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Dragon Pieces

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Dragon Pieces Icon.png

Dragon Pieces are segments of a Dragon (represented by cards) collected to obtain a full Dragon when all required pieces/cards are collected. Dragon Pieces are used to obtain Clan Dragons and Card Dragons. There are several ways to collect pieces for Card Dragons, some are only obtained from events, Mystery Gifting, the Dragon League, promotional Card Packs available for purchase, and others are obtained at all times or during a set timeframe from regular Card Packs. Clan Dragons are obtained through Clan Event Card Packs.

Card Packs[edit]

Regular Card Packs[edit]

Regular Card Packs are purchased by selecting the "Card Packs" button in either the Main Shop or Clans interface. A free Five-Card Pack is given the first time a Trainer becomes a Clan member. A One-Card Pack can be obtained for free every 12 hours by watching an advertisement video Video Icon.png (the Trainer is obliged to watch to access the purchase button or be able to buy more), and other two Card Packs are sometimes offered as prizes in events.

Image One-Card Pack.png Three-Card Pack.png Five-Card Pack.png
Type One-Card Pack Three-Card Pack[1] Five-Card Pack[2]
Cost 750 Clan Coins Icon.png 2,500 Clan Coins Icon.png 4 Card Dragon Pack Ticket Icon.png
Requirement Player Level 12 Player Level 25 Player Level 12
  1. Guaranteed one Rare Card or higher
  2. Guaranteed one Epic Card or higher

Daily Task Card Pack[edit]

Daily Task Card Pack.png

The Daily Task card pack is given as a reward for completing all the Daily Tasks for the day. This pack gives only one Dragon Piece for the Foxglove Dragon, the Bog Dragon, or the Scout Dragon.

Clan Event Card Packs[edit]

Clan Event Card Packs can only be obtained from The Great Dragon Race and Clan Siege events. There are two types:

Card Pack Type Recipient Obtainment Details
Clan Events - Grand Prize Card Pack.png Clan Dragon Pieces The Clan Minimum score required and a Top 7 position in the league required. The number awarded varies from 1 to 6 in accordance with final leaderboard rank.
Clan Events - Milestone Card Pack.png Clan-Exclusive Dragon Pieces All Clan members Obtained up to four times by reaching Clan score milestones. The Number awarded varies from 1 to 5 depending on the league the Clan is currently in.

Promotional Card Packs[edit]

Various promotional Card Packs are made available, during a set time frame, which may include the chance of obtaining Dragon Pieces for certain Limited-Time Dragons or an increased chance of obtaining one of the already-available Dragons.

The promotional Five-Card Pack contains either 4x the chance for a Dragon already found in the normal Five-Card Pack, or exclusive matching Dragon Pieces for a limited Dragon. The other Card Packs contain matching Dragon Pieces only for specific Dragons. The chance to obtain matching Dragon Pieces and the amount thereof can vary or can be the same for all. All Card Packs are unlocked at Level 12.

Five-Card Pack.png To Arms! Card Pack.png Hug Them All! Card Pack.png Snow Special Card Pack.png Winter Finale Card Pack.png Enchanted Card Pack.png Otto's Card Pack.png Enchanted Card Pack.png Fright Night Card Pack.png Molten Card Pack.png
Promotional Five-Card Pack To Arms! Card Pack Hug Them All! Card Pack Snow Special Card Pack Winter Finale Card Pack Enchanted Card Pack Otto's Pack Enchanted Starter Pack Fright Night Pack Molten Card Pack
To Arms! Card Pack Promotion.jpg Hug Them All! Card Pack Promotion.jpg Snow Special Card Pack Promotion.jpg Winter Finale Card Pack Promotion.jpg Enchanted Card Pack Promotion.jpg Otto's Card Pack Promotion.jpg Enchanted Starter Pack Promotion.jpg Fright Night Pack Promotion.jpg Each pack has an equal chance of handing out one, two, three, four or five Molten Dragon Pieces.
4-6 Card Dragon Pack Ticket Icon.png 4 Card Dragon Pack Ticket Icon.png 30 Card Dragon Pack Ticket Icon.png 2 Card Dragon Pack Ticket Icon.png 3 Card Dragon Pack Ticket Icon.png 5 Card Dragon Pack Ticket Icon.png
Various Samurai Dragon Icon.png Assassin Dragon Icon.png Armory Dragon Icon.png Apocalypse Dragon Icon.png
(25% x 1 Dragon Pieces Icon.png)
Kitty Dragon Icon.png
(40% x 1 Dragon Pieces Icon.png)
Cappuccino Dragon Icon.png
(45% x 2 Dragon Pieces Icon.png)
Princess Dragon Icon.png
(15% x 1 Dragon Pieces Icon.png)
100% Dragon Pieces Icon.png of:

