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Show Your Paws! (16/06/16)

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Show Your Paws! (16.06.16).jpg
Vote for your favorite dragon!
Started 16 June 2016
Ended 24 June 2016
Duration 7 Days & 17 Hours
Type Community
Prize Dragon of the Week

This was the very first Community Event in the game.

Requirements[edit | edit source]

Trainers had to perform various tasks to earn Golden Paws and there was no limit to how many Golden Paws a Trainer could earn. These were used to vote for one or more out of the seven different YouTubers, each having represented a different Dragon. Each Dragon represented a different, real-life endangered animal. The Trainer could either choose to gift 100 Golden Paws Icon.png to any of them or gift all to just one of them. The winning YouTuber's represented charity received a €25,000 donation from Gameloft. In addition to this, the winning Dragon became a Dragon of the Week in the week after the end of the event.

Participants[edit | edit source]

Golden Paws.png
Show Your Paws! (16.06.16) Promotion.jpg
Dragon YouTuber Charity
Gorilla Dragon Jake Boys The Gorilla Organization
Leopard Dragon Glitter Forever 17 Snow Leopard Conservancy
Orca Dragon Poisson Fécond WDC
Panda Dragon Callux Pandas International
Polar Bear Dragon Julienco Polar Bears International
Rhino Dragon Grav3yard Girl Save the Rhino
Sea Turtle Dragon Shera Kerienski Sea Turtle Conservancy

Final Position[edit | edit source]

# Contender
1 Polar Bear Dragon
2 Leopard Dragon
3 Gorilla Dragon
4 Sea Turtle Dragon
5 Rhino Dragon
6 Panda Dragon
7 Orca Dragon

Earning Paws[edit | edit source]

Show Your Paws Event.png

Earning Golden Paws.png