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Resources represent the various items needed to execute certain transactions and allow Trainers to gain access to a diverse set of gameplay features. Obtaining each of these resources can be done in various ways.


See In-Game Currency for more information

Currency is the main resource in the game, as it includes Gold and Gems. The In-Game Currency is divided into main currencies and limited currencies.


See Food for more information

Food is the only resource in the game that can be used to level up Dragons. Food is mainly obtained through farming, but there are also other means to obtain this resource.

Battle Gems[edit]

See Arena Gems and Portal Gems for more information

Battle Gems are the means through which Battle Energy is refilled without the need of using Gems or waiting a certain amount of time.

Enchantment Materials[edit]

See Enchantment Materials for more information

Enchantment Materials are the main resources needed to enchant Dragons in order to increase their combat strength.

Clan Dragon Power Tokens[edit]

See Clan Dragon Power Token for more information

Clan Dragon Power Tokens are the resources that can be used instead of Clan Coins to activate the powers of the Clan Fortress.


See Relics for more information

Relics are items used for decreasing various timers or influencing outcomes.


Tickets are the resources used to purchase or unlock specific options. There are various types of tickets:


Update 5.0: discontinued Potions.


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