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Enchantment System

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Enchantment League Button.png

The Enchantment System is a system that encompasses all Enchantment-related components in Dragon Mania Legends. The Enchantment System menu can be accessed by pressing the Enchantment League Button.png at the bottom-left corner of the Main Island screen. The menu is composed of six different features, including the Enchanted Arena, (formerly the Enchantment League, which was merged with the Dragon League Arena in Update 6.2). The Enchantment System menu offers a setting for Trainers to perform various Enchantment-related tasks such as Battling in the Arena to win materials needed for enchanting Dragons, Enchantment Chests, Enchanted Breeding, and Enchantment Material Fusion.

Dragon League, Enchanted Arena Enchantment Chests
Enchanted Den Enchant Dragons Fuse Materials

Arena (Enchanted Arena)[edit]

Arena Button.jpg

In the Enchanted Arena, Trainers compete against one another to win exclusive prizes and Battle Chests materials used to enchant Dragons. There are 13 leagues, one for each element in the game, each providing different rewards upon reaching various milestones. The Enchantment League was merged with the Dragon League's Arena in Update 6.2.

See Dragon League for information related to Arena Leagues and Battle for general Battle information

Enchantment Chests[edit]

Enchantment Chests Button.jpg

Depending on the league a Trainer is in, chests may contain food, gold or Enchantment Materials. Chests can be obtained by winning battles in the the Arena, purchasing them with Enchantment Tickets, and watching ads. Chests are also awarded as special prizes for quests or Events.

Opening the Chests menu allows the Trainer to access options for acquiring chests immediately through three different methods:

  • Viewing a video for the Gift Chest (when available once every 6 hours)
  • Purchasing a Rare Chest for 6 Enchantment Ticket Icon.png
  • Purchasing an Epic Chest for 10 Enchantment Ticket Icon.png

Each chest has a i button in the top-right corner of its snapshot that is used to display the number of material cards and the frequency and amount of the materials obtained from that chest. Additionally, in the very same screen, there is another i button that, when pressed, brings up an official list of drop rates of materials by quality.

Rewards Gift Chest.png

Gift Chest

Rare Chest.png

Rare Chest

Epic Chest.png

Epic Chest

Number of Material Cards 3 Enchantment Materials - Card Back.png, sometimes 1 Enchantment Materials - Divine Card Back.png 5 Enchantment Materials - Card Back.png, sometimes 1 Enchantment Materials - Divine Card Back.png Enchantment Materials - Ancient Card Back.png
Amount/Frequency (Percentage) per Card
Fair Materials Icon.png Fair Materials 2-5 Plus Icon.png (80%) 30-50 Green Check.png (20%) 60-100 Green Check.png (20%)
Average Materials Icon.png Average Materials 1-1 Green Check.png (16%) 18-28 Plus Icon.png (22.50%) 36-56 Plus Icon.png (22.50%)
Good Materials Icon.png Good Materials 1-1 (2.5%) 10-20 Plus Icon.png (22.50%) 20-40 Plus Icon.png (22.50%)
Excellent Materials Icon.png Excellent Materials 1-1 (1%) 5-15 Green Check.png (15%) 10-30 Green Check.png (15%)
Extraordinary Materials Icon.png Extraordinary Materials 1-1 (0.5%) 4-13 Plus Icon.png (20%) 8-26 Plus Icon.png (20%)
Enchanted Trinkets Icon.png Enchanted Trinkets 25-35 500-900 1,000-1,800
Fire Fire Materials 12.20% 7.56%
Wind Wind Materials 12.20%
Earth Earth Materials 9.27%
Water Water Materials
Plant Plant Materials 10.42% 10.98%
Metal Metal Materials 9.82% 8.54%
Energy Energy Materials
Void Void Materials 10.42% 10.98%
Light Light Materials 4.17% 8.05%
Shadow Shadow Materials
Legendary Legendary Materials 2.38% 6.59%
Divine Legendary Materials 1-2 Average Materials - Divine.png 100-150 Average Materials - Divine.png (43.75%) OR 16-45 Good Materials - Divine.png (31.25%)
OR 3-15 Excellent Materials - Divine.png (18.75%) OR 1-2 Extraordinary Materials - Divine.png (6.25%)
200-300 Average Materials - Divine.png (43.75%) OR 32-90 Good Materials - Divine.png (31.25%)
OR 6-30 Excellent Materials - Divine.png (18.75%) OR 2-4 Extraordinary Materials - Divine.png (6.25%)
Ancient Legendary Materials 1-2 Average Materials - Ancient.png 100-150 Average Materials - Ancient.png (43.75%) OR 16-45 Good Materials - Ancient.png (31.25%)
OR 3-15 Excellent Materials - Ancient.png (18.75%) OR 1-2 Extraordinary Materials - Ancient.png (6.25%)
200-300 Average Materials - Ancient.png (43.75%) OR 32-90 Good Materials - Ancient.png (31.25%)
OR 6-30 Excellent Materials - Ancient.png (18.75%) OR 2-4 Extraordinary Materials - Ancient.png (6.25%)

