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The inventory Inventory Icon.png is the area where various in-game items, resources, buildings, and Dragons are sent or stored for the Trainer to use at a later time. It can be accessed through the Inventory Icon.png option on the right-hand side of the screen.

Whenever the Trainer receives anything new in the inventory, the number of items that have been received will be shown inside a red circle on the button for accessing the inventory. The number will then be divided among the tabs for which anything new was received, with the All tab showing the total count (as displayed outside the inventory).

Tabs[edit | edit source]

The inventory is made up of a total of four tabs that can be navigated through, each tab representing a different category of stored items. Items are generally depicted on a snapshot panel with a shadowy white background and a gray border. The only item, other than Dragons, to have a different border color is the VIP Ticket, whose color is purple. Additionally, the VIP Ticket is the only item in the inventory whose name is shown above it rather than underneath it.

Some items in the game are limited to a certain amount. If any of those items has reached or exceeded its limit, the Limit Reached! text will be shown across their snapshot between the item and its amount, except for Gold.

All[edit | edit source]

Inventory Screen.jpg

All Tab (Inventory).png

This tab is the default tab displayed when opening the inventory and it lists the combined contents of theConsumables, Eggs and Buildings tab. Also, if the Trainer has exceeded the Gold limit (2,147,483,647), the Gold Purse Sack of Gold.png will appear only here, holding any excess Gold. If the Trainer is under the Gold limit, they can claim   Claim   from the Purse until the limit is reached again.

All the items stored here, except for decorations, will have the i button in the corner of their snapshot and pressing it will display additional information about that item. Additionally, a counter is shown in each snapshot indicating how many of that item the Trainer has, except for Card-Segment Dragons whose Dragon Pieces counter is shown instead. These Dragons are displayed in the inventory only if the Trainer has enough Dragon Pieces to hatch them. Some features from here can be used directly from the inventory, others can be used only from the feature they apply to, and others can be used solely from the inventory.

Consumables[edit | edit source]

Consumables Tab.png

The Trainer's Relics, Arena Gems, Portal Gems, Clan Dragon Power Tokens, Dragon Fury Essence bottles, and VIP Tickets are listed under this tab.

  • VIP Tickets can only be used individually, and not all at once. They have the Activate button underneath them and pressing it will ask for the Trainer's confirmation before activating or extending their VIP Status by 24 hours.
  • Arena Gems and Portal Gems both have the   Use   button that can only be pressed when the Trainer's Arena Energy or Portal Energy is not fully charged. Otherwise, the button is absent. The amount of Portal Gems a Trainer can have is limited to 200.
  • Clan Dragon Power Tokens also have the   Use   button, but pressing it will not instantly activate the token, instead the Trainer will be taken to the appropriate screen where they then can activate through the   Use Clan Dragon Power Token Icon.png  button.
  • Dragon Fury Essence bottles and relics may not be used directly from here, except for the Double Egg Relic and the Extra Den Relic which are consumed through the same Use button. However, the Extra Den Relic is the only relic that can be used solely from the inventory. The amount of relics a Trainer can have is limited to 10, but the aforementioned relics are limited to 5.

Eggs[edit | edit source]

Eggs Tab.png

This tab lists all the Dragons that the Trainer can hatch for free. All the Dragons that the Trainer obtains from other means, other than breeding, are sent here. Additionally, when an egg is bought while the Hatchery is full, it will also be sent here and the Trainer will be informed through a pop-up window. Pressing the   Go Now!   button inside the window will take the Trainer to the Hatchery.

Each Dragon has the i button in the corner of their snapshots, and pressing it will display their base Codex Entry. Dragons that have never been hatched before will have the New 2 Icon.png icon displayed on their snapshot. Under each Dragon, the  Hatch  option can be chosen to send that Dragon to the Hatchery in order for it to be hatched. If the Hatchery is full, the Trainer will instead receive a notice that they must first free a nest before being able to hatch the Dragon. If the Dragon is a duplicate of an already-housed Dragon, the Selling Icon.png button will be present under said Dragon and pressing this button will give the Trainer the option to sell the duplicate.

Even though the eggs of Dragons are sent to the Hatchery for incubation, the Dragons themselves displayed in this tab are shown in their adult form while their Elements are shown underneath them.

Buildings[edit | edit source]

Buildings Tab.png

This tab lists all the buildings and decorations the Trainer has stored here. Storing buildings can be done by selecting any one of them and pressing the Inventory Icon.png button then confirming the choice in the window that appears. All buildings or decorations obtained through means other than buying are sent to this tab. Anything stored here can be placed on the Islands, provided the Trainer has enough space to do so, by pressing the  Place  button underneath them. While the buildings have the i button in the corner of their snapshots that are used for displaying more information about the selected building, decorations do not have this button.

History[edit | edit source]