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Nightmare Mode

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Nightmare Mode is one of the three modes and the first to be encountered on the Campaign Map, it was introduced in Update 6.2. This mode allows Trainers to redo the Normal Mode, fighting tougher battles and earning bigger rewards. Nightmare Mode can be unlocked by beating Quest 295 (The Final Trial) in Heroic Mode. Battles in Nightmare Mode take 2 Portal Energy units. Beating Quest 44 rewards the Ender of Nightmares Badge. Hiring Dragons is not permitted for use in any battle in Nightmare Mode.

The mastery skill of each rival Dragon's corresponding Element is noted with 6 if it is one of Hot Coals, Storm's A-Brewin', Stone Cold, Restorative Recourse, Infection, En Garde!, Burnout, Pay it Forward, Dazzling Aura, Frightened Speechless, Heroic Healing, or Great Blessing, and 7 if it is one of Slow Burn, Last Breath, Tombstone, Regeneration, Pandemic, Final Vengeance, Power of Thunder, Dark Ritual, Healing Light, Shade of Oneself, Heroic Duel, or Mass Blessing.

The rewards given for defeating quests are the ones displayed below, but in the game they are usually rounded to the nearest value of 100 or 500.

Important Icon.png Unlike in Normal Mode, mines are not available here.

Main Quests[edit]

See Main Quests for more information

Main Quests travel along a path through each island and each quest must be completed in order to advance forward in the Nightmare Mode of the Campaign Map.

First Island (Numa)[edit]

# Name Dragon 1 (Skill Levels) Dragon 2 (Skill Levels) Dragon 3 (Skill Levels) Rewards Opponent
1 Port Of Numa Tropic Dragon - L101 (7,7,6) Toxic Dragon - L101 (7,6,7) Tropic Dragon - L101 (6,6,7) ? Experience Icon.png ? Food Icon.png Scrolls Icon.png ? Gold Icon.png Dunkelviking
2 Mountain Trail Ant Dragon - L101 () Caterpillar Dragon - L102 () Ant Dragon - L101 ()
3 The Great Plains Moss Dragon - L101 () Dile Dragon - L102 () Moss Dragon - L101 () Olaf
4 Foggy Bottom
5 Gargoyle Peninsula
6 Shady Valley
7 Shelter Rock
8 Corsica's Crossroads Dunkelviking
9 Dragon Swamp
10 Temple Of Lava Olaf
11 Town By The River Dunkelviking
12 Baited Bridge
13 Witch's Watch
14 Fisherman's Cross
15 Isolated Island Brant
16 Abandoned Beach Dunkelviking
17 Fairy Pass
18 Twin Arbors
19 Portia's Port
20 Steam City Olaf

Second Island (Arto)[edit]

# Name Dragon 1 (Skill Levels) Dragon 2 (Skill Levels) Dragon 3 (Skill Levels) Rewards Opponent
21 Port Fort ? Experience Icon.png ? Food Icon.png Scrolls Icon.png ? Gold Icon.png Dunkelviking
22 Salty Reef
23 Truffleton Melvin
24 Ruins' Edge
25 Purple Caverns
26 Tower Of Tevo Brant
27 Dark Days Alley Melvin
28 Desert Inlet
29 The Evergreens
30 Greenway
31 Fortuitous Forks
32 City Of Ruins
33 Artian Steps
34 Mapless Wonder
35 Sandy Stop
36 Shady Sojourn
37 Fossil Fields
38 The Bob's Falls Brant
39 Between Trees Melvin
40 Valley Of The Elders
41 Corner Of The Gods
42 Bridge To The Bob
43 Barrier To Beyond
44 The Bob

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