Enchantment Tickets[edit]

Enchantment Tickets Enchantment Ticket Icon.png are used to purchase Enchantment Chests, for which there are two rarities. The more rare a chest is, the more and better materials are awarded. Enchantment Tickets can be bought individually or in a bundle in exchange for Gems. Purchasing these tickets activates a confirmation window pop-up and the Trainer has to confirm the choice by pressing the   OK   button. These tickets can be obtained through the Whale-Mart, Dragon League and Dragon Collector Leaderboard, or earned through various events, mainly Calendar Events, or other occasions.

Pile of Enchantment Tickets.png

Enchantment Ticket

Sack of Enchantment Tickets.png

Sack of Enchantment Tickets

Bucket of Enchantment Tickets.png

Bucket of Enchantment Tickets

Chest of Enchantment Tickets.png

Chest of Enchantment Tickets

Cave of Enchantment Tickets.png

Cave of Enchantment Tickets

Island of Enchantment Tickets.png

Island of Enchantment Tickets

1 Enchantment Ticket Icon.png for 25 Gems Icon.png 10 Enchantment Ticket Icon.png for 225 Gems Icon.png 45 Enchantment Ticket Icon.png for 999 Gems Icon.png 100 Enchantment Ticket Icon.png for 1,999 Gems Icon.png
Not Offered

Dragon League Chests[edit]

See Dragon League for information on how to obtain league chests

Enchantment materials can also be obtained in the Dragon League Enchanted Arena, by participating in Arena Battles.

Some League chests (such as League of Fire or League of Wind) do not provide Enchantment Materials, only Leagues beginning with the League of Earth and above reward Enchantment Materials. Each chest that gives Enchantment Materials will give a certain number of Materials Cards containing materials for all the Elements in the game. Each individual card has a certain percentage for the frequency of each Element that varies with lower Elements being more frequent than higher ones. The amounts, however, are the same for all of the materials of any Element. The higher the League a Trainer is in, the more and better materials it will give. All the materials in the game are represented by the Enchantment Materials - Card Back.png cards.

Important Icon.png Values marked with Plus Icon.png indicate those non-Divine amounts of Enchantment Materials that have a higher probability of being obtained, whereas values marked with Green Check.png symbolize those Enchantment Materials that are guaranteed to be obtained. As the percentages apply per card and not per the entire content of the chest, at least one non-Divine Material Card will disregard the applicable percentages in order to guarantee the aforementioned types of materials.

Divine Material[edit]

The Divine Material has its own Enchantment Materials - Divine Card Back.png card and different awarding background with clouds. Additionally, this kind of material does not follow the amount and frequency listed in the tables of this section in this article. The Divine Material card has a 40% chance of appearing after the regular material and potion cards have been claimed. Only one Divine Material card is given, regardless of the chest, and its quality will always be average in League Chests under the 5th tier of the Enchantment League and in Gift Chests and average or better in League Chests from the 5th tier and above and in Battle Chests, Rare Chests and Epic Chests.

Ancient Material[edit]

The Ancient Material has its own Enchantment Materials - Ancient Card Back.png card. This kind of material is still an unknown factor and follows different frequency and drop rates than other materials. Only one Ancient Material card is given at any time. Information will be updated as it is made available.