Snowman Dragon Icon.png (50%)
Snow Queen Dragon Icon.png (50%)
100% x 1 of 10,000 Enchanted Trinkets Icon.png
- 5 Extraordinary Materials - Wind.png - 5 Excellent Materials - Wind.png
- 5 Extraordinary Materials - Water.png - 5 Excellent Materials - Water.png
- 5 Extraordinary Materials - Light.png - 5 Excellent Materials - Light.png
- 5 Extraordinary Materials - Shadow.png - 5 Excellent Materials - Shadow.png
1 Dragon:
Ginger Dragon Icon.png
Helper Dragon Icon.png
Spruce Dragon Icon.png
Jingle Dragon Icon.png
Posh Dragon Icon.png
Present Dragon Icon.png
Ice Spike Dragon Icon.png
100% x 1-5 Dragon Pieces Icon.png of:
Red Talon Dragon Icon.png (33%)
Changeling Dragon Icon.png (33%)
Pansy Flower Dragon Icon.png (33%)
100% x 1 of 10,000 Enchanted Trinkets Icon.png
- 5 Extraordinary Materials - Wind.png - 7 Excellent Materials - Wind.png
- 5 Extraordinary Materials - Metal.png - 7 Excellent Materials - Metal.png
- 5 Extraordinary Materials - Energy.png - 7 Excellent Materials - Energy.png
- 5 Extraordinary Materials - Void.png - 7 Excellent Materials - Void.png
- 5 Extraordinary Materials - Legendary.png - 7 Excellent Materials - Legendary.png
- 5 Extraordinary Materials - Light.png - 7 Excellent Materials - Light.png
- 5 Extraordinary Materials - Divine.png - 7 Excellent Materials - Divine.png
1-2 Dragon Pieces Icon.png of:
Ace Dragon Icon.png
Cheerleader Dragon Icon.png
Dice Dragon Icon.png
Heavy Metal Dragon Icon.png
Piggy Bank Dragon Icon.png
Scarab Dragon Icon.png
Painted Dragon Icon.png
Cappuccino Dragon Icon.png
Independence Dragon Icon.png
100% x:
5-20 Dragon Pieces Icon.png of
Garden Dragon Icon.png (50%)
2-8 Dragon Pieces Icon.png of
Gazelle Dragon Icon.png (50%)
100% x 1 of 5,000-10,000 Enchanted Trinkets Icon.png
- 2-3 Extraordinary Materials - Fire.png - 7 Excellent Materials - Fire.png
- 2-3 Extraordinary Materials - Earth.png - 7 Excellent Materials - Earth.png
- 2-3 Extraordinary Materials - Water.png - 7 Excellent Materials - Water.png
- 2-3 Extraordinary Materials - Plant.png - 7 Excellent Materials - Plant.png
- 2-3 Extraordinary Materials - Legendary.png - 7 Excellent Materials - Legendary.png
- 2-3 Extraordinary Materials - Light.png - 7 Excellent Materials - Light.png
- 2-3 Extraordinary Materials - Divine.png - 7 Excellent Materials - Divine.png
1-13 Dragon Pieces Icon.png of:
Mummy Dragon Icon.png
Heavy Metal Dragon Icon.png
Scarecrow Dragon Icon.png
Gargoyle Dragon Icon.png
1-5 Dragon Pieces Icon.png of:
Molten Dragon Icon.png

Dragon Card Collections[edit]

Each Dragon Piece obtained is automatically added to the collective tally of pieces needed for the specific Dragon it matches. For Non-Clan Dragons, the egg can be immediately collected and sent to the Hatchery or found in the inventory Inventory Icon.png under the Eggs Tab.png tab for later hatching once all of the required pieces are obtained for that specific Dragon.

Card-Shop Collection[edit]

These collections can be obtained from the Card Shop at any given time through regular Card Packs containing corresponding Dragon Pieces.

