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Enchantment Materials

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See Enchantment for information and requirements on enchanting Dragons

Enchantment Materials are resources introduced in Update 2.3 as part of the Enchantment feature. They have two uses: To enchant Dragons in order to increase their Base Attack and Base Health stats and to upgrade base Habitats through levels 7 to 9. They have five grades of quality and their shape and color vary according to the material's quality and the Element they represent. While lower-quality materials can be fused together in order to obtain higher-quality materials, higher-quality materials can not be broken back down into inferior materials, meaning that fusing is an irreversible process. Enchantment Materials are mainly obtained from Enchantment Chests and ascending Dragons, but there is also the possibility of trading for them in the Whale-Mart.

Fair Average Good Excellent Extraordinary
Fire Fair Materials - Fire.png Average Materials - Fire.png Good Materials - Fire.png Excellent Materials - Fire.png Extraordinary Materials - Fire.png
Wind Fair Materials - Wind.png Average Materials - Wind.png Good Materials - Wind.png Excellent Materials - Wind.png Extraordinary Materials - Wind.png
Earth Fair Materials - Earth.png Average Materials - Earth.png Good Materials - Earth.png Excellent Materials - Earth.png Extraordinary Materials - Earth.png
Water Fair Materials - Water.png Average Materials - Water.png Good Materials - Water.png Excellent Materials - Water.png Extraordinary Materials - Water.png
Plant Fair Materials - Plant.png Average Materials - Plant.png Good Materials - Plant.png Excellent Materials - Plant.png Extraordinary Materials - Plant.png
Metal Fair Materials - Metal.png Average Materials - Metal.png Good Materials - Metal.png Excellent Materials - Metal.png Extraordinary Materials - Metal.png
Energy Fair Materials - Energy.png Average Materials - Energy.png Good Materials - Energy.png Excellent Materials - Energy.png Extraordinary Materials - Energy.png
Void Fair Materials - Void.png Average Materials - Void.png Good Materials - Void.png Excellent Materials - Void.png Extraordinary Materials - Void.png
Light Fair Materials - Light.png Average Materials - Light.png Good Materials - Light.png Excellent Materials - Light.png Extraordinary Materials - Light.png
Shadow Fair Materials - Shadow.png Average Materials - Shadow.png Good Materials - Shadow.png Excellent Materials - Shadow.png Extraordinary Materials - Shadow.png
Legendary Fair Materials - Legendary.png Average Materials - Legendary.png Good Materials - Legendary.png Excellent Materials - Legendary.png Extraordinary Materials - Legendary.png
Divine Fair Materials - Divine.png Average Materials - Divine.png Good Materials - Divine.png Excellent Materials - Divine.png Extraordinary Materials - Divine.png
Ancient Fair Materials - Ancient.png Average Materials - Ancient.png Good Materials - Ancient.png Excellent Materials - Ancient.png Extraordinary Materials - Ancient.png