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This page allows wiki staff to track and monitor pages that are flagged for needing updates and changes, all in one place.

Review Template[edit]

The {{review}} template can be added to any page that has outdated information or may need changes, to cause that page to appear on this workboard.

|notes=This is a note

On edit completion, remove lines except for |update=x.x (leaving notes is optional).



The following pages have had the {{review}} template added with |status= set (with exclusions for older pages marked as already {{review}}.

Page Priority Working
Notes Reviewed Against
To-Do-List 3 - Low needs quests list fixed/finished Update 6.2
Whale-Mart The offer examples here are probably outdated and needing review, or maybe we create a sentence about the typical items featured, since that kind of text is far easier to update than images. Also, section about Sale While needs finishing Update 6.6
Dragon League 1 - High Battle teams can be stored in 3 slots, selected from pre-battle screen now, needs description for the slots. Will new Primal league be added plus primal league chest?... since in the past these corresponded with the elements? If so, multiple tables affected. Section: Level Requirements, table needs primal element. Section:Additional Points, table needs primal element. Section:Promotion Prizes, table needs primal league if introduced. Section: Leaderboard Prizes, League Rewards table may need new league added if primal league rewards cycle seasonally. Crys is confused by "The Dragon Breeding Token changes according to the League on the next weekly reset," does this mean the breeding dragon changes every week? That doesn't sound right if those are dependent on season which lasts 4 weeks... perhaps some better clarification needed for that. For now I've changed it to say according to "The Dragon Breeding Token changes according to the Season, and also the League on the next weekly reset." The "Dragons Knocked Out" heading is empty. Update 6.6
Decorations 3 - Low This page will be made automatic eventually when Crys and Lori have spare time (it is low priority) Update 6.4
Primal (Element) 3 - Low element unlocks reverted - needs checking. Update 6.8
SkillProperty 3 - Low Check Primal skills Update 6.6
Castle Events Check for changes to page text after changes to extend the event for those that finish early, new badge, leaderboard etc
Player Level Element unlocks based on player level were reverted, need to revert then confirm here Update 6.9
EventBox Changes needed for Castle event leaderboard addition? For those that finish event early and extra prize? Need sigil campain added: proposed Sigil Campaign content; Need Movie Marathon added, proposed content: {{#lsth:Movie Marathon|}} Update 6.9
Dragonmaster Pass Need to add booster section and upload booster image/icon, once we know the details on that. Check the "Premium Pass Plus" section to see if any clarifications or additions must be made once it released. Update 6.9

Updated Images Needed[edit]

The following pages need {{BuildingBox}} applied and text made mercilessly concise: