores at this stage. This is further sustained by the fact that amounts over two billion are only represented by the first five digits.

Wherever Food and Gold are offered as prizes, the amount earned changes by a certain Level Modifier that increases the higher the Trainer's level. The modifier can change whenever a Trainer's level increases, affecting the amount of Food and Gold earned from an event the Trainer might be taking part in.


While not events in the true sense of the word, Dragon of the Month and Dragon of the Week are so-called breeding events whose sole purpose is to successfully breed a Limited-Time Dragon in the allotted time with the Dragon being the event reward. Whenever Dragons are featured as prizes for any type of event, one will appear on the boat at the pier at the bottom of the Main Island. Dragons featured in time-limited breeding events will also appear inside a button in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

Lastly, there is another type of event called Frenzy Days. This type of event is not a competition and there is no prize awarded at the end of the event. These events run for a period of 24 hours and during the running of such an event, a certain currency or resource is made obtainable in larger amounts than normal.


2021 Events Table

There were 157 events in 2021.
Name Date Type Prize Dragon
Breeding Blitz 1 January 2021 Chain Breeding Aquarius Dragon Icon.png Aquarius Dragon
New Year's Play 1 January 2021 Solo Cinnamon Dragon Icon.png Cinnamon Dragon
Iceberg Dragon Icon.png Iceberg Dragon
Golden Opportunity 1 January 2021 Gold Spending Sparkler Dragon Icon.png Sparkler Dragon
Dragonmaster Pass 1 January 2021 Milestone Rewards Machine Dragon Icon.png Machine Dragon
Penguin Dragon Icon.png Penguin Dragon
Rust Dragon Icon.png Rust Dragon
Vulture Dragon Icon.png Vulture Dragon
The Great Dragon Race 4 January 2021 Clan
Delicious Days 4 January 2021 Calendar Cupcake Dragon Icon.png Cupcake Dragon
Divine Chest 11 January 2021 Chest Opening Bamboo Dragon Icon.png Bamboo Dragon
Hellion Dragon Icon.png Hellion Dragon
Red Talon Dragon Icon.png Red Talon Dragon
Zeus Dragon Icon.png Zeus Dragon
Golden Gatherer 8 January 2021 Gold Collecting Eagle Dragon Icon.png Eagle Dragon
Dinnertime! 8 January 2021 Feeding Posh Dragon Icon.png Posh Dragon
Dragon Board 11 January 2021 Dragon Dice Dile Dragon Icon.png Dile Dragon
Fifth Dragon Icon.png Fifth Dragon
Runic Dragon Icon.png Runic Dragon
Sixth Dragon Icon.png Sixth Dragon
Snow Globe Dragon Icon.png Snow Globe Dragon
Sunset Dragon Icon.png Sunset Dragon
Chest Milestones 11 January 2021 Milestone Rewards Hades Dragon Icon.png Hades Dragon
Springtime Dragon Icon.png Springtime Dragon
Dinnertime! 15 January 2021 Feeding Xuanzang Dragon Icon.png Xuanzang Dragon
Golden Opportunity 15 January 2021 Gold Spending Ginger Dragon Icon.png Ginger Dragon
Sugar Rush 18 January 2021 Clan
