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See Battle for the pre-battle and battle interface of these Quests

This article is about quests on the Campaign Map. For other uses, see Quests (disambiguation).


On the Campaign Map there are five types of quests: Main Quests, Side Quests, Boss Quests, Rusty Gates and mines. Quests must be completed, with at least one star, in order to advance through the map and open up new areas. Completing a quest will result in various rewards based on the type of quest and the number of stars earned in the battle.

Main Quests[edit]

See Normal Quests and Heroic Quests for a complete list

Main Quests travel along a path through each island and each quest must be completed in order to advance forward on the Campaign Map. These quests are indicated by a round gray button Gray Quest Icon.png. Once completed the button will become green Green Quest Icon.png. Main Quests can be repeated once they have been beaten with three stars, but will give lower rewards and exclude Scrolls and Food.

Main Quest rewards can include Gold, Food, Scrolls and experience points based on the number of battle stars achieved. Beating Quest 116 and Quest 205 in Heroic Mode rewards the Trainer with the Steampunk Dragon and the Bighorn Dragon, respectively.

Side Quests[edit]

See Normal Side Quests and Heroic Side Quests for a complete list

Short on Scrolls.jpg

On the Campaign Map, Side Quests are repeatable quests that branch off of the main path. They can only be reached after clearing the Main Quest which it is attached to, namely the one it shares the pre-decimal number with, or by unlocking the Rusty Gate that leads to it. Multiple Side Quests on the same path will have the exact same pre-decimal number with sequential decimal numbers (example: 26.1, 26.2, 26.3). After some or all of the available Side Quests have been beaten, a limited number of these quests will refresh automatically after approximately 2 hours.

Side Quests will have a square with crossed swords on it:

Blue Side Quest Icon.png The square will be blue and have a Yellow-Bordered Scroll Icon.png icon over it if it has not been completed yet.

Gray Side Quest Icon.png The square will be gray if there is an uncompleted blue square before it on the path. The blue square must be beaten first to be able to unlock the gray one.

Green Side Quest Icon.png Once a Side Quest has been beaten, the square will turn green and show how many stars have been obtained during the battle.

Side Quests will regenerate on their own if they were previously beaten with three stars. Those won with one or two stars will remain uncompleted and unable to refresh until the Trainer earns three stars on them. Furthermore, a sliding-scale limit exists for the number of Side Quests that will regenerate which depends upon the progress of the Trainer. The further a Trainer has progressed upon the Campaign Map the more Side Quests will regenerate. For example: after Quest 45 a maximum of 6, after Quest 93 a maximum of 10, and after Quest 120 the overall maximum of 15 Side Quests will regenerate.

Side Quest rewards can include Gold, Food, Scrolls and experience points based on the number of battle stars achieved. One Scroll is awarded only if the Trainer earns three stars in the battle.

Rewards are set when the Side Quest(s) become(s) active again and they are 30% of the total rewards which one would get on their latest progress step on the Campaign Map. In other words, the further the Trainer is on the Campaign Map, the higher the rewards of the Side Quests will be. The Dragons encountered the very first time a Side Quest is fought, as well as their levels and skills, are the same for everyone. Starting with the first refresh, the opposing Dragons vary over time and are generated randomly while their levels get adjusted based on the levels of the Trainer's Dragons.

Boss Quests[edit]

See Boss Dragons for more information

Major Boss Quest Icon.png

Periodically, on the Main Quest path, two types of Boss Quests will be encountered.

Minor Boss Quest Icon.png The minor Boss Quests have a large white button with the Boss symbol and are simply more difficult battles meant to prepare fighters for tougher upcoming battles. Starting from the sixth island, most of these quests consist of two waves of Dragons.

Major Boss Quest Icon.png The major Boss Quest is indicated on the map with a large white button that has the red Boss symbol as well as the Boss Dragon that must be defeated sitting atop it. This quest is a battle in which a Boss Dragon must be battled and defeated in order to move on. Once the Boss has been defeated in Normal Mode it will immediately become available for purchase and the next quest on the main path will be open.

Minor Boss Quest rewards can include Gold, Food, Scrolls and experience points based on the number of battle stars achieved.

Major Boss Quest rewards can include the Boss Dragon becoming available for purchase as well as Gold, Food, Scrolls and experience based on the number of battle stars achieved.

Rusty Gates[edit]

See Normal Rusty Gates and Heroic Rusty Gates for a complete list

Rusty Gate.png

Rusty Gates are places on the Campaign Map that can be unlocked either with help from friends, by pressing the Ask Friends Button.png button once the closed gate is selected, or by spending 5 Gems per slot. Once the conditions for opening a gate have been met, the Yellow-Bordered Unlocked Gate Icon.png will appear atop it, indicating the gate can be opened. Certain Side Quests and mines can only be accessed by opening these gates.

