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Token Dragons

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See Breeding Tokens for more information

A Breeding Token, either permanent or limited, is currently available or was made available for these Dragons, at some point in the game. When such a token is made available, these Dragons can be bred following the same breeding principles as Normally-Breedable Dragons.

Permanent Token Dragons

Dragon Place Condition Token
Avocado Dragon Icon.png Avocado Dragon Dragon Collector
Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 3,500 Permanent
Runestone Dragon Icon.png Runestone Dragon Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 10,000
Droid Dragon Icon.png Droid Dragon Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 26,000
Panda Dragon Icon.png Panda Dragon Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 65,000
Pinata Dragon Icon.png Pinata Dragon Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 200,000
Moth Dragon Icon.png Moth Dragon Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 250,000

Limited-Time Token Dragons

A few Dragons are routinely and predictably available as Limited-Time Breeding Token Dragons:

Dragon Place Condition Token
Mech Dragon Icon.png Mech Dragon Elite League
1st Milestone Limited
Tsunami Dragon Icon.png Tsunami Dragon
Warlord Dragon Icon.png Warlord Dragon

Other Limited-Time Breeding Token Dragons include:

Note: Event names and dates can be found on Dragon pages.