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Origin of Earth

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Updated in Update 6.2, Origin of Earth was a small island located south of the Main Island that was once again visible between the 12th of June and the 12th of July 2021 for the sixth of the Ancient Events with a Earth theme. The island could also be accessed through the Ancient Event Button - Purple.png button located in the bottom-right corner of the screen. The Origin of Earth Island was the hub for the Ancient Earth Thematic, which took place between the 14th of June and the 12th of July.

The period of time during the appearance of Origin of Earth displayed several menus, the time left for those, as well as its main prized Dragons and badges. Several Dragons, such as the Dragon of the Month or those from bundles independent from the island and its events, were also displayed among these rewards even though the method of obtaining said Dragons remained the usual one.

During the whole period of Origin of Earth events, the Enroja Dragon and the Tezacueva Dragon were obtainable, not in a single event, but as result of the other events in Origin of Earth. To get the Enroja Dragon the Trainer had to complete the Enroja Rising (21/06/14) collection and to get the Tezacueva Dragon the Trainer had to complete the Tezacueva Rising (21/06/14) collection.

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The main events of Origin of Earth were:

Ancient Chest[edit]

Ancient Chest (Origin of Earth).png

Ancient Chest (21/06/14)

Earthstone Shrine[edit]

Earthstone Shrine.png

Milestone Rewards[edit]

Earthstone Use Milestones (21/06/14)

Ancient Tickets[edit]

Pile of Ancient Tickets (Earth).png

Ancient Tickets Ancient Ticket (Earth) Icon.png are available throughout the whole event and have the sole purpose of opening the Ancient Chest. These can be purchased in exchange for Gems or can be obtained from various bundles, from the Dragon Board, from other events running during the period, and from the Divine Chest itself.

Ancient Ticket (Earth) Icon.png

Ancient Ticket

Sack of Ancient Tickets (Earth).png

Sack of Ancient Tickets

Bucket of Ancient Tickets (Earth).png

Bucket of Ancient Tickets

Chest of Ancient Tickets (Earth).png

Chest of Ancient Tickets

Cave of Tickets (Not Offered).png

Cave of Ancient Tickets

Island of Tickets (Not Offered).png

Island of Ancient Tickets

1 Ancient Ticket (Earth) Icon.png for 10 Gems Icon.png 15 Ancient Ticket (Earth) Icon.png for 150 Gems Icon.png 55 Ancient Ticket (Earth) Icon.png for 500 Gems Icon.png 175 Ancient Ticket (Earth) Icon.png for 1,500 Gems Icon.png
Not Offered


Eliza the Masculine.png Well, here we are again, Nedders. I won't pretend to know WHY Chronos decided it was MY turn to accompany you instead of Arya...
Ned.png Um, I mean, Arya has a sort of... "personability" that you kinda... lack? B-But you can understand dragons REALLY well! So I'm sure that's why Chronos--
Eliza the Masculine.png FAH! I've got PLENTY of "personability"! Watch -- I won't even make fun of that Cowpoke Dragon's ridiculous mustache!
Cowpoke Dragon Icon.png (Welcome to the New Dragolandian Settlement, travelers! We don't often get new humans, so this is a cause for celebration!)
Ned.png Let me guess -- to celebrate, you guys...?
Cowpoke Dragon Icon.png (That's right. We have a rootin'-tootin' battle! YEEHAW!)

Eliza the Masculine.png What's wrong? You look more worried than usual. Are you thirsty? It IS pretty dry around here...
Ned.png It's just, the last time Chronos sent us to the past, everything was covered in this big, lush forest... But now that's all gone.
Ned.png I hope nothing bad happened. When Arya and I left the forest, there were still tensions between the Ancient Dragons and people...
Eliza the Masculine.png And now, the trees are gone, and Dragolandia is a prairie. Certainly a dramatic change.
Farmer Dragon Icon.png (Nothin' dramatic about good, fertile earth, little humans. And with the farmin' knowledge your kind passed on to us, life's never been better.)
Farmer Dragon Icon.png (In fact, the only thing that'd make this day better is a rousing battle! What d'you two think? I could use a break from fieldwork anyhow!)