There are 31 Rusty Gates in Normal Mode, whereas in Heroic Mode there are only 20. This is because mines are not available in Heroic Mode and the gates that are not included all lead solely to mines. Each gate can be unlocked after beating the quest it is attached to. Once a gate is opened, it will remain open.


See Mines for a complete list

Occupied Mine.png

Mines provide a regular source of Gold while controlled. These are unlocked while advancing through the Normal Mode on the Campaign Map. There are currently 37 mines in total.

Yellow Mine Icon.png The mines initially appear with a yellow pickaxe button that has an Yellow-Bordered Battle Icon.png icon above it. The button and exclamation point indicate that the enemy has possession of the mine. In order to gain control and utilize the mine for Gold income, the occupying Dragons must be defeated.

Green Mine Icon.png After winning the battle, the button will turn green and the exclamation point will disappear. At this point, the mine will become accessible and will begin generating Gold.

Mines will have a Gold production rate and a maximum Gold capacity which vary according to each mine. When the mine is in possession of the Trainer, Gold can be collected by pressing the Yellow-Bordered Gold Icon.png icon when available, namely at 50% or more of its current capacity. Otherwise, it can be collected at any time by selecting the Collect Mine Button.png button inside the mine's informational window. If the mine is retaken by the enemy, all the Gold produced while it was in the Trainer's possession will not be lost and the Trainer is given the option to claim it.

Mines will be retaken by the enemy characters after a minimum of 48 hours and must be successfully defended to maintain a claim upon them. Each time the mines are retaken, they will stop generating Gold and the enemy will use different Dragons to defend them. The rewards given and the Dragons encountered the very first time a mine is fought, as well as their levels and skills, are the same for everyone. Starting with the first refresh, the opposing Dragons vary over time and are generated randomly while their strength becomes adjusted based on that of the Trainer's Dragons. Once a mine is (re)conquered by the Trainer, it cannot be rebattled until after being retaken by the enemy.

Important Icon.png Mines are non-functional in Heroic Mode.


See Normal Chests and Heroic Chests for a complete list

Ruins Reward Chest - Epic.png

Chests are given after a specific quest on the Campaign Map has been completed. These chests do not include Scrolls or experience points, as with chests given right after winning a battle, but can include Gems. The VIP Status has no effect upon the contents of these chests, only on the chests immediately rewarded for winning battles.


  • Update 4.0 introduced new quests, mines and gates as part of the new Campaign Map island, Champion's Island.
  • Update 3.9: The overall maximum of Side Quests than can refresh was raised from 13 to 15, starting with Quest 120 instead of Quest 150.
  • Update 3.8 redesigned Daily Quests as Daily Tasks meaning that Side Quests will no longer be refreshed through this feature. Before this update, Side Quests from Normal Mode, which were standalone and not part of a chain, could be regenerated as part of the now-discontinued "Divide and Reconquer" goals, even if they were not previously cleared with three stars.
    • The interval at which Side Quests refresh was decreased from between 5 and 7 hours to approximately 2 hours.
  • Update 3.3 replaced the Yellow-Bordered Exclamation Icon.png icon with the Yellow-Bordered Unlocked Gate Icon.png icon for gates.
  • Update 3.2 replaced the Yellow-Bordered Exclamation Icon.png icon with the Yellow-Bordered Battle Icon.png icon for mines.
  • Update 2.3 introduced new quests, mines and gates as part of the new Campaign Map island, Glacios.
  • Update 1.5 introduced new quests, mines and gates as part of the new Campaign Map islands, Gloamis and Illumina.
    • Starting with this update, wave battles can now be encountered for Main Quests.
    • Additionally, this update introduced the sliding-scale limit for Side Quests while the regeneration of these quests was reconfigured. Prior to this update, if three battle stars were acquired on all the Side Quests on one path, that path regenerated new challenges after a time.
  • Update 1.3 introduced a set of arrows within the pre-battle window for each quest, allowing the Trainer to navigate more easily between quests of the same kind.
    • The issue with rival Trainers appearing to have taken possession of a mine has been corrected, thus only the enemy characters will occupy the mine from now on. The time it will take for a mine to be recaptured has also been increased.
    • Side Quests now refresh with slightly lower-leveled Dragons than before this update.
  • Update 1.1 introduced the Heroic Mode which allows to redo the quests in Normal Mode.