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Foroskke Rising (21/02/08)

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Foroskke Rising (21.02.08) Promotion.jpg
Hatch these dragons before time runs out and win this unique dragon!
Started 8 February 2021
Ended 6 April 2020
Duration 35 Days
Type Collection
Grand Prize Foroskke Dragon Foroskke Dragon Icon.png

To complete this event, the Trainer has to hatch all of the required Limited-Time Dragons before the end of the event.
Obtaining these Dragons need not necessarily be done through the events ongoing at the same time with this event, since the only requirement is for these Dragons to be hatched while this Collection Event is currently ongoing.
If the collection is completed in time, the Trainer is rewarded with the Foroskke Dragon.

Dragons to Hatch How to Obtain Reward
Puenwyn Dragon.png
Puenwyn Dragon
Dragon Board (21/02/08)
8 February - 8 March
Foroskke Dragon.png
Foroskke Dragon
Iosghar Dragon.png
Íosghar Dragon
Ancient Chest (Origin of Plants).png
Ancient Chest
8 February - 15 March
Iolhan Dragon.png
Íolhan Dragon
Íolhan Rising (21/02/08)
8 February - 15 March