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Frosty Friends (19/12/06)

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Frosty Friends (19.12.06) Promotion.jpg
Log in every day to get these rewards!
Started 6 December 2019
Ended 20 December 2019
Duration 14 Days
Type Calendar
Day 14
Grand Prize Snowman Dragon Snowman Dragon Icon.png Dragon Pieces Icon.png 22


  • The main prize of the event is obtained by reaching Day 14 and collecting the matching 22 Dragon Pieces.
  • Login days don't have to be consecutive - if a day is missed, the next reward will be given the following day.
  • The amount of Food and Gold rewarded can depend on the Level Modifier.
  • Days marked with VIP Status Icon.png indicate the reward is doubled for Trainers with an active VIP Status.
  • Days marked with Dragon Pieces Icon.png indicate that this currency is added to the already existing amount for the displayed Dragon.


1 1 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 2 2x VIP Status Icon.png 3 1 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 4 1 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 5 2x VIP Status Icon.png 6 2 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 7 2 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Snowman Dragon.png

Pile of Gold.png

Snowman Dragon.png

Snowman Dragon.png

Pile of Gems.png

Snowman Dragon.png

Snowman Dragon.png

8 2 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 9 2x VIP Status Icon.png 10 2 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 11 2 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 12 3 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 13 2x VIP Status Icon.png 14 6 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Snowman Dragon.png

Card Dragon Pack Ticket Icon.png

Snowman Dragon.png

Snowman Dragon.png

Snowman Dragon.png

Enchantment Ticket Icon.png

Snowman Dragon.png