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Chip Egg.png
Chip Power Icon.png Decreases time to craft a Fireball in Clan Siege
Base & Power Stats

Type Uncommon
Duration 2 Hours
Cooldown 1 Day
Unleash Cost 500 Clan Coins Icon.png or 1 Clan Dragon Power Token Icon.png


Availability Clan Action
Method Community Hatching
Cost Free Dragon Pieces Icon.png


Breeding Time Unbreedable
Hatching Time 1 Hour
Game Update Update 2.6

Hatchings Required 50Chip Egg.png


The body style of Chip is bicipital. It has a turquoise body with the lower jaw, neck, and belly being creamy yellow. Each head features three fin-like bone plates running from the top of the nose bridge to the nape of the neck. There is a similar bone plate running along the spine as well as one jutting from the back of each front leg. Patches of dark blue appear on the back of the neck, spine, and upper legs.


Chip is a Clan Dragon which is obtained if it has been hatched a total of 50 times by the members of a Clan. It does not need to be acquired by collecting matching Dragon Pieces as it is given for free in any Clan League.

Hatching one egg takes 1 hour. Time reduction does not apply to Clan Dragons, regardless if the Trainer has an active VIP Status of Level 2 or higher.


Chip can be selected to be the current active Dragon in the Clan, provided no other Clan Dragon has been selected as such. Once selected, its power can be used for the duration of an Event.

Chip's power decreases the time it takes to craft a Fireball in a Clan Siege event. The effect of this ability can be increased in exchange for Power Boosters. After the Event ends, all Power Boosters will expire.