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New Year's Play (21/01/01)

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New Year's Play (21.01.01) Promotion.jpg
Solo Events are events in which participants race against the clock and complete various tasks in order to win numerous prizes.
Started 1 January 2021
Ended 11 January 2021
Duration 10 Days
Type Solo
Tiers 8
Grand Prize Iceberg Dragon Iceberg Dragon Icon.png


Solo Event.png

Solo Events are limited-time competitions which each Trainer participates in separately. They are based on completing several tiers, each having three set goals with different requirements, with a different prize awarded upon completing each tier. Each goal has a number of items that need to be collected in order to be completed. Items are limited to a set number per a given timeframe. A cooldown period is needed before being able to collect more. Whenever items are received, a notification is shown in the middle of the screen. If all the available items for that time period have been collected, the notification will indicate how much time is left until the next item can be collected again. Each individual item can also be bought in exchange for a certain sum of Gems, through the  Gems Icon.png  /Item   button that is shown under each set of items.

Rewards & Timetable[edit]

Tier Reward Estimated Minimum
Completion Time
Minimum Time Needed
for the Remaining Tiers
Tier 1 5 Gems 1 hour and 4 minutes 6 days, 2 hours, and 30 minutes
Tier 2 (5000*Modifier) Food 3 hours and 20 minutes 6 days, 1 hour, and 26 minutes
Tier 3 500 Season Point Icon.png 7 hours and 9 minutes 5 days, 22 hours, and 6 minutes
Tier 4 Cinnamon Dragon Icon.png Cinnamon Dragon 13 hours 5 days, 14 hours, and 57 minutes
Tier 5 Legendary Habitat 17 hours and 24 minutes 5 days, 1 hour, and 57 minutes
Tier 6 20 Card Dragon Pack Ticket 1 day and 30 minutes 4 days, 8 hours, and 33 minutes
Tier 7 25 Gems 1 day, 9 hours, and 18 minutes 3 days, 8 hours, and 3 minutes
Tier 8 Iceberg Dragon Icon.png Iceberg Dragon 1 day, 22 hours, and 45 minutes 1 day, 22 hours, and 45 minutes


An explanation of the requirements...
An explanation of the requirements for an item can be seen by tapping on the Information Button.png button. Item collection has a base pool from which the item is taken. A full pool consists of the maximum number of items that can ever be collected at one time, and is listed in the Items/Pool column. Each tier begins with a free full pool of each item being available for immediate collection. From that point, each item has an internal cooldown time, listed in the Cooldown/Item column, showing exactly how long until the next item can be obtained. This time is counted from the moment the first item is taken from the full pool.

The cooldown time is set for individual item collection and items will be generated and added to the pool in that interval until the maximum poolsize is reached. The total time for a pool to fill up without intermediate collection is listed in the Time Until Full Pool column. This means that players can collect items at a rate of 1 per cooldown time, or collect a full pool once enough time has passed to fill the pool; players can also collect a partial pool at any time in between, which does not restart the cooldown time.

Current cooldown times are visible by two methods in-game: The first method is a brief notification upon collecting the last item available in a pool. The second method is by viewing the event screen where times for next available collection are shown under each item required, but only while the pool is totally empty.


For instance, if one had a required task of collecting 20 Food and the cooldown was 5 minutes with a pool of 10, one could collect 10 at the beginning of the tier and then:

  • 1 item every 5 minutes OR
  • 10 items every 50 minutes. By waiting Time Until Full Pool before collecting, the whole pool will become available for collection at once. [5 minutes (cooldown) x 10 (pool) = 50 minutes (full pool)]. Emptying a partial pool of eg. 6 items after 34 minutes does not restart the cooldown time, which is counted from the moment of taking the first item from the full pool, so the next item would be available 1 minute later.

The Recommended column lists the quickest way to fulfill the requirements. For each tier the item that takes the most time to complete is highlighted with a yellow background in the Time Until Full Pool section. As this item is responsible for the minimum completion time of the tier, it is recommended that Trainers focus their online interval on the cooldown times of this item once the items with more pools needed are completed.

The # Pools Needed column lists the total number of full pools needed, including the free first full pool.