Ned.png Th-This is amazing... Dragons, tending the land? Using technology?! Dad would be totally blown away...
Eliza the Masculine.png You'd mentioned things were still messy between humans and dragons in the past. Could this mean that the conflict has been... patched up?
Garden Dragon Icon.png (Oh, good day to you, humans. If you're talking about our troubled history, it's not much of a concern anymore.)
Garden Dragon Icon.png (I mean, we've got the great Fundiju to watch over your kind and make sure they don't start making trouble...)
Eliza the Masculine.png The "great Fundiju"? Sounds just interesting enough to spell trouble. Say, could you point us to this... Fundiju?
Garden Dragon Icon.png (Hmm... well, I AM pretty busy with these flowers, but I'd give you a pointer in exchange for a battle!)

Rustwater Dragon Icon.png (Say, you're the humans they say are looking for Fundiju, right? No surprise there -- Fundiju knows how to handle you scaleless ones.)
Rustwater Dragon Icon.png (You're in luck! I was just going to deliver some ore to Fundiju. It'll smelt that ore into metal so the humans can make new tools.)
Eliza the Masculine.png This Fundiju sounds powerful indeed... Are they a dragon by any chance?
Rustwater Dragon Icon.png (Oh yes, and powerful indeed. Fundiju is an Ancient Earth Dragon!)
Ned.png An Ancient Dragon is helping make tech for humans? I almost can't believe it!
Rustwater Dragon Icon.png (Careful! Fundiju gets touchy over language like that. In fact, I should probably make sure you're worthy before you meet!)

Fundiju Dragon Icon.png (SO! You've sought out Fundiju, Ancient Earth Dragon of Metal, have you? Well, where are your offerings for the great melter of metals?)
Ned.png O-Oh, um, we don't have any -- we were just sort of wondering what you, er... do around here?
Fundiju Dragon Icon.png (What I DO? I am not some TOOL! I am a force of creation! You dare speak to me in such a casual tone?!)
Heinrich the Hideous.png EASY, Great Fundiju! These little humans aren't wise to your ways just yet -- they mean you no disrespect.
Fundiju Dragon Icon.png (Hmph. While I trust your words, Ouro, I just won't feel better until I show these scaleless children why dragons will always reign supreme!)
Eliza the Masculine.png No way -- is that Heinrich? And why is this bossy dragon calling him "Ouro"? I suppose I won't be getting any answers without a battle!

Ned.png Eliza, wait up! You're walking REALLY fast, and my boots are about to give out!
Eliza the Masculine.png You'll just have to keep up, Ned. I want to put as much distance between myself and that Heinrich lookalike as possible!
Heinrich the Hideous.png Oi! Hold it, both of you! I don't know who this "Heinrich" person is, but he's got nothin' to do with me.
Heinrich the Hideous.png I'm a descendant of people who used to be known as Tyrants... Together, my brother Prato and I are tryin' to atone for our ancestors' mistakes.
Heinrich the Hideous.png Working with the dragons of this land, we want to create a new world where technology helps all life. The fertile land is a happy bonus.
Heinrich the Hideous.png It makes for newcomers of all kinds -- like this Golem Dragon, who fancies a battle with you!

Ned.png You know, my dad once told me that the Tyrants didn't always used to be evil. For a while, their inventions really did help Dragolandia...
Ned.png I wonder if we're seeing all that history begin, firsthand. What if we could stop the bad stuff from happening afterwards?
Prairie Dragon Icon.png (Hah! All that talk of innovation and change -- it's useless! Nothing good can come of it!)
Eliza the Masculine.png The dragon has a point, all things considered...
Prairie Dragon Icon.png (Agree with me or not, I still don't trust your kind. Get offa my turf, or face my claws and fangs!)

Eliza the Masculine.png It's a strange and complicated moment in time we've been tossed into, it seems...
Ned.png For sure. But I wish I knew what happened to the Plant Ancients. It'd make me feel better about all this... tree-less expanse.
Prickly Pear Dragon Icon.png (Forest Lord Foroskke and the Ancient Plant tribe were my ancestors -- I know a little bit about their history!)
Prickly Pear Dragon Icon.png (Well, rumors, at least. The legends say they decided to leave these lands to avoid fighting with humans -- the tension was just too much.)
Prickly Pear Dragon Icon.png (No dragon knows where they went, but without their nurturing, the forests disappeared.)
Prickly Pear Dragon Icon.png (But I don't really mind -- this kind of climate is perfect for me! It makes me peppy enough to wish for a rousing battle!)

