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Obstacles are objects that cover the islands and take up space, thus needing to be cleared in order to gain usable space. The obstacles are different for each island, come in three different sizes and have varied costs and clearing time. Clearing obstacles can only be done on islands that the Trainer possesses. In order to clear an obstacle, it must be selected and the Clear Obstacle Button.png button pressed. The clearing time can be sped up with Gems. Once the clearing time has elapsed, an Yellow-Bordered Experience Icon.png icon will appear. Pressing the icon will complete the clearing process and award a predetermined amount of experience. Some decorations are replicas of these obstacles. However, the decorations behave differently as they can be moved around, unlike the fixed obstacles. If the Trainer has reached Level 10, they can buy those decorations from the Main Shop even if they have not cleared their obstacle counterpart.


Obstacle Size Island Clearing
Cost Gold Icon.png
Clearing Time Clear Obstacle Icon.png Experience Experience Icon.png
Medium Tree
Decoration - Medium Tree.png
2x2 Small Island 4,000 2 minutes 160
Tree Trunk
Decoration - Tree Trunk.png
1x1 Main Island 500 30 seconds 20
Grassy Rock
Decoration - Grassy Rock (i).png
Tiny Rock
Decoration - Tiny Rock.png
White Flower
Decoration - White Flower.png
Medium Rock
Decoration - Medium Rock.png
2x2 4,000 2 minutes 160
Medium Tree
Decoration - Medium Tree.png
Big Tree
Decoration - Big Tree.png
3x3 16,000 30 minutes 640
Pond with Trunk
Decoration - Pond with Trunk.png
Pond with Rock
Decoration - Pond with Rock.png
Dead Tree Trunk
Decoration - Dead Tree Trunk (i).png
1x1 Distant Marsh 8,000 2 minutes 320
Swamp Flower
Decoration - Swamp Flower.png
Swampy Rock
Decoration - Swampy Rock.png
Swamp Pond
Decoration - Swamp Pond (ii).png
Swampy Rock
Decoration - Swampy Rock (iv).png
2x2 30,000 20 minutes 1,200
Swampy Rock
Decoration - Swampy Rock (iii).png
Swampy Rock
Decoration - Swampy Rock (ii).png
Swamp Pond
Decoration - Swamp Pond (i).png
Swamp Pond
Decoration - Swamp Pond (iii).png
Mushroom Tree
Decoration - Mushroom Tree.png
3x3 90,000 1 hour and 30 minutes 3,600
Marsh Tree
Decoration - Marsh Tree (ii).png
Marsh Tree
Decoration - Marsh Tree (i).png
Dead Tree Trunk
Decoration - Dead Tree Trunk.png
Decoration - Boulders (i).png
1x1 Faded Earth 15,000 15 minutes 600
Strange Bones
Decoration - Strange Bones.png
Bunch of Cacti
Decoration - Bunch of Cacti.png
Decoration - Cactus (i).png
Decoration - Cactus (iii).png
Hearty Palm
Decoration - Hearty Palm.png
2x2 60,000 1 hour 2,400
Rock Column
Decoration - Rock Column (i).png
Decoration - Boulders (ii).png
Decoration - Cactus (iv).png
Decoration - Cactus (ii).png
Hearty Palm
Decoration - Hearty Palm (ii).png
3x3 160,000 4 hours 6,400
Decoration - Rock.png
Sand Dune
Decoration - Sand Dune.png
Decoration - Pond.png
Palm Tree
Palm Tree (i).png
1x1 Lost World 30,000 30 minutes 1,200
Jungle Bush
Jungle Bush.png
Red Flower
Decoration - Red Flower.png
Yellow Flower
Decoration - Yellow Flower.png
Great Palm
Decoration - Great Palm.png
2x2 100,000 1 hour and 30 minutes 4,000
Palm Tree
Decoration - Palm Tree (ii).png
Owl Statue
Decoration - Owl Statue.png
Decoration - Flowers.png
Mystic Idol
Decoration - Mystic Idol.png
Jungle Tree
Decoration - Jungle Tree.png
3x3 250,000 8 hours 10,000
Melon Tree
Decoration - Melon Tree.png
Palm Tree
Decoration - Palm Tree.png
Small Volcanic Rock
Small Volcanic Rock (i).png
1x1 Magma's Land 40,000 1 hour 1,600
Small Volcanic Rock
Small Volcanic Rock (ii).png
Small Volcanic Rock
Small Volcanic Rock (iii).png
Small Volcanic Rock
Small Volcanic Rock (iv).png
Medium Volcanic Rock
Medium Volcanic Rock.png
2x2 150,000 3 hours 6,000
Charred Stump
Charred Stump.png
Glowing Stump
Glowing Stump.png
Small Pine Tree
Small Pine Tree.png
Dead Tree
Dead Tree.png
3x3 400,000 16 hours 16,000
Glowing Dead Tree
Glowing Dead Tree.png
