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Revitalization Tokens (Emerald Wars)

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Emerald Wars Revitalization Token Icon.png

Revitalization Tokens are used to fill the Battle Energy for Emerald Wars. Revitalization Tokens allow Trainers to revive resting, battle-tired Dragons to make them ready to go back into to battle immediately, instead of waiting the resting time of 8 hours, though resting time can also be skipped in exchange for 20 Gems Gems Icon.png. Each Revitalization Token is equivalent to one Emerald Energy, and can only be obtained by completing Clan Quests. Unlinke Arena Gems, Revitalization Tokens received are not held in the Consumables Tab.png tab of the inventory Inventory Icon.png, they are held only in Emerald Wars interface, and unused Revitalization Tokens expire when the Clan Event ends.