Breeding Blitz 21 January 2021 Chain Breeding Pisces Dragon Icon.png Pisces Dragon
Northern Delights 21 January 2021 Gem Spending Borealis Dragon Icon.png Borealis Dragon
Lunar Dragon Icon.png Lunar Dragon
Farming Fanatic 22 January 2021 Food Gathering Jingle Dragon Icon.png Jingle Dragon
Clan Siege 25 January 2021 Clan
Cake Craze 25 January 2021 Cake Craze Diamondscale Dragon Icon.png Diamondscale Dragon
Golden Opportunity 29 January 2021 Gold Spending Duskwing Dragon Icon.png Duskwing Dragon
Dinnertime! 29 January 2021 Feeding Treater Dragon Icon.png Treater Dragon
Hero's Challenge 1 February 2021 Relay Snowflake Dragon Icon.png Snowflake Dragon
Dragonmaster Pass 1 February 2021 Milestone Rewards Orchid Dragon Icon.png Orchid Dragon
Painting Dragon Icon.png Painting Dragon
Petal Dragon Icon.png Petal Dragon
Yarn Dragon Icon.png Yarn Dragon
The Great Dragon Race 1 February 2021 Clan
Farming Fanatic 5 February 2021 Food Gathering Scribble Dragon Icon.png Scribble Dragon
Golden Gatherer 5 February 2021 Gold Collecting Palette Dragon Icon.png Palette Dragon
Clan Siege 8 February 2021 Clan
Dragon Board 8 February 2021 Dragon Dice Eikthyrnir Dragon Icon.png Eikthyrnir Dragon
Green Lion Dragon Icon.png Green Lion Dragon
Jade Dragon Icon.png Jade Dragon
Laser Hammer Dragon Icon.png Laser Hammer Dragon
Orange-Wing Dragon Icon.png Orange-Wing Dragon
Ox Dragon Icon.png Ox Dragon
Puenwyn Dragon Icon.png Puenwyn Dragon
Revelry Dragon Icon.png Revelry Dragon
Knowledge Collector 8 February 2021 Collection Lilith Dragon Icon.png Lilith Dragon
Iolhan Rising 8 February 2021 Collection Iolhan Dragon Icon.png Iolhan Dragon
Foroskke Rising 8 February 2021 Collection Foroskke Dragon Icon.png Foroskke Dragon
Ancient Chest 8 February 2021 Chest Opening Bionic Dragon Icon.png Bionic Dragon
Garden Dragon Icon.png Garden Dragon
Iosghar Dragon Icon.png Iosghar Dragon
Northern Dragon Icon.png Northern Dragon
Peach Dragon Icon.png Peach Dragon
Ratatoskr Dragon Icon.png Ratatoskr Dragon
Leafstone Use Milestones 8 February 2021 Milestone Rewards Iosghar Dragon Icon.png Iosghar Dragon
Pixie Dot Dragon Icon.png Pixie Dot Dragon
Taiga Dragon Icon.png Taiga Dragon
Tundra Dragon Icon.png Tundra Dragon
Dinnertime! 12 February 2021 Feeding Jiang Dragon Icon.png Jiang Dragon
Golden Opportunity 12 February 2021 Gold Spending Carnival Dragon Icon.png Carnival Dragon
The Great Dragon Race 15 February 2021 Clan
Breeding Blitz 15 February 2021 Chain Breeding Bonsai Dragon Icon.png Bonsai Dragon
Boss Challenge 15 February 2021 Relay Splotch Dragon Icon.png Splotch Dragon
Dinnertime! 19 February 2021 Feeding Eagle Dragon Icon.png Eagle Dragon
Clan Siege 22 February 2021 Clan
Cocoon Quest 22 February 2021 Solo Caterpillar Dragon Icon.png Caterpillar Dragon
Farming Fanatic 26 February 2021 Food Gathering Duskwing Dragon Icon.png Duskwing Dragon
Golden Opportunity 26 February 2021 Gold Spending Aquatic Dragon Icon.png Aquatic Dragon
The Great Dragon Race 1 March 2021 Clan
