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A way to a dragon's heart is through its belly.

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Farms are the only buildings in the game that can produce Food. Twelve different types of Foods are available to grow in the Farms which are divided into four tiers for each level of a Farm, where each level unlocks three different types of Food. Farms are unlocked upon reaching Level 2, but there is a limit to how many Farms can be built which gradually increases up to the maximum of 15 as the Trainer levels up. All Farms are 5x5 square tiles in size, regardless of their level.

From time to time, the Yellow-Bordered Gem Ad Icon.png icon will appear above a random Farm. Selecting the Farm when this occurs will give the Trainer the option to watch an advertisement video in exchange for 1 Gem.


Once a Farm is selected, pressing the Farming Button.png button will bring up all the types of Food available to grow in Farms, but Food that is currently level-locked will be grayed out. Additionally, when the Trainer reaches Level 7, they receive the Multi-plant option which is used to plant the same type of Food on Farms that are idle. After that option is selected, the Trainer will be shown how many Farms will produce the desired Food. The option is only available if the Trainer has four or more Farms. When Food is ready to be harvested, the Yellow-Bordered Food Icon.png icon will be shown atop the Farm and Food can be simply collected by tapping it.


Upgrading is the process through which Farms are leveled. Leveling Farms unlocks superior options for the types of Food that can be grown. Upgrading the Farm is done by selecting an inactive Farm and tapping the Upgrade Button.png button. Two options will be presented for upgrading. The first option allows an Instant Upgrade Instant Upgrade  Gems Icon.png and costs a predetermined amount of Gems based on the level it is being upgraded to. The second option costs a set amount of Gold for each different level and has an appointed duration over which the upgrade will take place.

Level 1 Farm[edit]

Farm - Level 1.png

This Farm level is unlocked at Level 2. It costs 1,000 Gold and it takes 15 seconds to build one. When finished it yields 40 experience points. Its selling cost is 250 Gold.

Spiky Cherry Purplemon Sour Cone
Price: 3 Gold per Food

Time: 10 Food per minute

Spiky Cherry Information.png

Price: 6 Gold per Food
Time: 5 Food per minute

Purplemon Information.png

Price: 10 Gold per Food
Time: 2.5 Food per minute

Sour Cone Information.png

Level 2 Farm[edit]

Farm - Level 2.png

This Farm level is unlocked at Level 8. It costs 10,000 Gold and it takes 1 hour to upgrade one from a Level 1 Farm. When finished it yields 400 experience points. Its selling cost is 2,750 Gold.

Blue Hazel Dragonscale Dragolandic Berry

Price: 7.5 Gold per Food
Time: 1.7 Food per minute

Blue Hazel Information.png

Price: 10 Gold per Food
Time: 1.1 Food per minute

Dragonscale Information.png

Price: 10 Gold per Food
Time: 2 Food per minute

Dragolandic Berry Information.png

Level 3 Farm[edit]

Farm - Level 3.png

This Farm level is unlocked at Level 20. It costs 200,000 Gold and it takes 5 hours to upgrade one from a Level 2 Farm. When finished it yields 8,000 experience points. Its selling cost is 52,750 Gold.

Star Fruit Spring Cherry Sweetroot

Price: 12 Gold per Food
Time: 3.5 Food per minute

Star Fruit Information.png

Price: 26.7 Gold per Food
Time: 125 Food per minute

Spring Cherry Information.png

Price: 16 Gold per Food
Time: 17.4 Food per minute

Sweetroot Information.png

Level 4 Farm[edit]

Farm - Level 4.png

This Farm level is unlocked at Level 60. It costs 2,500,000 Gold and it takes 1 day to upgrade one from a Level 3 Farm. When finished it yields 100,000 experience points. Its selling cost is 677,750 Gold.

Squarey Berry Candied Pear Royal Fig

Price: 40 Gold per Food
Time: 111.11 Food per minute

Squarey Berry Information.png

Price: 19.231 Gold per Food
Time: 45.138 Food per minute

Candied Pear Information.png

Price: 30 Gold per Food
Time: 83.3 Food per minute

Royal Fig Information.png


Level Cost Building Time Experience Reward Trainer Level Needed Selling Cost
Level 1 Gold Icon.png 1,000 15 seconds 40 Level 2 Gold Icon.png 250
Level 2 Gold Icon.png 10,000 1 hour 400 Level 8 Gold Icon.png 2,750
Level 3 Gold Icon.png 200,000 5 hours 8,000 Level 20 Gold Icon.png 52,750
Level 4 Gold Icon.png 2,500,000 1 day 100,000 Level 60 Gold Icon.png 677,750
Total Gold Icon.png 2,711,000 1 day, 6 hours and 15 seconds Experience Icon.png 108,440 -
15 Farms Gold Icon.png 40,665,000 Experience Icon.png 1,626,600 - Gold Icon.png 10,166,250