Common Collection

Collect 5 matching
Common Pieces

Ceremony Dragon Pieces.png
Ceremony Dragon
Goblin Dragon Pieces.png
Goblin Dragon

Crusader Dragon Pieces.png
Crusader Dragon
Uncommon Collection

Collect 8 matching
Uncommon Pieces

Samurai Dragon Pieces.png
Samurai Dragon

Ninja Dragon Pieces.png
Ninja Dragon

Assassin Dragon Pieces.png
Assassin Dragon
Rare Collection

Collect 14 matching
Rare Pieces

Genie Dragon Pieces.png
Genie Dragon

Liquid Fire Dragon Pieces.png
Liquid Fire Dragon
Mummy Dragon Pieces.png
Mummy Dragon

Tick Tock Dragon Pieces.png
Tick Tock Dragon
Cookie Dragon Pieces.png
Cookie Dragon
Epic Collection

Collect 20 matching
Epic Pieces

Marsh Dragon Pieces.png
Marsh Dragon

Kangaroo Dragon Pieces.png
Kangaroo Dragon

Robocluck Dragon Pieces.png
Robocluck Dragon
Paladin Dragon Pieces.png
Paladin Dragon

Piggy Bank Dragon Pieces.png
Piggy Bank Dragon
Legendary Collection

Collect 30 matching
Legendary Pieces

Guardian Dragon Pieces.png
Guardian Dragon
Verdant Dragon Pieces.png
Verdant Dragon

Limited Collection[edit]

These collections can only be obtained through intermittent events or Card Pack offers which can contain Dragon Pieces corresponding to one or more of these collections.

Clan Events[edit]

See The Great Dragon Race and Clan Siege for more information

Divine Chests[edit]

See Divine Islands for more information

Ancient Chests[edit]

See Ancient Islands for more information

Dragon Dice[edit]

See Dragon Dice Events for more information

Other Events[edit]

These Dragons are made available through various events, other than Clan Events, and can reappear in occasional promotions within regular Card Packs.

Weekly Offer[edit]

See Weekly Dragon Pieces for more information

One Weekly Offer Dragon is available every few weeks on rotation, in regular Card Packs. The appearance of these Dragons reduces the probability of getting a piece of the regular Dragons accordingly.

Dragon Probability of
getting a Piece
Rastafari Dragon 6,67%
Gargoyle Dragon
Kitty Dragon 3,45%
Armory Dragon
Apocalypse Dragon 1,75%
Realm Dragon
Rare Collection

Collect 7 or 14 matching
Rare Pieces

Rastafari Dragon Pieces.png
Rastafari Dragon

Gargoyle Dragon Pieces.png
Gargoyle Dragon
Epic Collection

Collect 20 matching
Epic Pieces

Kitty Dragon Pieces.png
Kitty Dragon

Armory Dragon Pieces.png
Armory Dragon
Legendary Collection

Collect 30 matching
Legendary Pieces

Apocalypse Dragon Pieces.png
Apocalypse Dragon
Realm Dragon Pieces.png
Realm Dragon

Clan Collection[edit]

See Clan Dragons and Collection for more information

The probabilities of getting specific pieces are equally distributed amongst the available Clan Dragons for the current League.

Dragon Probability of getting a Piece
League 1-3 League 4 League 5
Ruptia 20,00% 16,67% 14,29%
Uncommon Collection

Given for free

Chip Pieces.png
Rare Collection

Collect 2 or 5 matching
Rare Pieces

Ruptia Pieces.png

Striker Pieces.png
Epic Collection

Collect 8 or 14 matching
Epic Pieces

Gravelis Pieces.png

Amoura Pieces.png
Legendary Collection

Collect 20 matching
Legendary Pieces

Boone Pieces.png

Brimstone Pieces.png

Kutter Pieces.png
Divine Collection

Collect 50 matching
Legendary Pieces

Feather Pieces.png

Dragon League Collection[edit]

See Dragon League for more information

Rare Collection

Collect 40 matching
Rare Pieces

Gladiator Dragon Pieces.png
Gladiator Dragon

Heliotrope Dragon Pieces.png
Heliotrope Dragon

Leviathan Dragon Pieces.png
Leviathan Dragon
Epic Collection

Collect 80 matching
Epic Pieces

Golem Dragon Pieces.png
Golem Dragon
Gryphon Dragon Pieces.png
Gryphon Dragon

Machine Snake Dragon Pieces.png
Machine Snake Dragon

Mystery Gifting[edit]

See Gifting for more information

Epic Collection

Collect 100 matching
Epic Pieces

Enchantress Dragon Pieces.png
Enchantress Dragon

Daily Tasks[edit]

See Daily Tasks for more information

Dragon Chance for
Scout Dragon 33.3%
Foxglove Dragon
Bog Dragon
Rare Collection

Collect 15 matching
Rare Pieces

Scout Dragon Pieces.png
Scout Dragon
Epic Collection

Collect 45 matching
Epic Pieces

Foxglove Dragon Pieces.png
Foxglove Dragon

Bog Dragon Pieces.png
Bog Dragon

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