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Hatchery Level 5
Your dragon eggs will hatch here.
Allows Dragon eggs to be incubated and hatched.

Cost: Free initially, variable to upgrade.
Requirements: None
Upgradable: Yes
Can go in Inventory: No

6 x 6

The Hatchery is the only place where Dragons can be incubated and hatched. Selecting the Hatchery will bring up the Purchase Egg Button.png option, which takes the Trainer to the Dragons tab of the Main Shop. Trainers can purchase Dragons there or send them to the Hatchery through the Hatch Button.png option, if available. Dragons can also be bought from other shops in the game and from the Dragon Codex. If available, Dragons can be sent to the hatchery from the All and Eggs tabs of the inventory through the Hatch Button 2.png button. If the Hatchery is full when the Trainer tries to incubate an egg coming from the Breeding Den or the inventory, a notice will pop up informing them that they first need to free up some nests. Should the Trainer instead purchase an egg from anywhere in the game while the Hatchery is full, the egg goes directly into the inventory.


Whenever a Dragon is being incubated, its egg will stay still in the nest. Selecting the Hatchery will display the icons of the Dragons in their baby form. The time remaining until a Dragon can hatch will be shown underneath its egg. The Hatchery displays only the two highest units of time, thus the actual time might differ slightly from the time displayed. For example, if the Trainer's VIP Level is 1 or inactive, and they are hatching an Ancient Dragon, the time displayed at the beginning of the incubation will be 4 days and 19 hours instead of 4 days, 19 hours and 20 minutes, the actual hatching time of all Ancient Dragons.

Time Reduction[edit]

The icon of all Dragons in the Hatchery have the Speed-Up Arrow Icon.png icon on the bottom, indicating that the incubation time can be skipped, and the amount of Gems on the top, indicating the amount and currency needed for skipping. Pressing the icon in this stage will bring up a window with a close-up shot of the egg, the time remaining until the Dragon can hatch, and the option of skipping the entire time in exchange for Gems Skip All Button.png. Pressing this button will speed up the remaining time, allowing the Dragon to hatch from its shell.

The Gem cost for skipping timers is calculated based upon the following formula: (TimeInSeconds ^ -0.44) * 0.15 * TimeInSeconds and the final result is rounded up by 1 if it is between the 1-10 range, by 5 if between the 10-100 range, by 25 if between the 100-200 range, and by 50 if between the 200-1,000 range. For example:

Additionally, two other options for speeding up the hatching process might be shown:

  • If an advertisement video is currently available for watching, the Skip 30 Minutes Button.png button will appear, giving the Trainer the option to watch said video in exchange for a 30-minute reduction on the tier.
  • If the Trainer possesses a Relic of Hatching, the Skip All (Relic of Hatching) Button.png button will be shown if the timer left is 8 hours or fewer while if the timer is over 8 hours, the Skip 8 Hours (Relic of Hatching) Button.png will be shown instead, as this relic provides an 8-hour reduction on the timer. Pressing either button will skip, respectively shorten the timer.

Whenever more than one time-reducing option are available, only the Speed-Up Arrow Icon.png will be shown on the Dragons' icon. If an advertisement video is available for the Hatchery, the Yellow-Bordered Time Reduction Icon.png icon will appear atop the building. Outside the Hatchery, the hatching time can also be reduced through:

  • Forging Chronosian Seals or activating Chronos's power, actions which reduce several ongoing timers in the game by 6 hours
  • Activating the Clan Fortress's power, which reduces all ongoing hatching processes by 40 to 80 minutes depending on its level
  • Timer Boosts, bonuses offered by visiting Trainers, which reduce certain individual timers by 5 minutes. This bonus will apply to a random ongoing hatching upon being collected.


Dragon eggs that are ready to hatch will be jumping in the nest, and the Yellow-Bordered Dragon Egg Icon.png icon will appear above the Hatchery. Pressing the incubated Dragon's icon will bring up a window where the Trainer can crack open the egg through repeated tapping, and then either place the baby Dragon inside a fitting Habitat, or inside the Dragon Vault, or sell it on the spot. A text will appear above the baby Dragon if there are no empty, fitting Habitats or empty slots in the Dragon Vault to place the Dragon in. The egg will continue to take up a spot in the Hatchery until the Trainer takes one of those actions.


The Hatchery starts out with one nest, but can be upgraded using Gems to increase the number of egg nests, allowing multiple eggs to be incubated simultaneously. Upgrading the Hatchery is an instant process and it is done by selecting the Hatchery, the pressing the Upgrade Button.png button and then the green button representing the upgrade cost. Upgrading can take place even when eggs are incubated.

Hatchery Level Size Eggs Held Gem Cost Experience
Hatchery - Level 1.png 1 5 x 5 1 Dragon Egg 2 Icon.png None -
Hatchery - Level 2.png 2 5 x 5 2 Dragon Egg 2 Icon.png 150 1,660
Hatchery - Level 3.png 3 6 x 6 3 Dragon Egg 2 Icon.png 450 5,000
Hatchery - Level 4.png 4 6 x 6 4 Dragon Egg 2 Icon.png 1,000 11,110
Hatchery - Level 5.png 5 6 x 6 5 Dragon Egg 2 Icon.png 2,500 27,770


A single building or object can be moved by pressing and holding on it, until move options are activated (indicated by the X Edit Mode Button.png buttons that appear beneath it). With move options activated, the object can be moved by dragging or tapping the desired destination, and the move accepted or denied X. An arrow appears on each side of the object, green indicating it can be moved to new location or grey indicating it cannot.

To move multiple objects at once, with move options activated as above, press the Edit Mode Button.png Edit Mode button to enable (multiple-object) Edit Mode; once enabled, moving and/or swapping instructions appear at the top of the screen:

  • Select one or more objects to move them at the same time.
  • Swap two objects by selecting them and using the Swap Button.png Swap button.
  • Store multiple objects in the inventory by selecting them and tapping the Inventory Icon.png Inventory button (eligible buildings/objects only).

Dragging and tapping will not move selected buildings/objects initially in edit mode, the initial state is for selection-only; instead, pressing the Move (Green) Icon.png Move button to enable dragging or tapping, the base of all objects turn green or grey indicating if they can be moved as a unit to the new location.

  • Selected objects in edit mode are moved exactly parallel to their former positions, and any chosen destination must have the corresponding spaces freed and placeable in order for the move to be successful.
  • If all selected items are eligible to be moved into inventory, the Inventory Icon.png Inventory button appears below the last item selected, pressing it moves these items into inventory. The inventory button does not appear if any item is ineligible to be moved into inventory.
  • Objects cannot be selected from different islands at the same time.


  • Update 4.7 introduced the Relic of Hatching and the Skip 30 Minutes Button.png option as two methods for reducing the incubation time.
  • Update 4.1 added two additional nests to the Hatchery.
  • Update 4.0 introduced the Yellow-Bordered Dragon Egg Icon.png icon to indicate when at least one egg is ready to be cracked open.