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Sigil Energy

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Sigil Energy Bolt.png

Sigil Energy Sigil Energy Bolt.png is the energy used on the Campaign Map for the Sigil Campaign each time a battle is fought. Sigil Energy regenerates automatically at a rate of 4 units every 24 hours, up to the maximum base amount of 4. It can also be recovered for the amount of 80 Gems for all 4 Sigil Energy, or 20 Gems per Sigil Energy if less than 4 is already used. Sigil Energy can be refilled by pressing the + button while on the Sigil Campaign, or by trying to engage a battle without any energy left (which will bring up the refill screen from where the energy can be refilled either with Gems).

It costs 1 unit of energy to engage in a battle on the Sigil Campaign.

See Battle Energy for more information