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Rust Dragon

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This trainer is always scolding the Rust Dragon to take better care of itself, but when it comes to personal hygiene, it's a very flaky fellow.
Steelbound Dragons
Base Stats & Attributes

Type Rare
Elements MetalEarthWater
Health 240 Health Icon.png
Attack 56 Attack Icon.png
Gold/Hour 355 Gold Icon.png
Experience 750 Experience Icon.png
Selling Cost 7,050 Dragon Selling Icon.png
Base DCP 55 Dragon Collector Points Icon.png


Availability Standard
Method Breeding or Purchasing
Unlocked Trainer Level 15
Cost 950 Gems Icon.png


Breeding Time 14 Hours
Hatching Time 20 Hours & 40 Minutes
VIP Breeding 11 Hours & 12 Minutes
VIP Hatching 16 Hours & 32 Minutes
Game Update Release 1.0


The body style of the Rust Dragon is stout. It has an orange body with the end of its tail, feet, back, snout, and the top of its head a flaky brown. Its body appears very chunky and metallic, and the brown parts of its body have specks of orange around them, giving it the appearance of a metal object covered in rust. Its underbelly is a metallic silver, and a brown line of rust can be seen tracing it. It has bright green eyes, and several spikes jut out from the body on its head and its back. On the end of its tail is what resembles a large bolt.

Enchantment Materials Requirements

Enchantment Star.png Enchantment Star.pngEnchantment Star.png Enchantment Star.pngEnchantment Star.pngEnchantment Star.png Enchantment Star.pngEnchantment Star.pngEnchantment Star.pngEnchantment Star.png Enchantment Star (Purple).png Enchantment Star (Purple).pngEnchantment Star (Purple).png Enchantment Star (Purple).pngEnchantment Star (Purple).pngEnchantment Star (Purple).png Enchantment Star (Purple).pngEnchantment Star (Purple).pngEnchantment Star (Purple).pngEnchantment Star (Purple).png
10 Average Materials - Metal.png 15 Good Materials - Metal.png 18 Excellent Materials - Metal.png 20 Extraordinary Materials - Metal.png 18 Extraordinary Materials - Metal.png 20 Extraordinary Materials - Metal.png 23 Extraordinary Materials - Metal.png 25 Extraordinary Materials - Metal.png
15 Fair Materials - Earth.png 23 Average Materials - Earth.png 23 Good Materials - Earth.png 28 Excellent Materials - Earth.png 18 Excellent Materials - Earth.png 20 Excellent Materials - Earth.png 23 Excellent Materials - Earth.png 25 Excellent Materials - Earth.png
15 Fair Materials - Water.png 30 Fair Materials - Water.png 33 Average Materials - Water.png 35 Good Materials - Water.png 28 Excellent Materials - Water.png 33 Excellent Materials - Water.png 23 Extraordinary Materials - Water.png 25 Extraordinary Materials - Water.png


Level Health Attack Gold/Hour
1 240 56 355
10 1,238 291 1,255
20 7,668 1,802 2,255
30 47,476 11,157 3,255
40 293,954 69,080 4,255
50 1,820,088 427,721 5,255
60 11,269,502 2,648,333 6,255
70 69,777,791 16,397,781 7,255
80 432,045,692 101,530,738 8,255
90 2,675,113,050 628,651,566 9,255
100 16,563,594,905 3,892,444,802 10,255
Full Stats.png 306,234,796,854 71,965,177,260


The Rust Dragon is a Normally-Breedable Dragon which can be obtained through the breeding of two Dragons having together or being able to pass the Metal, Earth and Water Elements or through purchasing it from the Main Shop in exchange for 950 Gems. Both methods require the Trainer to have reached Level 15.

Breeding for this Dragon takes 14 hours while incubating and subsequently hatching the resultant egg takes 20 hours and 40 minutes. With an active VIP Status of Level 2 or higher, the breeding time is reduced to 11 hours and 12 minutes while the hatching time is reduced to 16 hours and 32 minutes.

No combination is guaranteed to result in this Dragon. Multiple breeding attempts may be necessary to obtain it.

Recommended Combinations

Breed the Water Dragon with any of the following:

Although any of the combinations listed in the table below may be used, the above combinations are suggested as the best option due to having the lowest breeding times and possible outcomes.

Other Combinations

Choose the Earth Dragon and breed it with any Dragon from the section below:

Choose the Metal Dragon and breed it with any Dragon from the section below:

Events[edit | edit source]

The Rust Dragon was obtainable during these Events, either in full or parts of it.

Type Event Name Started Duration Ended
    Milestone Rewards Dragonmaster Pass 1 January 2021 31 Days 1 February 2021
    Solo Perfectly Pink 27 April 2018 3 Days 30 April 2018

Campaign Map Encounters[edit | edit source]

Map Quest Level
Normal 56.1 19
60.2 23
62.1 (x2) 23
86 31
195 61
Heroic 88 52
99 55
113 (x2) 59
261 84Enchantment Star (Purple).pngEnchantment Star (Purple).pngEnchantment Star (Purple).png