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Dragonmaster Pass

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The Dragonmaster Pass is a point collection activity for the purpose of passing milestones to obtain rewards. The Dragonmaster Pass works similarly to milestone rewards during Ancient or Divine Events but it is linked to Daily Tasks and other activities in Dragonlandia. Trainers earn rewards as they hit different milestones, some of which will be collected during regular gameplay.


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To progress through the milestones, Trainers need to collect Season Points. Season Point Icon.png Points are awarded for every Daily Task completed (5 Season Point Icon.png per completed Task) and for every Dragon bred or hatched. If Trainers complete six Daily Tasks in a day and thus reach the third milestone, they earn additional 40 Season Point Icon.png points.

Season Points earned for breeding or hatching a Dragon is based on its rarity, though Trainers will also earn 3x the points for breeding the Dragon of the Week or the Dragon of the Month. If a Trainer breeds an Epic Dragon of the Week, for example, the Trainer would earn 200 Season Points.

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The Season Points earned for each breed or hatching are:

  • Common: 0
  • Uncommon: 10
  • Rare: 20
  • Epic: 50
  • Legendary: 100
  • Primal/Divine/Ancient: 300

Premium Pass[edit]

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A Premium Pass is available for purchase, this allows Trainers to gain access to additional rewards and have an opportunity to collect the prize Dragon. Trainers who purchase a Premium Pass will also unlock a 20% reduction to hatching time while the current Dragonmaster Pass is active.

Premium Pass Plus[edit]

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A Premium Pass Plus is also available for purchase, this allows Trainers to pay more to receive additional Season Points; it's the same as Premium Pass, except it comes pre-loaded with Season Points to provide an early reward start.



  • Update 6.9: Premium Pass Plus was introduced.
    • An extra tier to Premium Pass was added, Premium Pass Plus, giving the option to pay more to receive additional Season Points.
    • When purchasing the Premium Pass, an option to choose either Premium Pass or new Premium Pass Plus appears; purchasing either adds the Season Points to the current total. It's the same Premium Pass, except it comes pre-loaded with Season Points to provide an early reward start.
    • Booster Upgrades were made available for purchase for additional Season Points.
  • Update 6.7: Hatching Primal Dragons gives 300 points.
  • Update 6.6: Premium Pass isn't available with a discount anymore at event start.
  • Update 5.4: Introduced Dragonmaster Pass and:
    • The purchase of the Premium Pass now reduces hatching times by 20% (was 10% before).
    • The amount of Season Points earned for Breeding and Hatching Dragons changed, see Update 5.4 for details.

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