Large Pine Tree
Large Pine Tree.png
Large Volcanic Rock
Large Volcanic Rock.png
Decoration - Driftwood.png
1x1 Turtle's Shell 75,000 1 hour and 30 minutes 3,000
Sea Stone
Decoration - Sea Stone.png
Decoration - Barnacles.png
Weathered Stone
Decoration - Weathered Stone.png
2x2 250,000 5 hours 10,000
Seaweed Stone
Decoration - Seaweed Stone.png
Clam Rock
Decoration - Clam Rock.png
Fungus Rock
Decoration - Fungus Rock.png
Rusty Anchor
Decoration - Rusty Anchor.png
Buried Anchor
Decoration - Buried Anchor.png
Starfish Rock
Decoration - Starfish Rock.png
3x3 600,000 20 hours 24,000
The Plank
Decoration - The Plank.png
Looted Chest
Decoration - Looted Chest.png
Viking Shipwreck
Decoration - Viking Shipwreck.png
Ship's Hull
Decoration - Ship's Hull.png
Golden Shrub
Decoration - Golden Shrub.png
1x1 Tranquil Garden 250,000 2 hours 10,000
Little Green Shrub
Decoration - Little Green Shrub.png
Prayer Stone Pile
Decoration - Prayer Stone Pile.png
Small Cherry Blossom Tree
Decoration - Small Cherry Blossom Tree.png
Cherry Blossom Tree
Decoration - Cherry Blossom Tree.png
2x2 750,000 7 hours 30,000
Maple Tree
Decoration - Maple Tree.png
Meditation Stone
Decoration - Meditation Stone.png
Small Tranquility Tree
Decoration - Small Tranquility Tree.png
Small Tranquility Tree
Decoration - Tranquility Tree.png
Big Tranquility Tree
Decoration - Big Tranquility Tree.png
3x3 2,500,000 1 day 100,000
Bodhi Tree
Decoration - Bodhi Tree.png
Serenity Garden
Decoration - Serenity Garden.png
Tiny Fir Tree
Decoration - Tiny Fir Tree.png
1x1 Polar Rock 150,000 2 hours and 30 minutes 6,000
Mini Snowman
Decoration - Mini Snowman.png
Rocky Fragment
Decoration - Rocky Fragment.png
Tiny Stump
Decoration - Tiny Stump.png
Snowy Stone
Decoration - Snowy Stone.png
Small Fir Tree
Decoration - Small Fir Tree.png
2x2 5,000,000 9 hours 200,000
Jagged Rock
Decoration - Jagged Rock.png
Frosty Stump
Decoration - Frosty Stump.png
Frozen Log
Decoration - Frozen Log.png
Icy Stone
Decoration - Icy Stone.png
Winter Shrub
Decoration - Winter Shrub.png
Big Fir Tree
Decoration - Big Fir Tree.png
3x3 15,000,000 1 day and 6 hours 600,000
Frozen Pine
Decoration - Frozen Pine.png
Twin Pines
Decoration - Twin Pines.png
Medium Fir Tree
Decoration - Medium Fir Tree.png
Decoration - Dice.png
1x1 Hatchling's Playpen 180,000 3 hours 7,200
Li'l Viking Dolly
Decoration - Li'l Viking Dolly.png
Block Bush
Decoration - Block Bush.png
2x2 6,000,000 10 hours 240,000
Big Fake Rock
Decoration - Big Fake Rock.png
Red Cube
Decoration - Red Cube.png
Little Fake Rock
Decoration - Little Fake Rock.png
Little Toy Tree
Decoration - Little Toy Tree.png
Big Toy Tree
Decoration - Big Toy Tree.png
Juggling Balls
Decoration - Juggling Balls.png
Striped Block
Decoration - Striped Block.png
Lost Choo Choo
Decoration - Lost Choo Choo.png
3x3 18,000,000 1 day and 12 hours 720,000
Big Block Tree
Decoration - Big Block Tree.png
Little Block Tree
Decoration - Little Block Tree.png
Bouncy Balls
Decoration - Bouncy Balls.png
Wooden Blocks
Decoration - Wooden Blocks.png
Periwinkle Fern
Decoration - Periwinkle Fern.png
1x1 Mystic Heights 200,000 3 hours and 30 minutes 8,000
Rubbery Cactus
Decoration - Rubbery Cactus.png
Stepping Stone
Decoration - Stepping Stone.png
2x2 7,000,000 11 hours 288,000
Wishing Stone
Decoration - Wishing Stone.png
Wishing Rock
Decoration - Wishing Rock.png
Spiny Brier
Decoration - Spiny Brier.png
Otherworldly Sprout
Decoration - Otherworldly Sprout.png
Grasping Leaves
Decoration - Grasping Leaves.png
Wonder Flower
Decoration - Wonder Flower.png
Mesmerizing Fountain
Decoration - Mesmerizing Fountain.png
Wishing Boulder
Decoration - Wishing Boulder.png
3x3 21,000,000 1 day and 18 hours 840,000
Curlicue Tree
Decoration - Curlicue Tree.png
Dreaming Tree
Decoration - Dreaming Tree.png
Fae Tree
Decoration - Fae Tree.png
Mystical Tree
Decoration - Mystical Tree.png
Totals 509 Obstacles 1,875,857,000 75,034,280 Experience Icon.png


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