Eliza the Masculine.png I see you writing away in that journal of yours. Trying to piece together where the Ancient Plant tribe may have gone off to?
Ned.png Yeah... I think it'd be really valuable to get history straight from the source. Plus, a lot of the dragons here are willing to talk to us. Like these guys!
Reptilian Dragon Icon.png (The Ancient Plant tribe! We worship them as our ancestors -- they played a very important role.)
Reptilian Dragon Icon.png (Even though they're gone, their forests left the land able to support life, and paved the way for the Ancient Earth tribe.)
Reptilian Dragon Icon.png (We honor their legacy with exciting battles! Won't you join us, humans?)
Eliza the Masculine.png Put down your pen, Ned -- it's time to get scrappy.

Eliza the Masculine.png We haven't seen another Ancient Earth dragon in a while. I know you want to research the Ancient Plant tribe some more...
Eliza the Masculine.png But we should figure out what's going on here and now! After all, Chronos sent us to this specific time in history for a reason... I should HOPE.
Wasteland Dragon Icon.png (You wanna know what's going on? I'll tell ya -- they say Polveles is gonna wipe this settlement off the map.)
Eliza the Masculine.png Hm! Jot that down, Ned!
Ned.png I-I would, but my hand's started shaking s-suddenly!
Wasteland Dragon Icon.png (Yep, most of us are preparing for the worst. Beware Polveles, and get your battles in while ya can!)

Eliza the Masculine.png Steady your feet, Ned -- a Quake Dragon is approaching us. Many a house of cards have been rattled to pieces by their antics.
Quake Dragon Icon.png (I come only to give you a warning: Take all the humans you can find and go somewhere else far away, before Master Polveles takes action.)
Quake Dragon Icon.png (Perhaps the mines will make a fitting home for your kind, since you humans seem so interested in them.)
Quake Dragon Icon.png (You'll find Tezacueva of the Shadows skulking around in there. I know at least Tezacueva is sympathetic to your plight!)
Eliza the Masculine.png ... Somehow I'm feeling brave enough to take this dragon's down a notch.
Ned.png Weird. I just feel like running!

Eliza the Masculine.png I don't enjoy following orders issued by mouthy dragons, but I think we should at least investigate the mines, and this "Tezacueva" character.
Ned.png I'll agree with you there... Besides, we might ACTUALLY have to hide in there if Polveles -- whatever it is -- decides to attack!
Emerald Dragon Icon.png (Going to the mines, are you? They're a popular destination! I'll escort you two, if you'd like.)
Ned.png O-Oh, thanks! That's nice of you! Actually, we--
Emerald Dragon Icon.png (But I WON'T take you through Ruby's territory! No way, no how, am I dealing with that stuck-up dragon!)
Emerald Dragon Icon.png (Grrr! Just THINKING of Ruby really grinds my gems! Hey, you two better battle me so I can blow off some steam, you hear?!)

Ned.png That Emerald Dragon sure took us far after we battled it, but it left us in the middle of nowhere...
Eliza the Masculine.png What a strange creature. I wonder if we're in the territory of the Ruby Dragon it was complaining about incessantly?
Ruby Dragon Icon.png (Oh, hello -- did Emerald bring you here? I assume you humans needed an escort to the Riquezas Mines.)
Eliza the Masculine.png Indeed we do. It's odd -- for how ornery the Emerald Dragon was, you sure seem like a calmer specimen.
Ruby Dragon Icon.png (Ahh, Emerald's silly rivalry -- getting jealous of me for no reason. The mines sometimes have that effect on dragons... and humans, too.)
Ruby Dragon Icon.png (I admit I AM jealous that Emerald got to battle you two. Could I get a taste of that as well?)

Ned.png I hate the dark. I hate tunnels. I hate this!!!
Eliza the Masculine.png Oh, be quiet! Your whining echoes in these mine shafts, you know!
Cave Dragon Icon.png (Shh... Both of you, please growl and holler just a bit less... These tunnels are made for quiet appreciation.)
Cave Dragon Icon.png (But if you're here for an audience with Tezacueva... I guess I could take you there...)
Cave Dragon Icon.png (I know I may seem shy... But I'll have to test you before you can meet the shadowy keeper of these caverns...!)

Ned.png Oh, c'mon! What's with that face, Eliza? I KNOW you're just trying to s-scare me...!
Eliza the Masculine.png Ned... Behind you...!
Tezacueva Dragon Icon.png (There is no need to fear, little humans. So long as I, Tezacueva, the Ancient Earth Dragon of Shadow, control the darkness here, you are safe.)
Tezacueva Dragon Icon.png (While my siblings have left the cool confines of the earth to walk above, I much prefer the comfort of caves... and so do many others.)
Tezacueva Dragon Icon.png (I sense that things have become volatile aboveground... I advise you to seek my parent, Enroja, who filled these tunnels with riches.)
Tezacueva Dragon Icon.png (Yes... it would be wise to gain Enroja's trust before you confront my raging sibling Polveles. But first... you must gain my trust.)

