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Poison can be learned by all Dragons with the Plant Element. It is an active offensive skill that inflicts damage over time for two turns.

The amount of damage inflicted by Poison is not affected by Dark Clouds, Stone Shield, Shade of Oneself or Wisdom of the Ancients. It is, however, affected by Element resistance and weakness. Furthermore, it does not trigger Vengeful Sword or Death Mark.

This skill can be used multiple times by one caster, but only the duration is prolonged. However, it is stackable when used by different attackers.

Level 1-5[edit | edit source]

Deals a certain amount of damage over 2 turns.

Skill effectiveness is based on caster's Dragon's Attack Strength (DAS)

  • Level 1: Deals 30% DAS as damage each turn
    • 2 Scroll, 30,000 Gold, 2 minutes
  • Level 2: Deals 40% DAS as damage each turn
    • 4 Scrolls, 150,000 Gold, 10 minutes
  • Level 3: Deals 50% DAS as damage each turn
    • 8 Scrolls, 300,000 Gold, 1 hour
  • Level 4: Deals 60% DAS as damage each turn
    • 10 Scrolls, 750,000 Gold, 3 hours
  • Level 5: Deals 70% DAS as damage each turn
    • 12 Scrolls, 1,650,000 Gold, 6 hours

Level 6[edit | edit source]

Deals 80% DAS as damage each turn and the trained secondary effect occurs:

  • Infection - If a target with an active Infection effect is defeated by any means, the poison will spread to the remaining currently defeating dragons (a second wave remains unaffected) and they will be dealt "80% DAS" for 2 turns. It is stackable only if the Infection is from different casters (if the casting dragon is the same for both then the effect is only prolonged).
  • Pandemic - Poison lasts one additional turn.
    • 15 Scrolls, 3,600,000 Gold, 12 hours

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