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Shaman Dragon

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The Shaman Dragon is an expert in the art of spiritual healing. However, this trainer prefers to tackle his OWN inner demons ever since it tried to exorcise the poor Ghost Dragon from his house.
Dark Moon Dragons
Base Stats & Attributes

Type Epic
Elements Shadow Earth Plant
Health 216 Health Icon.png
Attack 65 Attack Icon.png
Gold/Hour 570 Gold Icon.png
Experience 1,220 Experience Icon.png
Selling Cost 13,050 Dragon Selling Icon.png
Base DCP 105 Dragon Collector Points Icon.png


Availability Standard
Method Breeding or Purchasing
Unlocked Trainer Level 44
Cost 1,825 Gems Icon.png


Breeding Time 22 Hours
Hatching Time 1 Day & 4 Hours
VIP Breeding 17 Hours & 36 Minutes
VIP Hatching 22 Hours & 56 Minutes
Game Update Update 1.5


The body style of the Shaman Dragon is serpentine. It has a lime-green chest and underbelly with an orange back. Down the sides separating the two is a white zig zag line with purple diamond shapes nested in the back furrows. These diamonds have a lighter purple dot inside each of them. On the chest is a pale white skull design below which can be seen a row of three small pale white dots crossing horizontally at each forward-facing zig zag point. It wears a white skull-like mask on its head. Its eyes are a pale purple that are ringed in black, and a brown scale above gives it an eyebrow. On the mask, two holes on the front of the snout act as nostrils and smaller holes on the sides slightly expose its head underneath. Thick stitch markings go across the snout and up its forehead to the thick mass of purple dreadlocks that grow out of the back of its head. These dreadlocks have shiny rings in the colors of red, green, and yellow. A leather band with small golden bells and blue-purple feathers attached is tied securely onto the tip of the tail, and below this band there are two small bracelets; one consisting of only blue beads and the other having red and white beads that alternate colors every two white beads.

Enchantment Materials Requirements

Enchantment Star.png Enchantment Star.pngEnchantment Star.png Enchantment Star.pngEnchantment Star.pngEnchantment Star.png Enchantment Star.pngEnchantment Star.pngEnchantment Star.pngEnchantment Star.png Enchantment Star (Purple).png Enchantment Star (Purple).pngEnchantment Star (Purple).png Enchantment Star (Purple).pngEnchantment Star (Purple).pngEnchantment Star (Purple).png Enchantment Star (Purple).pngEnchantment Star (Purple).pngEnchantment Star (Purple).pngEnchantment Star (Purple).png Enchantment Star (Red).png Enchantment Star (Red).pngEnchantment Star (Red).png Enchantment Star (Red).pngEnchantment Star (Red).pngEnchantment Star (Red).png Enchantment Star (Red).pngEnchantment Star (Red).pngEnchantment Star (Red).pngEnchantment Star (Red).png
14 Average Materials - Shadow.png 21 Good Materials - Shadow.png 25 Excellent Materials - Shadow.png 28 Extraordinary Materials - Shadow.png 23 Extraordinary Materials - Shadow.png 25 Extraordinary Materials - Shadow.png 27 Extraordinary Materials - Shadow.png 30 Extraordinary Materials - Shadow.png 33 Extraordinary Materials - Shadow.png 36 Extraordinary Materials - Shadow.png 40 Extraordinary Materials - Shadow.png 44 Extraordinary Materials - Shadow.png
14 Average Materials - Earth.png 32 Average Materials - Earth.png 25 Excellent Materials - Earth.png 28 Extraordinary Materials - Earth.png 23 Extraordinary Materials - Earth.png 25 Extraordinary Materials - Earth.png 27 Extraordinary Materials - Earth.png 30 Extraordinary Materials - Earth.png 33 Extraordinary Materials - Earth.png 36 Extraordinary Materials - Earth.png 40 Extraordinary Materials - Earth.png 44 Extraordinary Materials - Earth.png
14 Average Materials - Plant.png 32 Average Materials - Plant.png 32 Good Materials - Plant.png 39 Excellent Materials - Plant.png 23 Extraordinary Materials - Plant.png 25 Extraordinary Materials - Plant.png 27 Extraordinary Materials - Plant.png 30 Extraordinary Materials - Plant.png 33 Extraordinary Materials - Plant.png 36 Extraordinary Materials - Plant.png 40 Extraordinary Materials - Plant.png 44 Extraordinary Materials - Plant.png


Level Health Attack Gold/Hour
1 216 65 570
10 1,115 338 1,974
20 6,901 2,090 3,534
30 42,728 12,937 5,094
40 264,559 80,103 6,654
50 1,638,079 495,974 8,214
60 10,142,552 3,070,940 9,774
70 62,800,012 19,014,448 11,334
80 388,841,123 117,732,451 12,894
90 2,407,601,745 728,968,306 14,454
100 14,907,235,414 4,513,579,611 16,014
120 571,507,627,280 173,039,809,371 19,134
125 1,422,093,859,114 430,578,418,454 19,914
120Enchantment Star (Red).pngEnchantment Star (Red).pngEnchantment Star (Red).pngEnchantment Star (Red).png 45,433,054,521,487 13,756,119,285,672 19,134
125Enchantment Star (Red).pngEnchantment Star (Red).pngEnchantment Star (Red).pngEnchantment Star (Red).png 1.1305197822691E+14 34,229,626,740,925 19,914


The Shaman Dragon is a Normally-Breedable Dragon which can be obtained through the breeding of two Dragons having together or being able to pass the Shadow, Earth and Plant Elements or through purchasing it from the Main Shop in exchange for 1,825 Gems. Both methods require the Trainer to have reached Level 44.

Breeding for this Dragon takes 22 hours while incubating and subsequently hatching the resultant egg takes 1 day, 4 hours and 40 minutes. With an active VIP Status of Level 2 or higher, the breeding time is reduced to 17 hours and 36 minutes while the hatching time is reduced to 22 hours and 56 minutes.

No combination is guaranteed to result in this Dragon. Multiple breeding attempts may be necessary to obtain it.

Recommended Combinations

Breed the Shadow Dragon with any of the following:

Although any of the combinations listed in the table below may be used, the above combinations are suggested as the best option due to having the lowest breeding times and possible outcomes.

Other Combinations

Choose the Earth Dragon and breed it with any Dragon from the section below:

Choose the Plant Dragon and breed it with any Dragon from the section below:

Campaign Map Encounters[edit]

Map Quest Level
Normal 121 (x2) 37
127 40
137 42
181.4 (x2) 57
Heroic 124 64
137 65
181 75
225 76Enchantment Star (Purple).png