Breeding Blitz 1 March 2021 Chain Breeding Historical Dragon Icon.png Historical Dragon
Golden Gatherer 5 March 2021 Gold Collecting Xylophone Dragon Icon.png Xylophone Dragon
Dinnertime! 5 March 2021 Feeding Redflower Dragon Icon.png Redflower Dragon
Dragonmaster Pass 1 March 2021 Milestone Rewards Dainty Dragon Icon.png Dainty Dragon
Ranger Dragon Icon.png Ranger Dragon
Spicy Dragon Icon.png Spicy Dragon
Sunflower Dragon Icon.png Sunflower Dragon
Wooly Dragon Icon.png Wooly Dragon
Clan Siege 8 March 2021 Clan
Breeding Blitz 8 March 2021 Chain Breeding Blue Bloom Dragon Icon.png Blue Bloom Dragon
Gem Night 8 March 2021 Gem Spending Axolotl Dragon Icon.png Axolotl Dragon
Nocturne Dragon Icon.png Nocturne Dragon
Farming Fanatic 12 March 2021 Food Gathering Scribble Dragon Icon.png Scribble Dragon
Golden Opportunity 12 March 2021 Gold Spending Arboreal Dragon Icon.png Arboreal Dragon
The Great Dragon Race 15 March 2021 Clan
Glitter Delight 15 March 2021 Arcade Glitter Dragon Icon.png Glitter Dragon
Spellwork Dragon Icon.png Spellwork Dragon
Jellyfish Jam 19 March 2021 Solo Clownfish Dragon Icon.png Clownfish Dragon
Jellyfish Dragon Icon.png Jellyfish Dragon
Breeding Blitz 19 March 2021 Chain Breeding Cleric Dragon Icon.png Cleric Dragon
Dinnertime! 19 March 2021 Feeding Carnival Dragon Icon.png Carnival Dragon
Golden Gatherer 19 March 2021 Gold Collecting Mutant Dragon Icon.png Mutant Dragon
Clan Siege 22 March 2021 Clan
Easter Adventure 26 March 2021 Castle Cherry Dragon Icon.png Cherry Dragon
Cottontail Dragon Icon.png Cottontail Dragon
Stump Dragon Icon.png Stump Dragon
Breeding Blitz 26 March 2021 Chain Breeding Citrine Dragon Icon.png Citrine Dragon
Golden Opportunity 26 March 2021 Gold Spending Digital Dragon Icon.png Digital Dragon
Dragonmaster Pass 1 April 2021 Milestone Rewards Clownfish Dragon Icon.png Clownfish Dragon
Marshmallow Dragon Icon.png Marshmallow Dragon
Noir Dragon Icon.png Noir Dragon
Rose Crystal Dragon Icon.png Rose Crystal Dragon
Sovereign Dragon Icon.png Sovereign Dragon
Golden Gatherer 2 April 2021 Gold Collecting Trickster Dragon Icon.png Trickster Dragon
Dinnertime! 2 April 2021 Feeding Phoenix Dragon Icon.png Phoenix Dragon
The Great Dragon Race 5 April 2021 Clan
Boss Challenge 5 April 2021 Relay Algae Dragon Icon.png Algae Dragon
Breeding Blitz 5 April 2021 Chain Breeding Horror Dragon Icon.png Horror Dragon
Rainbow Shards 8 April 2021 Gem Spending Mosaic Dragon Icon.png Mosaic Dragon
Sylvan Dragon Icon.png Sylvan Dragon
Golden Opportunity 9 April 2021 Gold Spending Mutant Dragon Icon.png Mutant Dragon
Cake Craze 12 April 2021 Cake Craze Blackberry Dragon Icon.png Blackberry Dragon
Clan Siege 12 April 2021 Clan
Divine Metal 12 April 2021 Collection Copper Dragon Icon.png Copper Dragon
Freyja Rising 12 April 2021 Collection Freyja Dragon Icon.png Freyja Dragon
Divine Chest 12 April 2021 Chest Opening Chang'e Dragon Icon.png Chang'e Dragon