As long as they are not under construction or producing Food, Farms can be moved to a different location by pressing down on the building and then dragging it to the new location or by pressing down on the building and then simply tapping the desired location. The building is selected for moving when the X Button.png and V Button.png buttons appear underneath it. An arrow will appear on each side of the Farm indicating if it can be placed in the new location or not. If the arrows are gray, the spot is not accessible, and if the arrows are green, the Farm can be placed onto that spot. The repositioning is confirmed through the V Button.png button while pressing the X Button.png will cancel the moving and restore the default position of the building.

Selling & Storing[edit]

Farms can be or stored in the inventory Inventory Icon.png by selecting them and then tapping the Inventory Button.png button, and then confirming the choice in the window that appears. A Farm can be sold by first selecting it and then pressing the Sell Button.png button.

The action of selling or storing a Farm will not be allowed if Food is currently being produced in the respective Farm. The selling price of a Farm is 25% of the total amount of Gold the Trainer has invested in it. For example, a Level 1 Farm costs 1,000 Gold to build, thus its selling cost is 250 Gold, whereas a Level 3 Farm requires a total of 211,000 Gold from being built to being leveled to this stage, thus its selling price is 52,750 Gold.

Time Reduction[edit]

Selecting a Farm during farming will bring up the Speed-Up Button 2.png option which displays the amount of Gems needed to skip the remaining farming time. Selecting the option will bring up a window where the Trainer can see the time left until the Food can be harvested, and the SKIP ALL    Gems Icon.png button. Pressing this button will speed up the remaining time, allowing the Food to be harvested.

The Gem cost for skipping timers is calculated based upon the following formula: (TimeInSeconds ^ -0.46) * 0.12 * TimeInSeconds and the final result is rounded up by 1 if it is between the 1-10 range, and by 5 if it is between the 10-100 range. For example:

Additionally, if the Trainer possesses a Relic of Farming, the  SKIP ALL 
1 Relic of Farming Icon.png
button will be shown if the timer left is 8 hours or fewer while if the timer is over 8 hours, the  SKIP 8h 
1 Relic of Farming Icon.png
will be shown instead, as this relic provides an 8-hour reduction on the timer. Pressing either button will skip, respectively shorten the timer.

Whenever more than one time-reducing option are available, the Speed-Up Button 2.png button is replaced by the Speed-Up Button.png button. Outside the Farm, the farming time can also be reduced through forging Chronosian Seals or activating Chronos's power, actions which reduce several timers in the game by 6 hours.


Farm Limit[edit]

Trainer Level Farm Limit
Level 2 1
Level 4 2
Level 5 3
Level 7 4
Level 10 5
Level 13 6
Level 16 7
Level 19 8
Level 22 9
Level 25 10
Level 28 11
Level 30 12
Level 60 13
Level 80 14
Level 100 15

Maximum Farms[edit]

See Food for other calculations

Farm Level Food 15 Farms
Amount[1] Gold Icon.png Cost Experience Icon.png
Level 1 Spiky Cherry 75 225 15
Purplemon 375 2,250 90
Sour Cone 1,125 11,250 450
Level 2 Blue Hazel 3,000 22,500 900
Dragonscale 6,000 60,000 2,400
Dragolandic Berry 22,500 225,000 9,000
Level 3 Star Fruit 75,000 900,000 36,000
Spring Cherry 112,500 3,000,000 120,000
Sweetroot 750,000 12,000,000 480,000
Level 4 Squarey Berry 600,000 24,000,000 960,000
Candied Pear 1,950,000 37,500,000 1,500,000
Royal Fig 1,800,000 54,000,000 2,160,000
  1. The amount is increased by 1.5 whenever a Food Frenzy Day is occurring.


  • Update 4.7 introduced relics, one of them, the Relic of Farming, dedicated to reducing the timer on individual Farms.
  • Update 4.0 raised the Farm limit to 15 and decreased the harvesting time of Candied Pear from 4 days to 2 days.
  • Update 3.7 slightly altered the graphics for the Food snapshots so that the time required for harvesting a type of Food is now shown over a transparent, black background.
  • Update 3.6 decreased the level at which the Multi-Plant Option can be used, from Level 20 to Level 7.
  • Update 1.8 introduced the option to store some types of buildings in the inventory, with Farms receiving the Inventory Button.png option for this purpose.
  • Update 1.4 added a new upgrade for Farms and three new Food options.
  • Update 1.3 introduced the Multi-Plant Option.