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Dark Clouds

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Dark Clouds can be learned by all Dragons with the Wind Element. It is an active offensive skill that inflicts negative status effects by reducing the amount of damage an opponent can cause for two turns.

The damage reduction caused by Dark Clouds does not negate or reduce the effectiveness of Dark Clouds, Stone Shield, Shade of Oneself or Wisdom of the Ancients nor does it reduce damage from Vengeful Sword or Death Mark.

This skill is not stackable, therefore, if two or more Dragons cast this same skill on a target, that target will have its damage reduced by the strongest version.

Level 1-5[edit | edit source]

Reduces target's base damage by x over 2 turns.

Skill effectiveness is based on the caster's Dragon's Attack Strength (DAS)

  • Level 1: Reduces target's base damage by 40% DAS
    • 1 Scroll, 4,500 Gold, 2 minutes
  • Level 2: Reduces target's base damage by 50% DAS
    • 3 Scrolls, 18,000 Gold, 10 minutes
  • Level 3: Reduces target's base damage by 60% DAS
    • 7 Scrolls, 90,000 Gold, 1 hour
  • Level 4: Reduces target's base damage by 70% DAS
    • 10 Scrolls, 300,000 Gold, 3 hours
  • Level 5: Reduces target's base damage by 80% DAS
    • 12 Scrolls, 900,000 Gold, 6 hours

Level 6[edit | edit source]

Reduces target's base damage by 90% DAS and the trained secondary effect occurs:

  • Storm's A-Brewin' - Reduces all other opponents' base damage by 40% DAS.
  • Last Breath - Reduces target's base damage for 2 additional turns.
    • 15 Scrolls, 2,400,000 Gold, 12 hours

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