Changeling Dragon Icon.png Changeling Dragon
Chrono Erlang Shen Dragon Icon.png Chrono Erlang Shen Dragon
Fairy Dragon Icon.png Fairy Dragon
Glamorous Dragon Icon.png Glamorous Dragon
Longwang Dragon Icon.png Longwang Dragon
Talisman Spending 12 April 2021 Milestone Rewards Bone Dragon Icon.png Bone Dragon
Carnival Dragon Icon.png Carnival Dragon
Greyhorn Dragon Icon.png Greyhorn Dragon
Dinnertime! 16 April 2021 Feeding Arboreal Dragon Icon.png Arboreal Dragon
Golden Gatherer 16 April 2021 Gold Collecting Chameleon Dragon Icon.png Chameleon Dragon
Divine Party Drama 19 April 2021 Castle Pangu Dragon Icon.png Pangu Dragon
Porcelain Dragon Icon.png Porcelain Dragon
Breeding Blitz 23 April 2021 Chain Breeding Dark Ice Dragon Icon.png Dark Ice Dragon
Farming Fanatic 23 April 2021 Food Gathering Chef Dragon Icon.png Chef Dragon
Divine Chest 26 April 2021 Chest Opening Chang'e Dragon Icon.png Chang'e Dragon
Chrono Erlang Shen Dragon Icon.png Chrono Erlang Shen Dragon
Elkhound Dragon Icon.png Elkhound Dragon
Fenrir Dragon Icon.png Fenrir Dragon
Freyr Dragon Icon.png Freyr Dragon
Frigg Dragon Icon.png Frigg Dragon
Longwang Dragon Icon.png Longwang Dragon
River Dragon Icon.png River Dragon
The Great Dragon Race 26 April 2021 Clan
Boss Challenge 26 April 2021 Relay Brunhilda Dragon Icon.png Brunhilda Dragon
Divine Sight 26 April 2021 Collection Oracle Dragon Icon.png Oracle Dragon
Dinnertime! 30 April 2021 Feeding Phoenix Dragon Icon.png Phoenix Dragon
Golden Opportunity 30 April 2021 Gold Spending Meteorite Dragon Icon.png Meteorite Dragon
Dragonmaster Pass 1 May 2021 Milestone Rewards Echo Dragon Icon.png Echo Dragon
Forest Warrior Dragon Icon.png Forest Warrior Dragon
Kelp Dragon Icon.png Kelp Dragon
Pisces Dragon Icon.png Pisces Dragon
Divine Party Foul 3 May 2021 Castle Fjord Dragon Icon.png Fjord Dragon
Pangu Dragon Icon.png Pangu Dragon
Farming Fanatic 7 May 2021 Food Gathering Pitaya Dragon Icon.png Pitaya Dragon
Golden Gatherer 7 May 2021 Gold Collecting Bludgeon Dragon Icon.png Bludgeon Dragon
Clan Siege 10 May 2021 Clan
Hero's Challenge 10 May 2021 Relay Meadow Dragon Icon.png Meadow Dragon
Thread Cred 13 May 2021 Gem Spending Costume Dragon Icon.png Costume Dragon
Lunar Dragon Icon.png Lunar Dragon
Dinnertime! 14 May 2021 Feeding Chameleon Dragon Icon.png Chameleon Dragon
The Great Dragon Race 17 May 2021 Clan
Pincer Attack 17 May 2021 Solo Coco Crab Dragon Icon.png Coco Crab Dragon
Jaws Dragon Icon.png Jaws Dragon
Breeding Blitz 20 May 2021 Chain Breeding Love Dragon Icon.png Love Dragon
Golden Gatherer 21 May 2021 Gold Collecting Sunfeather Dragon Icon.png Sunfeather Dragon
Dinnertime! 21 May 2021 Feeding Shamrock Dragon Icon.png Shamrock Dragon
Clan Siege 24 May 2021 Clan
Breeding Blitz 24 May 2021 Chain Breeding Gemini Beta Dragon Icon.png Gemini Beta Dragon
Exotic Delight 27 May 2021 Arcade Coconut Dragon Icon.png Coconut Dragon
Red Scale Dragon Icon.png Red Scale Dragon
