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Fireboat Festival (17/10/02)

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Fireboat Festival (17.10.02) Promotion.jpg
Following a fruitful harvest, the people celebrate by filling gleaming boats with Gems and sending them off as a gift to the Harvest spirit.

VIP Status Icon.png Limited Event

Started 2 October 2017
Ended 6 October 2017
Duration 4 Days
Type Gem Spending
First Prize Gondola Dragon Gondola Dragon Icon.png
Occasion Mid-Autumn Festival

The requirements stated in this article are that of the highest-level brackets while the leaderboard and milestone rewards belong to the highest level modifier.

Progress Rewards

Milestones Progress Marker Blue Icon.png Milestones Progress Marker Blue Icon.png Milestones Progress Marker Blue Icon.png
250 750 1,700
Gems Icon.png
Gems Icon.png
Phoenix Dragon Egg.png
Phoenix Dragon

Leaderboard Prizes

1-5 Gondola Dragon Egg.png Gondola Dragon
6-10 Gems Icon.png 150    Food Icon.png 750,000    Gold Icon.png 2,250,000
11-20 Gems Icon.png 75     Food Icon.png 375,000     Gold Icon.png 1,125,000
21-100 Gems Icon.png 20     Food Icon.png 150,000    Gold Icon.png 525,500
101-250 Gems Icon.png 10     Food Icon.png 37,500      Gold Icon.png 300,000
251-500 Gems Icon.png 3      Food Icon.png 15,000
501-2000 Gems Icon.png 1