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Inventory is a place for the Trainer to store items for later use, including resources/consumables, Dragon eggs, buildings, and decorations. Inventory can be opened by pressing Inventory Icon.png on the main screen, it displays a snapshot of each item in inventory along with options for use:

  • i - Display information about a item (if applicable).
  • Activate or   Use   - Activate or use a consumable item.
  • Hatch - Hatch a Dragon Egg.
  • Selling Icon.png - Sell a Dragon egg or item (if it can be sold).

Items used from inventory are used immediately and in single quantities. Most items can be used directly from the inventory screen, with the exception of Dragon Fury Essence and some Relics (Double Egg Relic and Extra Den Relic). Consumable items may also used from other screens where their use is most relevant.


There are 4 filter buttons located at the bottom of the inventory screen for sorting stored items:

  • All - Default tab that lists the combined contents of other tabs, including excess gold (the only tab it displays in).
  • Consumables - Displays consumable resources, their quantity and limit (if applicable).
  • Eggs - Displays Dragon eggs obtained from means other than breeding.
    • When an egg is bought while the Hatchery is full, it is added to inventory.
    • Provides a search/filter button Search Button (Main Shop).png for filtering dragons.
    • Find previously unobtained by pressing the New Filter Icon.png filter button.
  • Buildings - Displays placeable buildings obtained by means other than buying or selling.
    • Buildings can only be placed if enough space is available.
  • Decorations - Displays placeable decorations obtained from means other than buying.
    • Decorations can only be placed if enough space is available.
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Item Limits[edit]

Some item have a limited holding capacity indicated below the item snapshot (e.g., 200/200), any item that has reached or exceeded its limit displays Limit Reached! (except for Gold). If the Trainer has exceeded the Gold limit (2,147,483,647), the Gold Purse Sack of Gold.png appears (only in the All section) indicating the amount of excess gold. If the Trainer is later under the Gold limit, they can claim   Claim   from the Purse until the limit is again reached.

Putting Items into Inventory[edit]

Many items are automatically placed into inventory when obtained, though placed items such as Decorations or Habitats can be put in inventory by selecting them, pressing the Inventory Icon.png button, then confirming the choice. If an item cannot be put into inventory, it does not provide this option (applies to some items such as buildings).