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Fountain of Youth

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Fountain of Youth.png

The Fountain of Youth is a building with the sole function of allowing Trainers to turn adult (Level 4 and above) Dragons back to their baby form through a process known as babifying. This process is purely cosmetic and does not have any effect on the attributions of a Dragon.

Swimming in the crystal-clear waters of this magical fountain restores youth to the young at heart.


The Fountain is unlocked and becomes available for purchasing once a Trainer has defeated Quest 2 (Mountain Trail) in Normal Mode. The building costs 200,000 Gold, takes 8 hours to build, and yields 8,000 Experience Icon.png points when completed. It has a size of 5x5 squares. It can be sold Sell Button.png at any time (except when it is being built or when a Dragon is undergoing a process here) in exchange for 50,000 Gold. Once the building is complete, one Dragon can be transformed every 12 hours for the indicated cost.


Babified Dragon Snapshot.png

Babifying a Dragon will cost 15 Gems and the process takes 12 hours. Babified Dragons keep all their levels, stats, and skills. They can also battle, explore ruins, and breed. Babified Dragons temporarily revert to their adult form when battling, exploring, or breeding. The Dragons do not revert to their adult form while they are being fed and leveled.

The Babifying process is reversible, babified Dragons being able to return to their adult form for free. The adultification process takes 12 hours to complete. Once returned to their adult form, however, they can only be babified again by paying the same amount of 15 Gems.

Babifying or adultification can be performed by pressing the Babifying Button.png button after selecting the Fountain of Youth. This will bring up a window with the description of the building and the Select Dragon Button.png option. Selecting this option will bring up a menu where the Trainer can select the desired Dragon. Dragons that are in the Dragon Vault can not be chosen.

Once a Dragon is selected, the Babify! Button.png button will appear if the chosen Dragon is in its adult state, while the Grow Up! Button.png button will appear if the Dragon is in its baby state. Whenever any process is finished, the Yellow-Bordered Babifying Icon.png icon will appear atop the Fountain. A babified Dragon will have a baby bottle Signpost - Babifying.png on its informative snapshot (next to its level) in most panels of the game that display the selection of Dragons.

Babify Festival[edit]

The Babify Festival takes place, for a period of 24 hours, on the first of every month starting at 12:00 GMT. During this time the cost to babify a Dragon is reduced to 1 Gem Babify! Button 2.png.

Time Reduction[edit]

Selecting the Dragon Academy during a babifying process, or while it is being built, will bring up the Speed-Up Button 2.png option which displays the amount of Gems needed to skip the remaining training or construction time. Selecting the option will bring up a window where the Trainer can see the time left until the current process is finished, and the SKIP ALL    Gems Icon.png button. Pressing this button will speed up the remaining time.

The Gem cost for skipping timers is calculated based upon the following formula: (TimeInSeconds ^ -0.46) * 0.12 * TimeInSeconds, and the final result is rounded up by 1 if it is between the 1-10 range, and by 5 if it is between the 10-100 range. For example:

Outside the Fountain of Youth, the babifying, adultification, and construction time can also be reduced through forging Chronosian Seals or activating Chronos's power (actions which reduce several ongoing timers in the game by 6 hours). Only the construction time can also be reduced through Timer Boosts (bonuses offered by visiting Trainers which reduce certain individual timers by 5 minutes).


As long as it is not under construction, the Fountain of Youth can be moved to a different location either by pressing down on the building and dragging it to the new location or by pressing down on the building and tapping the new desired location. The Fountain of Youth is selected for moving when the X Button.png and V Button.png buttons appear underneath it. An arrow will appear on each side of the Fountain of Youth indicating if it can be placed in the new location or not. If the arrows are gray, the spot is not accessible. If the arrows are green, the Fountain of Youth can be placed onto that spot. The repositioning is confirmed through the V Button.png button while pressing the X Button.png will cancel the moving and restore the default position of the Fountain of Youth.