Farming Fanatic 28 May 2021 Food Gathering Meteorite Dragon Icon.png Meteorite Dragon
Golden Opportunity 28 May 2021 Gold Spending Butterfly Dragon Icon.png Butterfly Dragon
The Great Dragon Race 31 May 2021 Clan
PB Journey 31 May 2021 Solo Candy Dragon Icon.png Candy Dragon
PBJ Dragon Icon.png PBJ Dragon
Breeding Blitz 31 May 2021 Chain Breeding Sweet Dragon Icon.png Sweet Dragon
Dragonmaster Pass 1 June 2021 Milestone Rewards Blue Bloom Dragon Icon.png Blue Bloom Dragon
Chameleon Dragon Icon.png Chameleon Dragon
Lilith Dragon Icon.png Lilith Dragon
Sunflower Dragon Icon.png Sunflower Dragon
Treestone Dragon Icon.png Treestone Dragon
Turf Dragon Icon.png Turf Dragon
Golden Opportunity 4 June 2021 Gold Spending Perfume Dragon Icon.png Perfume Dragon
Farming Fanatic 4 June 2021 Food Gathering Summer Dragon Icon.png Summer Dragon
Clan Siege 7 June 2021 Clan
Hero's Challenge 7 June 2021 Relay Diamondscale Dragon Icon.png Diamondscale Dragon
Gem Drop 10 June 2021 Gem Spending Petal Dragon Icon.png Petal Dragon
Vibrant Dragon Icon.png Vibrant Dragon
Dinnertime! 11 June 2021 Feeding Shamrock Dragon Icon.png Shamrock Dragon
The Great Dragon Race 14 June 2021 Clan
Dragon Board 14 June 2021 Dragon Dice Deco Dragon Icon.png Deco Dragon
Fennec Dragon Icon.png Fennec Dragon
Pipe Dragon Icon.png Pipe Dragon
Polveles Dragon Icon.png Polveles Dragon
Reptilian Dragon Icon.png Reptilian Dragon
Skunk Dragon Icon.png Skunk Dragon
Terracotta Dragon Icon.png Terracotta Dragon
Midnight Rendezvous 14 June 2021 Collection Nocturne Dragon Icon.png Nocturne Dragon
Enroja Rising 14 June 2021 Collection Enroja Dragon Icon.png Enroja Dragon
Tezacueva Rising 14 June 2021 Collection Tezacueva Dragon Icon.png Tezacueva Dragon
Ancient Chest 14 June 2021 Chest Opening Envoy Dragon Icon.png Envoy Dragon
Fundiju Dragon Icon.png Fundiju Dragon
Orange Throat Dragon Icon.png Orange Throat Dragon
Razorhelm Dragon Icon.png Razorhelm Dragon
Toy Fairy Dragon Icon.png Toy Fairy Dragon
Tropic Dragon Icon.png Tropic Dragon
Earthstone Use Milestones 14 June 2021 Milestone Rewards Cancer Dragon Icon.png Cancer Dragon
Fundiju Dragon Icon.png Fundiju Dragon
Hornbill Dragon Icon.png Hornbill Dragon
Scarecrow Dragon Icon.png Scarecrow Dragon
Toy Fairy Dragon Icon.png Toy Fairy Dragon
Warthog Dragon Icon.png Warthog Dragon
Golden Gatherer 18 June 2021 Gold Collecting Bludgeon Dragon Icon.png Bludgeon Dragon
Dinnertime! 18 June 2021 Feeding Fluffy Dragon Icon.png Fluffy Dragon
Clan Siege 21 June 2021 Clan
Breeding Blitz 21 June 2021 Chain Breeding Cartoon Dragon Icon.png Cartoon Dragon
Sky Mall 21 June 2021 Gem Spending Caterpillar Dragon Icon.png Caterpillar Dragon
Skyhorn Dragon Icon.png Skyhorn Dragon
Farming Fanatic 25 June 2021 Food Gathering Butterfly Dragon Icon.png Butterfly Dragon
Golden Opportunity 25 June 2021 Gold Spending Scribble Dragon Icon.png Scribble Dragon
The Great Dragon Race 28 June 2021 Clan
First Impressions 28 June 2021 Collection Debutante Dragon Icon.png Debutante Dragon