Tier # Item Requirement Recommended Cooldown/Item Items/Pool Time Until Full Pool # Pools Needed Gems to Skip
Tier 1

Gems Icon.png

Item - Axe.png
Collect Gold Any Habitat 1 minute 6 6 minutes 2 1 per Axe
Item - Dragonhead Statue.png
Feed Dragons Hatched Fire Dragons 8 minutes 4 32 minutes 3 1 per Dragonhead Statue
Item - Dragon Medalion.png
Catch Creatures Tap the Flying Creature - Gift Box.png on-screen 10 minutes 6 1 hour 1.33 1 per Dragon Medalion
Tier 2

Food Icon.png

Item - Princess Doll.png
Hatch Dragons Fire Dragons 15 minutes 2 30 minutes 1 1 per Princess Doll
Item - Shield.png
Collect Food Spiky Cherry 20 minutes 3 1 hour 4 1 per Shield
Item - Sword.png
Win Battles Any Battle 13 minutes 3 39 minutes 1.33 1 per Sword
Tier 3

Season Point Icon.png

Item - Toy Boat.png
Collect Gold Any Habitat 7 minutes 3 21 minutes 7 3 per Toy Boat
Item - Viking Doll.png
Feed Dragons Hatched Fire Dragons 33 minutes 3 1 hour and 39 minutes 5.33 5 per Viking Doll
Item - Viking Helmet.png
Catch Creatures Tap the Flying Creature - Gift Box.png on-screen 5 minutes 3 15 minutes 6 5 per Viking Helmet
Tier 4

Cinnamon Dragon Icon.png

Item - Axe.png
Collect Food Spiky Cherry 9 minutes 5 45 minutes 4 1 per Axe
Item - Dragonhead Statue.png
Level Up Dragons Hatched Fire Dragons 30 minutes 4 2 hours 7.5 1 per Dragonhead Statue
Item - Dragon Medalion.png
Breed Hybrid Dragons Fire Dragon Icon.png Fire Dragon +
Wind Dragon Icon.png Wind Dragon Important Icon.png[1]
1 minute 4 4 minutes 1 3 per Dragon Medalion
Tier 5

Legendary Habitat.png

Item - Princess Doll.png
Gift Friends Any Friend 1 minute 4 4 minutes 1 10 per Princess Doll
Item - Shield.png
Feed Dragons Hatched Fire Dragons 44 minutes 3 2 hours and 12 minutes 4 20 per Shield
Item - Sword.png
Collect Gold Any Habitat 29 minutes 4 1 hour and 56 minutes 10 15 per Sword
Tier 6

Card Dragon Pack Ticket Icon.png

Item - Toy Boat.png
Breed Hybrid Dragons Fire Dragon Icon.png Fire Dragon +
Wind Dragon Icon.png Wind Dragon Important Icon.png[1]
40 minutes 3 2 hours 1 3 per Toy Boat
Item - Viking Doll.png
Use Dragon Fury Any Battle 10 minutes 4 40 minutes 1 3 per Viking Doll
Item - Viking Helmet.png
Collect Food Spiky Cherry 1 hour and 10 minutes 3 3 hours and 30 minutes 8 3 per Viking Helmet
Tier 7

Gems Icon.png

Item - Axe.png
Collect Gold Any Habitat 27 minutes 6 2 hours and 42 minutes 13.33 3 per Axe
Item - Dragonhead Statue.png
Catch Creatures Tap the Flying Creature - Gift Box.png on-screen 1 minute 30 30 minutes 4 3 per Dragonhead Statue
Item - Dragon Medalion.png
Earn KOs in the Dungeon Any 1 minute 6 6 minutes 1 3 per Dragon Medalion
Tier 8

Iceberg Dragon Icon.png

Item - Princess Doll.png
Win Battles Any Battle 32 minutes 5 2 hours and 40 minutes 5 35 per Princess Doll
Item - Shield.png
Feed Dragons Hatched Fire Dragons 55 minutes 4 3 hours and 40 minutes 13.75 35 per Shield
Item - Sword.png
Breed Hybrid Dragons Fire Dragon Icon.png Fire Dragon +
Wind Dragon Icon.png Wind Dragon Important Icon.png[1]
40 minutes 3 2 hours 4 35 per Sword
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 Important Icon.png If both Dragons are enchanted, the Leopard Dragon Icon.png Leopard Dragon is a possible outcome. In this case, the Fire Dragon should be bred with either the Seed Dragon Icon.png Seed Dragon or Leaf Dragon Icon.png Leaf Dragon instead or an unenchanted Fire Dragon Icon.png Fire Dragon or Wind Dragon Icon.png Wind Dragon should be bought and used.