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Portal Gems

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See Portal Energy for more information

Portal Gems Icon.png

Portal Gems are used to fill the Category:Battle Energy for the Campaign Map. Each Portal Gem is equivalent to one Portal Energy. Portal Gems that are received are held in the All Tab (Inventory).png tab of the inventory Inventory Icon.png. The maximum number of Portal Gems a Trainer can have in their inventory is 200. Every Portal Gem received over that limit can be converted to Gold if the Trainer chooses to, or they can claim them once they have fewer than 200 of them; the amount of Gold received depends on the Level Modifier multiplied by 1,500. Portal Gems can be received from friends, from Daily Prizes, from the Whale-Mart or from obtaining a certain amount of Friendship Points, and they can also be won in various events or by playing Otto's Lotto.

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