Ned.png Tezacueva told us to get Enroja's help against whatever Polveles is planning... *sigh* All this is wreaking havoc on my nerves, but we don't have much choice.
Treasure Dragon Icon.png (HEY!!!)
Ned.png Ahh! My nerves!
Treasure Dragon Icon.png (I see you two sneaky humans, sneaking out of the mines! You've stolen our gems, haven't you?!)
Eliza the Masculine.png No, we haven't -- and even if we did, don't you CLEARLY have enough gems of your own? Sheesh. I thought dragons only got greedy around fruit!
Treasure Dragon Icon.png (Don't play dumb -- the Riquezas Mines make us all a little more... possessive!)

Otto the Dungeon Master.png Hoy there! You must be the kids my brother Ouro was telling me about! I'm Prato. Maybe you two can help me wrangle the rest of the humans in the settlement.
Otto the Dungeon Master.png We've been trying to work together with the Ancient Earth tribe for the benefit of all, but it's mighty hard...
Otto the Dungeon Master.png Seems like it's always one step forward, two steps back. In times like these, it's wise to know when to duck and run.
Ned.png Yeah, we'll help, by finding Polveles and Enroja. Someone's gotta talk to them, and we have... some experience.
Otto the Dungeon Master.png Hmm... Looking at the two of you, I get the feeling you might be telling the truth.
Otto the Dungeon Master.png But if you're gonna talk big like that, I'll have to test you -- with one of our state-of-the-art dragons!

Ned.png Whenever Chronos sends us to the past, there's always trouble going on. It makes me wonder if dragons and humans would be better off separate...
Eliza the Masculine.png I've wondered the same thing, but... who would I be without dragons? Certainly a LOT less cool and powerful...
Ned.png Yeah, sorry, it was a silly thought. Everyone I know -- heck, every dragon I know -- really wants to coexist. In the present, anyhow...
Eliza the Masculine.png Let's hope we don't mess that up with our time-traveling. Presumably, Chronos knows best, but--
Cyantail Dragon Icon.png (Lots of complicated things on your minds, huh, humans? I find that most of life's big questions can be answered with a battle!)
Eliza the Masculine.png At least ONE thing never changes.

Ned.png Hey, it's a Dust Dragon! These guys are pretty common back home. What are you doing here, fella--?
Dust Dragon Icon.png (SILENCE, MORTAL!)
Ned.png Uhh--
Dust Dragon Icon.png (I know not of what you speak, for I am the first Dragon of Dust -- or Dust Dragon, as you say! I am risen from the divine dust of Polveles itself!)
Dust Dragon Icon.png (I sense a strange energy from you two, so I will take you to my life-giver... But only after a ROUSING BATTLE!!!)
Ned.png N-No! Take us to Enroja instead! Argh, these dragons don't listen!

Polveles Dragon Icon.png (You little humans must be brave to approach me. A dust storm is coming to level the New Dragolandian Settlement, and I have no intention of stopping it...!)
Eliza the Masculine.png We don't care if you're a Divine Ancient, we--
Polveles Dragon Icon.png (Divine? No -- I am the Ancient Earth Dragon of Wind! But the fact that you called me Divine tells me everything I need to know.)
Polveles Dragon Icon.png (I am more powerful even than my master! Oh, you humans do tickle me! Here... I'll give your kind one more chance to prove your resolve.)
Ned.png Fine! If it's a battle you want, it's a battle you'll get!

Enroja Dragon Icon.png (The dust storm is raging... Polveles refused to listen to me, or anyone else. I suppose only I, Enroja, the Divine Ancient Earth Dragon, can stop it.)
Enroja Dragon Icon.png (I made the earth rich in nutrients and metals for the benefit of all life, but I can't help but wonder...)
Enroja Dragon Icon.png (Is it only natural for dragons to be masters of the earth? I've always done what I thought was right, but it ends in strife...)
Ned.png There's still hope, Enroja! My friend and I have seen the future, and we promise it'll turn out okay, as long as humans and dragons live together!
Eliza the Masculine.png If there's one thing I can't stand, it's that defeatist attitude -- coming from an Ancient Divine, no less! Come on, Enroja, show us YOUR strength!
Enroja Dragon Icon.png (Very well. Show me your strength, and prove to me that you truly believe what you say -- that we can find peace together!)

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