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Sigil System

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The Sigil System, which unlocks when a Trainer reaches Player Level 20, is a structure whereby Trainers can perform certain tasks to obtain magic-infused battle add-ons known as Sigils. Through the use of Sigils, Trainers can enhance the strength of a Dragon fighting team and devise new combat strategies in addition to each Dragon's Elements and Dragon Academy skills.


The Sigil System has several components that function together to make the process complete; the Sigil Tower, Sigils, and the Sigil Campaign. To access all of the Sigil System components in one place, tap the Sigil Tower.

Sigil Tower[edit]

Sigil Tower.png

The Sigil Tower is a tower that appears on a very small Island just south of the Main Island. Tapping this tower houses the various features of the Sigil System introduced in Update 5.3. The Sigil System features can also be accessed from the main screen by pressing the Sigil Tower Button.png button at the bottom-left. The island is not available for purchase and no dragons can be housed on it.

Sigil Tower
Sigil Campaign Equipping Sigils Sigil Inventory Whale-Mart

Sigil Keys[edit]

The Sigil Tower awards 1 Sigil Key Icon.png Sigil Key every day. Trainers must collect and save Sigil Keys until they have accumulated enough to open the Sigil Chest. When a Sigil Key is available for collection a Yellow-Bordered Sigil Chest Icon.png notification is displayed over the Sigil Tower.

Sigil Keys can also be obtained on the Sigil Campaign by obtaining a 3-star rating in Battle.

Sigil Chests[edit]

Sigil Chests contain Sigils and Sigil Trinket Icon.png Sigil Trinkets. Some Sigil Chests can be one and opened immediately, others can be earned by collecting sigil keys. A Trainer can open a Basic Sigil Chest once 3 Sigil Key Icon.png Sigil Keys are obtained. When the 3rd key is obtained the grey   3 Sigil Key Icon.png   Sigil Chest button turns green, indicating the chest can be opened by tapping the   3 Sigil Key Icon.png   button.

There are two types of Sigil Chest:

Image Name Contents
Basic Sigil Chest.png Basic Sigil Chest Contains 3 sigils from among these types:
  • 93% chance for common Sigils
  • 6% chance for uncommon Sigils
  • 5-15 Sigil Trinkets
Premium Sigil Chest.png Premium Sigil Chest Contains 6 sigils from among these types:
  • 30% chance for common sigils
  • 60% chance for uncommon sigils
  • 10% chance for rare sigils
  • 90-110 Sigil trinkets

Note: Average number of rewards per 100 Premium Sigil Chests opened

Sigil Trinkets[edit]

Sigil Trinkets Sigil Trinket Icon.png are earned by opening Sigil Chests and by completing battles on the Sigil Campaign. These trinkets are needed to fuse Sigils of a greater rarity as well as for changing or unequipping Sigils.


See Sigils for detailed information on the Sigils

Sigil Campaign[edit]

See Sigil Campaign for detailed information on the Sigil Campaign


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