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See Player Level to view which feature(s) each different level unlocks

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Experience is the only way in which the Trainer can level up to unlock various features throughout the game. Experience points are given for various actions taken within the game, including, but not limited to: completing tasks on the To-Do-List, winning battles, harvesting Food, clearing obstacles, building and upgrading various structures, or hatching Dragons. Whenever a feature in the game is ready to yield experience, the Yellow-Bordered Experience Icon.png will be shown above it.

Earning Experience[edit]

Method Amount Range
Building Dragon Academy 100
Farms 40
Fountain of Youth 8,000
Gold Vault 1,000,000
Habitats 4 - 24,000
Temples 200 - 19,200
Upgrading Breeding Den 5,000 - 250,000
Hatchery 1,660 - 27,770
Ancient Portal 550 - 8,330
Dragon Academy 1,600 - 160,000
Farms 400 - 100,000
Habitats 80 - 112,000
Temples 2,000 - 1,740,000
Totem of Friendship 400
Clearing Obstacles 20 - 840,000
Harvesting Level 1 Food 1 - 30
Level 2 Food 60 - 600
Level 3 Food 2,400 - 32,000
Level 4 Food 64,000 - 144,000
Hatching Dragons 5 - 6,060
Winning Normal Mode Quests 1 - 108,200
Heroic Mode Quests 800 - 114,100


There are several formulas that determine the amount of experience that is given to Trainers for the various actions completed in the game.


Harvesting Food or constructing and upgrading buildings will usually give experience in accordance to the amount of currency spent, but exceptions can occur.


  • The Gold Vault costs 25,000,000 Gold and building it will result in 1,000,000 experience points (25,000,000 * 0.04).
  • Upgrading the Breeding Den to Level 2 costs 500 Enchanted Trinkets and will result in 5,000 experience points (500 * 10).


Hatching Dragons, except Clan Dragons, will always give the Trainer experience points in accordance to the following formula:
RoundUp((0.4*(BreedingTimeInMinutes^1.1)-0.01 + BreedingTimeInMinutes/10)/10)*10


RoundUp((0.4*(240^1.1)-0.01 + 240/10)/10)*10 = 200 experience points

RoundUp((0.4*(1320^1.1)-0.01 + 1320/10)/10)*10 = 1,220 experience points


The following Dragons do not follow the formula and thus have their own experience:

Clan Experience[edit]

See Clan Quests for more information

In addition to the regular Trainer experience, there is a second kind of experience within the game called Clan Experience. Clan Experience Clan Experience Icon.png is the only way through which Clans can level up to unlock additional member spots, as well as various shields for their Coat of Arms. This experience is given only when Clan Quests are completed.