Golden Opportunity 2 July 2021 Gold Spending Summer Dragon Icon.png Summer Dragon
Farming Fanatic 2 July 2021 Food Gathering Duskwing Dragon Icon.png Duskwing Dragon
Dragonmaster Pass 1 July 2021 Milestone Rewards Clownfish Dragon Icon.png Clownfish Dragon
Furnace Dragon Icon.png Furnace Dragon
22 px Glow-Bat Dragon
Nurture Dragon Icon.png Nurture Dragon
Prickly Pear Dragon Icon.png Prickly Pear Dragon
Clan Siege 5 July 2021 Clan
Breeding Blitz 5 July 2021 Chain Breeding Lily Gem Dragon Icon.png Lily Gem Dragon
Golden Gatherer 9 July 2021 Gold Collecting Hippie Dragon Icon.png Hippie Dragon
Dinnertime! 9 July 2021 Feeding Digital Dragon Icon.png Digital Dragon
The Great Dragon Race 12 July 2021 Clan
Boss Challenge 12 July 2021 Relay Pineapple Dragon Icon.png Pineapple Dragon
High Octane 15 July 2021 Gem Spending Engine Dragon Icon.png Engine Dragon
Gentle Dragon Icon.png Gentle Dragon
Farming Fanatic 16 July 2021 Food Gathering Meteorite Dragon Icon.png Meteorite Dragon
Clan Siege 19 July 2021 Clan
Cake Craze 19 July 2021 Cake Craze Purple Thorn Dragon Icon.png Purple Thorn Dragon
Breeding Blitz 19 July 2021 Chain Breeding Libra Dragon Icon.png Libra Dragon
Golden Gatherer 23 July 2021 Gold Collecting Yarn Dragon Icon.png Yarn Dragon
Dinnertime! 23 July 2021 Feeding Fluffy Dragon Icon.png Fluffy Dragon
The Great Dragon Race 26 July 2021 Clan
Boss Challenge 26 July 2021 Relay 22 px Punk Dragon
Flame Festival 26 July 2021 Gem Spending Boxer Dragon Icon.png Boxer Dragon
Torch Dragon Icon.png Torch Dragon
Golden Gatherer 30 July 2021 Gold Collecting Scribble Dragon Icon.png Scribble Dragon
Dinnertime! 30 July 2021 Feeding Marshmallow Dragon Icon.png Marshmallow Dragon
Dragonmaster Pass 1 August 2021 Milestone Rewards Ironfire Dragon Icon.png Ironfire Dragon
Lunar Dragon Icon.png Lunar Dragon
22 px Nurse Dragon
Clan Siege 2 August 2021 Clan
Hero's Challenge 2 August 2021 Relay Hellhound Dragon Icon.png Hellhound Dragon
Hall of Champions 2 August 2021 Collection Patriot Dragon Icon.png Patriot Dragon

Older Events

Please visit Events of Past Years for older events.

Noteworthy Changes

Event Brackets by Level
Tier Level
Tier 1 below 15
Tier 2 16-25
Tier 3 26-40
Tier 4 41-55
Tier 5 56-70
Tier 6 above 70
  • Update 4.0 introduced Chain Breeding Events.
    • The screen interface for events was modified so that they are no longer represented through a horizontal, rectangular banner, but through a vertical, rectangular window. Additionally, the background has been changed and the prize Dragon is no longer represented through a mugshot, but through a full-body image.
  • Update 3.9 introduced Collection Events.
  • Update 3.7 introduced Mystic Pasture.
  • Update 3.3 introduced Frenzy Days.
    • Starting with this update, events that do not occur regularly will now generally begin at 12:00 UTC.
    • Castle Events are now available starting with Level 7 instead of Level 12.