League Chests are earned when a Trainer reaches a Battle Points Milestone. The contents of the chest obtained depend on the League in which the Trainer is currently playing. Each league has its own type of chest associated with it. Chests of higher leagues grant more Enchantment Materials and Enchantment Materials of a higher grade. Information about each chest can be accessed by pressing the i button on the chest for the current Arena event, or by pressing the option for the current league, and then pressing the Chest Rewards button.

Rewards are as follows:

Rewards League of Fire League of Fire League of Wind League of Wind League of Earth League of Earth League of Water League of Water League of Plant League of Plant League of Metal League of Metal League of Energy League of Energy League of Void League of Void League of Light League of Light League of Shadow League of Shadow Legendary League Legendary League Divine League Divine League Ancient League Ancient League
Number of Material Cards None 5 Enchantment Materials - Card Back.png, sometimes 1 Enchantment Materials - Divine Card Back.png Enchantment Materials - Ancient Card Back.png
Amount/Frequency (Percentage) per Card
Fair Materials Icon.png Fair Materials None 1-5 1-6 2-6 4-6 5-8 6-12 6-14 6-15 10-20 10-20 10-20
Average Materials Icon.png Average Materials None 1 1-2 1-3 1-3 4-6 5-10 5-12 5-15 8-16 8-20 8-20
Good Materials Icon.png Good Materials None 1 1-3 1-3 1-4 1-6 3-6 3-8 5-16 5-18 5-20
Excellent Materials Icon.png Excellent Materials None 1 1-5 2-5 2-6 3-6 4-6
Extraordinary Materials Icon.png Extraordinary Materials None 1 1-2 1-3 1-4
Enchanted Trinkets Icon.png Enchanted Trinkets None 15-25 20-30 30-40 50-60 70-80 80-90 95-105 100-110 105-115 110-120 120-130
Fire Fire Materials None 9.28%
Wind Wind Materials None 12.28%
Earth Earth Materials None 11.38%
Water Water Materials None
Plant Plant Materials None 10.48%
Metal Metal Materials None 9.82%
Energy Energy Materials None
Void Void Materials None 10.48%
Light Light Materials None 6.29%
Shadow Shadow Materials None
Legendary Legendary Materials None 3.59%
Divine Divine Materials None 1-3 Average Materials - Divine.png 5-10 Average Materials - Divine.png 2-5 1-2 1 15-25 Average Materials - Divine.png 4-8 2-5 1
Ancient Ancient Materials None 1-3 5-10 2-5 1-2 1 15-25 4-8 2-5 1

Enchanted Den[edit]

See Breeding Den and Enchanted Breeding for more information about the Enchanted Breeding Den and Enchanted Breeding

Enchant Dragons[edit]

See Enchantment for more information enchanting Dragons

Fuse Materials[edit]

Fuse Materials Button.jpg

In this screen, the Trainer can select which material to fuse by selecting the icon of any Element. Here, the Trainer will be shown how many materials of each grade they have and how many material of the previous grade is needed to fuse to the next grade. Pressing the Fusion button will fuse the material, provided the Trainer has enough of that grade and also sufficient Enchanted Trinkets to pay the cost. If the button is pressed and the Trainer does not have sufficient resources, a window will pop up, giving the Trainer the option to access the screen for purchasing Enchantment Chests that contain Enchantment Materials, as well as Trinkets Go Shop. The Extra Button.png option in the top-left corner of the lower-grade material can also be tapped to access the screen for purchasing chests.

Materials can only be fused to a higher-grade Enchantment Material of the same Element. Enchantment Materials have different drop rates according to their Elements. Fusing a material is an irreversible process and there is no method to obtain lower-quality materials from higher-quality ones. While the game defines a number of Enchanted Trinkets to fuse Fair Divine and Fair Ancient into Average Divine and Average Ancient, respectively, there is no known method to obtain the Fair grades of these Elements.

