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Translation Tools

From Dragon Mania Legends (DML) Wiki

The DML Wiki no longer offers a translation extension/add-on because most modern browsers now offer built-in translation support. Most major translation services discontinued translation widget support as an add-on to websites years ago for this reason. A clunky site-based extension that increases page load times is not in the DML wiki maintenance path. At this time DML wiki does not offer per page human translation.



There are many translation apps available in the Windows app store.

Browser Etensions/Add-ons

Google Chrome

In Google Chrome a translation extension is not needed, users can right-click on any page and select translate if their browser doesn't auto-detect and offer to automatically translate. However if you prefer a different translation extension you can try:







Linux users can use their bundled application manager to search for available apps and programs such as OmegaT or Matecat or add a supported browser extension.



Google Android

Windows Mobile

As Windows Mobile is no longer being actively developed/maintained and Microsoft is abandoning production, we don't have any translation tools listed here for it. You can search your associated app store to determine a translation app for this platform if they are still supported.