  • Update 3.1 introduced Relay Events.
  • Update 3.0 introduced a new type of Clan Event called Clan Siege.
    • The refreshing timer in Arcade Events was increased from 10 minutes to 60 minutes while Dragon Pieces are no longer offered as rewards in this type of event.
  • Update 2.9 introduced Arcade Events.
    • The graphics for Solo Events were slightly altered, making notifications for when new items are received more visible while the cooldown period until items can be obtained again is now shown under each item. Additionally, these no longer feature an accompanying flavored description.
    • Starting with this update, Gold earned from selling no longer counts for Gold Collecting Events.
  • Update 2.8 altered the event bar in order to cycle between the available events rather than to show a fixed text.
    • The pop-up notification for new events was replaced by the list of events popping up and displaying the new events.
      Pop-up notification between Update 1.6 and Update 2.8
    • Currency generators were introduced for Castle Events.
  • Update 2.6 discontinued Feel the Fury, Settle the Score and Winner Takes All Clan Events, and replaced them with The Great Dragon Race events.
    • The name of the Dragon offered as a prize will now be displayed next to the Dragon Egg Icon.png icon on leaderboards.
  • Update 2.5 discontinued Feeding Events with specific Elements, allowing all kinds of Dragons to be fed now.
  • Update 2.4 introduced Calendar Events.
  • Update 2.3 introduced Gold Spending Events.
    • Starting with this update, the Dragon Egg Icon.png icon is no longer displayed when Dragons are offered as milestone rewards, instead, an image of their baby form is shown.
    • An extra level was added to regular Castle Events, bringing the total number to 6 levels. Additionally, hatching Dragons is no longer a method for earning currency for these events and has been replaced by catching creatures.
  • Update 2.2 introduced Community Events.
    • Slight graphical alterations were brought to all events (excluding Clan Events), especially to leaderboards (where each group of positions is now separated by a gray line).
  • Update 2.1 introduced Castle Events.
  • Update 2.0 introduced Clan Events.
  • Update 1.9 discontinued spending Gold as a task in Solo Events.
  • Update 1.8 added a new tier for event brackets, limiting the fifth tier to Trainers between the levels 56-70 and grouping Trainers above Level 70 in the sixth tier. Before this update, there were only five tiers of event brackets and Trainers above Level 55 were in the last tier.
    • Catching creatures was introduced as a task for Solo Events.
    • The leaderboard positions and rewards, as well as the milestone scores and rewards, were changed, with some being lowered and some being increased. Slight alterations were also done to these as well as the overall event interface.
  • Update 1.6 introduced Faction Events and brought slight graphical alterations to events, such as the description for events now being written over a white background instead of a gray one and a pop-up notification being displayed whenever new events occur in the game.
    • Starting with two days before the release of this update, Gold Collecting Events requiring Gold to be collected from Habitats were discontinued, thus Gold can be collected from any source now.
  • Update 1.5 changed the refilling time for pool items in Solo Events so that it starts refilling as soon as an item is obtained rather than when the pool is fully empty.
  • Update 1.4 introduced Gem Spending Events.
    • The number of tiers for Solo Events was lowered from 15 to 10. Additionally, the Buy All Button.png button is no longer used to purchase all the items of the current tier, instead, each tier now has a button inside their snapshot used for this purpose.
  • Update 1.3 increased the tiers for Solo Events from 5 to 10 and added new tasks, namely breeding hybrid Dragons, winning Clockwork Dungeon fights, spending Gold and gifting friends. The task of winning battles in the Dragon League has been replaced by the task of winning any kind of battle.
  • Update 1.2 added a ship off of the Main Island that can be pressed to bring up the available events, in addition to the event bar.
    • Exploring ruins has been discontinued as a task for Solo Events.
    • The amount of Food and Gold from leaderboards now scale in accordance to the newly-introduced Level Modifier.
  • Update 1.1 introduced Solo Events.


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