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Daily Prizes

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Daily Prizes Screen.png

Log in every day to get daily prizes! Fear not! If you miss a day, you won't lose your progress!

For each day of logging into Dragon Mania Legends, a free daily prize is given at the time of login. The daily prize becomes available beginning at 00:00 UTC. This prize is different each day, and missing a day does not affect the Trainer's progress; thus the Trainer simply picks up from the day following the last day they logged in.

The screen for the daily prizes pops up once the Trainer opens the game after the reset period. In the screen that appears, the prize that can be claimed for that day is shown in a snapshot. The day number of the next day is not shown, it has a countdown instead. The prizes following the current day have the same design for their snapshot, the difference being that the border is yellow instead of green, while already claimed prizes have a grey border with a green checkmark over them.

The Daily Rewards are grouped into sets of 28 days each, with each day of the cycle numbered from Day 1 to Final (Day 28). Within the set, a Trainer can scroll forward to see upcoming rewards and backward to see claimed rewards. The Final Prize appears every day, including the bonus if VIP is active. After claiming the day's reward, a Trainer can access the Daily Rewards screen from the Limited-Time Events window.

Counting today and each day since the beginning of the game, the total number of days for daily prizes is currently at 2,775.

Day & Prize[edit]

Common Prize Pool[edit]

On the days between the main prizes, Trainers can collect one given reward from the pool.
Gold Icon.png Food Icon.png Scrolls Icon.png Portal Energy Bolt.png Relic of Exploration Icon.png Gems Icon.png Dragon Fury Essence Icon.png Enchantment Ticket Icon.png Yellow Dungeon Token Icon.png Sigil Key Icon.png Basic Sigil Chest.png Enchanted Trinkets Icon.png Enchantment Ticket Icon.png Card Dragon Pack Ticket Icon.png

Main Prizes[edit]

The main rewards can be claimed at the end of each daily group. Dragons get awarded on some days, while starting with day 729 the rewards appear in a repeating cycle as shown in the below table.

Dragon Rewards[edit]

Day Dragon Reward
2 Salamander Dragon Icon.png Salamander Dragon
7 Faun Dragon Icon.png Faun Dragon
28 Radiant Dragon Icon.png Radiant Dragon
56 Ragnarok Dragon Icon.png Ragnarok Dragon
84 Waterlily Dragon Icon.png Waterlily Dragon
112 Pharaoh Dragon Icon.png Pharaoh Dragon
252 Tempest Dragon Icon.png Tempest Dragon
364 Firefly Dragon Icon.png Firefly Dragon
728 Sage Dragon Icon.png Sage Dragon

Repeating Rewards[edit]

Reward Amount
Relic of Hatching Icon.png 3
Enchantment Ticket Icon.png 15
Relic of Breeding Icon.png 3
Extra Den Relic Icon.png 7
Double Egg Relic Icon.png 2
Card Dragon Pack Ticket Icon.png 15
Relic of Farming Icon.png 2
Premium Sigil Chest.png 1


  • Update 6.7: Portal Gems were replaced by Portal Energy.
  • Update 6.3: The Interface of the Daily Prizes got completely revamped and split into sections of 28 days instead of displaying all. Also, the prizes got changed to more variety. Some Dragon prizes got moved to sooner days.
    Pre-6.3 Interface
  • Update 4.8: Waterlily Dragon got inserted on Day 90 as Daily Prize.
  • Update 4.3: The Interface of the Daily Prizes got completely revamped and the  Back  button introduced.
    Pre-4.3 Interface
  • Update 3.2: The VIP Levels that receive bonuses to the Daily Prizes got modified.
  • Update 2.6: The Sage Dragon got inserted on Day 730 as Daily Prize.
  • Update 2.4: The Firefly Dragon got inserted on Day 365 as Daily Prize, replacing the previous prize of 18,000 Food and 2 Scrolls. Trainers who had already passed Day 365 were automatically rewarded the Dragon.
  • Update 1.8: VIP Levels for Daily Prizes got introduced, which increase the number of prizes received, except for Dragons.
  • Update 1.6: The Tempest Dragon got inserted on Day 260 as Daily Prize.
  • Update 1.5: The Dragon Fury Essence were introduced to the game, with Daily Prizes being one of the many ways to obtain these bottles. Some of these replaced the Daily Prizes that were given on the 13th, 23rd, 33rd, 43rd, 93rd, 112th, 145th, 170th, 195th, and 220th day. Trainers who were past those days were not rewarded with those bottles. Additionally, starting with this update, 10 Gems are given on the 1st day instead of 500 Gold while the Bee Dragon is given on the 2nd day instead of 750 Gold.
  • Update 1.2: The Pharaoh Dragon got inserted on Day 120.