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This is a tracking category only. Dragons with incorrect entries due to league changes (awaiting info for this):

Review Template

Provided in the table below are {{review}} template snippets which cause pages to appear in the workboard.

  • |status= - Marks item as needing review (removing this param marks as reviewed against |update= specified.
  • |notes= - Specify what is outdated.
  • |user= - Claim/self-assign a page to edit.
  • |update=x.x - Specify update item is/was reviewed against.
While editing

Using the {{review}} template with the following parameters:

|notes=This is a note for this page displayed (above has a note but not set to be displayed)
|size=any value displays normal text size

Review: Needs Review.

Update Complete

On edit completion remove lines except for |update=x.x (leaving notes is optional).

|notes=Notes can be left if needed

(Nothing on-page, categorizes pages by Reviewed number.)

Show Notes/Preview on Preview Page

A temporary toggle for page preview, remove |shownotes=y before saving.

|notes=This is a note for this page displayed (above has a note but not set to be displayed)
|size=any value displays normal text size

Notes: This is a note for this page displayed (above has a note but not set to be displayed)
Priority: High
User: Crys


The following pages have had the {{review}} template added with |status= set.

Page Priority Working
Notes Reviewed Against
Daily Prizes 3 - Low new Interface, 28 days sections need to be explained, screenshot missing for it, wrong prizes for all days Update 6.3
To-Do-List 3 - Low needs quests list fixed/finished Update 6.2
Arena Dragons 2 - Medium What about Shinobi Dragon (100 pieces in Ancient League) and other dragons who are appearing as Card-Segment Dragon Dragons awarded in Dragon League? Also, are there still 8 week rotating dragons? If so, they should be categorized here, if not please remove that statement. Update 6.2
In-Game Currency 4 - Done Update 6.4
Arena 3 - Low To be checked (Interface changed) Update 6.4
Battle 2 - Medium Scoring and Rewards sections are problematic, shouldn't these link to their own respective pages' rewards sections? Strange to have overlap, and we're not going to think to update rewards here. Update 6.2
Dragon Pieces 2 - Medium We need to decide which tables don't require maintenance and remove the rest. I removed ancient and divine ones. We should just link people off to Card Dragons page instead of this maintenance insanity lol, but I couldn't tell which ones to keep/leave). Or, we automate with DPL, or, we remove all of them except card shop and dailies and link to. Also definition needs work and text streamlined Update 6.2
Clans 3 - Low Check clan quests, Member List heading: check that the "accept" button is still a checkmark (I don't think it is, might just be "Accept" now), if not fix that on this page. Enchanted arena battles quest probably needs removing, I need to be in a clan to check this. For donations the following needs to be checked in-game for correctness: Either 16 fair or 2 average materials may be requested in a single request, and only request (fulfilled or not) can be made every 24 hours. Donators receive 1 Enchanted Trinket in exchange for donating 1 Fair Material, and 6 Enchanted Trinkets in exchange for 1 Average Materials. Donators can donate up to a maximum of 24 times per day. Update 6.2
Campaign Map 3 - Low Crys Needs proofing, otherwise done. Only 1 image may need replacing (Battle screen campaign image) Update 6.2
Standard Dragons 3 - Low Methods of Obtaining section, table, items related to arena Update 6.2
Ancient Islands 4 - Done Update 6.4
Battle Energy 2 - Medium ? Arena Energy section, Paragraph starting in: "The base amount of energy is four" needs checking. Max is now 7 with VIP 20, likely the other stats have changed. Update 6.2
Islands 4 - Done Update 6.4
Update 6.2 1 - High Surya Surya drafted, will come back to later, Crys says thank you! Update 6.2
Enchantment System 1 - High Needs texted paired down and concise. Search the following to replace pages that link to: "Enchantment League#Chests" Update 6.2
Dragon League 1 - High Complete rework with some data needed. Renamed old page Dragon League-Pre 6.2

such as: Ruins-Pre 5.7

Update 6.2
Nightmare Mode 1 - High Image, tables and initial text put in. Opponents, opponent levels/sigils/stars need to be added in columns only. Rewards seem to be calculated based on something that changes depending on how opponents are defeated. Update 6.2
Clan-Exclusive Dragons 2 - Medium Created to house Clan-Exclusive Dragons for listing here (and on the Template:CSD page in its own section, once they can be separated from the overall list there (requiring a category for them! lol Also, the DragonBox template (Soukupmi) needs updating so this can be done) Update 6.2

The following pages have had the {{review}} and no |status= set.

Category:Articles Needing Maintenance

Page Priority Working
Notes Reviewed Against
Sigils 4 - Done Update
Tips 4 - Done Update
To-Do-List 3 - Low needs quests list fixed/finished Update 6.2
Islands Overview.jpg 4 - Done Update

Building Needing {{BuildingBox}}

The following pages need {{BuildingBox}} applied and text made mercilessly concise:

Templates Needing Updates

Updated Images Needed