Grade Required of
previous grade
Enchanted Trinkets Icon.png/fusion from previous to next grade Total Fair
material required
Fire Wind Earth Water Plant Metal Energy Void Light Shadow Legendary Divine Ancient
Fair Fair Materials Icon.png
Average Average Materials Icon.png 4 Fair Materials Icon.png 32 20 26 26 28 22 28 24 30 30 36 40 40 4 Fair Materials Icon.png
Good Good Materials Icon.png 5 Average Materials Icon.png 80 50 65 65 70 55 70 60 75 75 90 100 100 20 Fair Materials Icon.png
Excellent Excellent Materials Icon.png 6 Good Materials Icon.png 144 90 117 117 126 99 126 108 135 135 162 180 180 120 Fair Materials Icon.png
Extraordinary Extraordinary Materials Icon.png 8 Excellent Materials Icon.png 224 140 182 182 196 154 196 168 210 210 252 280 280 960 Fair Materials Icon.png


Changes in the updates
  • Update 4.9 introduced Enchantment Materials for the Ancient Element as part of the introduction of that Element.
  • Update 4.3 slightly altered the background of the snapshots in the Enchantment Chest Shop.
  • Update 4.0 made it possible for Enchantment Chests in League 5 and higher to give Divine Materials of better quality than average.
    • Starting with this update, chests from League 6 and 7 and chests purchasable only through Gems will now offer 20% more materials and Enchanted Trinkets.
    • Enchantment Tickets can now also be purchased in increments of 100 and 45 in addition to 10 and 1.
    • The pre-battle interface no longer displays a featured defender of the opponent, but rather their strongest defender, meaning that the Potion - Reveal Strongest.png Reveal Strongest Potion Epic, which revealed the strongest defender from the battle, was discontinued. All existing potions in a Trainer's inventory were replaced by the Reveal All Potion.
    • Double Cauldrons and Epic Chests will now reveal all of their contents at once by tapping them once instead of twice. Additionally, opening them can now also be done through the Speed-Up Opening Button.png button.
  • Update 3.8 discontinued the method of obtaining Gift Chests through Daily Quests as the latter were redesigned as Daily Tasks.
  • Update 3.7 added the total amount of keys available to the top-right corner of the button for accessing the Enchantment League (after accessing the Enchantment Menu).
    • Obtaining Enchantment Tickets and Enchantment Materials can now also be done through the newly-introduced Whale-Mart.
  • Update 3.6 made the total amount of keys the Trainer currently has to be visible on the Enchantment Menu Button.png button.
    • An additional i button has been added to chests and cauldrons which is used to display an official list of drop rates.
    • The Key.png icon was replaced by the Key 2.png icon.
  • Update 3.4 introduced a yellow-bordered, white background for the Enchantment Tickets.
  • Update 3.3 introduced Enchantment Tickets as the new and only means for buying chests and cauldrons. Before this update, the cost of buying the Rare Chest and Epic Chest was 150 Gems and 250 Gems respectively, while the cost of buying the Pro Cauldron and Double Cauldron was 100 Gems and 150 Gems respectively.
  • Update 3.2 discontinued the possibility of watching videos when the Trainer has no keys left.
  • Update 3.2 increased the limit of keys given to Trainers of higher higher VIP levels.
  • Update 3.0 brought slight visual changes to opening chests and claiming potions from the cauldrons. Now the chests emit a bright glow upon opening.
  • Update 2.7 introduced potions and the Battle Chest, as well as the requirement to use keys for opening chests after winning a battle in the Enchantment League. Before this update, the Super League Chest was rewarded on, approximately, the 9th and the 19th wins, now being awarded randomly. Additionally, the Rare Chest was awarded after twenty victories and there was a certain period of time that had to pass before it could be obtained again. The Epic Chest was called the Marvelous Chest while chests, in general, were called Magic Chests.

The cost to refresh was different, as well.

League Refresh Cost
1 Gold Icon.png 1,000
2 Gold Icon.png 3,000
3 Gold Icon.png 15,000
4 Gold Icon.png 150,000
5 Gold Icon.png 500,000
6 Gold Icon.png 1,000,000
7 Gold Icon.png 1,500,000
  • Update 2.5 modified battles so that the retreating Trainer no longer loses trophies as long as they have not undertaken any action that counts as starting the battle.
  • Update 2.4 awarded the Trainer with a Rare Chest after every consecutive streak of ten victories. However, if the Trainer left the game while in the middle of a streak, the streak was interrupted.
  • Update 2.3 introduced the Enchantment League as part of the larger Enchantment feature.

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