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Social System

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Social System.png

Social interaction Social System Icon.png is one of the many aspects of Dragon Mania Legends. As Trainers are able to face other Trainers in competitive settings, they are also able to socialise and befriend one another, providing them with numerous and unique benefits. With friends, gifts can be exchanged and rewards received.

The social options can be accessed by tapping the Friend Button 2.png button on the right-hand side of the main screen. Selecting this button will bring up five different menus, namely Friends, Recruit A Friend, Messages & Gifts, Collector Leaderboard, and Clan. The Social System is unlocked once the Trainer reaches Level 3.

Connections[edit | edit source]

OS & Servers[edit | edit source]

There are three officially supported major operating systems (platforms), namely Android, iOS and Windows while support is also available for Fire OS. In the vast majority of cases, only Trainers on the same platform and server can interact with one another, but there are instances, albeit extremely rare, when cross-platform and cross-server functionality is available, such as Community Events.

Each operating system has two retail servers, namely apa-gold and eur-gold. In some cases, the suffix "eur" might not be displayed. In order for a Trainer to find their server, they must press the Options Menu Button.png button then go to the Info Button.png menu and then to the About Button.png menu. The name of the server is written next to Save Data Server.

There is a third server, namely chn-gold, which is available only to Android users in China. Trainers from the same country on the other platforms still make use of the apa server.

Social Networks[edit | edit source]

Trainers can connect their game account to other services in two different ways depending on their platform.

Facebook[edit | edit source]

All Trainers can connect their account to Facebook by:

  • Accessing the Friends, then pressing the Connect Button.png button and then the Connect Button (FB).png button.
  • Accessing the list for hiring Dragons from the Campaign Map, then tapping the Connect Button (FB).png button at the bottom of list, and then tapping the same button again.
  • Pressing the Options Menu Button.png button in the top right corner of the screen, choosing the Connect To Social Network Button.png button, then pressing the Connect Button.png button under the Facebook logo.

Other Networks[edit | edit source]

Android users can also connect their game to their Gamer ID, a unique username linked to a Trainer's Google account, by pressing the Options Menu Button.png button in the top right corner of the screen, choosing the Connect To Social Network Button.png button, then pressing the Connect Button.png button under the Google Play logo.

Windows users can connect their game to their Xbox Icon.png Xbox Live account through the same menu by pressing the Connect Button.png button under the Xbox Live logo.

Prior to the release of iOS 10, iOS users could connect their game to Game Center. This app has since been discontinued, but the game can still be connected to it, albeit outside the game, through the device's own settings, and save files can be retrieved from it.

Advantages[edit | edit source]

Connecting the game to external services allows the Trainer to backup their progress and even link it to other compatible devices. Linking the same game progress in multiple places can only be done on the same operating system (platform) and server. Additionally, linking the game to those external services will link the in-game achievements to achievements provided by those services for the Trainer to earn within each of the respective service, but these will not be reflected in the game as they will have no impact on the Trainer's game progress, as only the in-game achievements affect the progress.

In addition to the above benefits, connecting the game to Facebook will reward the Trainer with 10 Gems and the Prairie Dragon, a unique Dragon that can initially only be obtained in this way, and will allow Trainers to befriend each other in the game, enabling them access to various social benefits. Additionally, connecting the game to an Xbox Live account will reward the Trainer with the Shooting Star Dragon.

Friends[edit | edit source]

See Wiki Friend Page for befriending Trainers

Befriending[edit | edit source]

Friends Button.png

Trainers can befriend each other through:

  • Facebook by directly adding them there ; permission must for accesing the Facebook friend list must be granted to Dragon Mania Legends in order for the Trainer to be able to add friends through this network,
  • the Invite Button.png button that appears next to Trainers when accessing the Near Me Button.png tab of the friend list and who are not already on said list,
  • the list of Clan members (where Trainers that are part of the same Clan can befriend each other), pressing the More Options Button.png button and then the Invite Button.png button,
  • the Player Profile by pressing the Add Friend Button.png button under the Trainer's avatar,
  • the Suggest Friends Button.png button,
  • using the Recruitment Code through the Add Friend Button 2.png button on the friend list.

Using the second-last option will offer the Trainer three other Trainers at any given time and the Trainer can visit these Trainers' Islands or send them an invitation. When using the last option, the code can be manually inserted or copied from the clipboard and entered through the Paste Code Button.png option. After the code is added, the Enter Button.png button must be selected in order to finalize the action.

All friend requests must be accepted before being reflected in the game. However, entering another Trainer's Recruitment Code in order to gain rewards, will automatically add that Trainer to the friend list as opposed to adding their code through the friend list. Due to the fact that the game does not support the cross-platform and cross-server feature, only those on the same platform and server can become friends.

Inviting[edit | edit source]

New players can be invited to the game through the friend list by pressing the Invite Button.png button. From here, the Trainer can invite prospectiv players through Facebook, WhatsApp, email, and Viber/SMS by selecting the Facebook Button.png, WhatsApp Button.png, Send Mail Button.png, and SMS Button.png buttons, respectively.

Friend List[edit | edit source]

Once a friend has been added, they will show up in the friend list and gifts are instantly made available to send between Trainers. Up to 200 friends will be displayed in the friend list. If there are more than 200 Trainers only the first 200 will be displayed. Determining which friends show up on the list depends on the internal sorting ID of each friend in part. The list will display the friends' avatar (if available), their total amount of Dragons Little Fire Dragon Icon.png, their DCL points, their level Experience Icon.png, their VIP Level VIP Status Icon.png (if VIP Status is active), the last time they were online, their desired badge, their interaction tag, and the gifting option.

The so-called interaction tag represents how often the two Trainers interact with one another. There are three tags, namely Acquaintance, Familiar Face and Close Friend. Only the score from a week before is taken into account towards these tags.

In addition to gifting, there is the More Options Button.png button that can be pressed to access other options. The first one is the Visit Button.png option which allows Trainers to visit each other's islands. The Trainer can also check the profile of the friend through the Check Profile Button.png button and can also pin that friend at the top of the friend list through the Pin To Top Button.png button. The friend can then be unpinned through the Unpin Button.png button. A maximum of 40 friends can be pinned at the top.

Using the Delete Button 2.png button allows Trainers to remove friends from their list. However, if the user that is to be removed is friends with the Trainer on Facebook, they must also be removed from the Trainer's Facebook account in order for the friend to disappear from the game.

The two remaining options available within the More Options Button.png button are the Clan Invite Button.png and Check Clan Button.png buttons. The former appears only if the inviting Trainer is in a Clan and it is used to invite other Trainers to the same Clan, while the latter appears only if the inspected Trainer is in a Clan and it is used to see the Clan that Trainer is part of.

Gifting[edit | edit source]

Mystery Gifting Information.jpg

On the friend list, the Gift Button.png option appears in the right of each friend, with the exception of Toby. After that button is pressed, a random mystery gift Gift Icon.png will be sent, out of four available ones; 1 Dragon Piece for the Enchantress Dragon, a Portal Gem, (1,000*Modifier) Gold, or (100*Modifier) Food, with only one to be sent to the given Trainer at a given time. These gifts are not deducted from the Trainer's own stockpile, instead being generated by the game itself. Only 1 Dragon Piece can be received per day.

Gifts can only be sent once every 24 hours per friend, however, there is no limit to the number of friends gifts may be sent to per day, although the friend list itself is limited to 20. Received gifts can be viewed by pressing the corresponding button in the main interface of the Social System. The gifts are displayed in order from oldest to newest.

Chances[edit | edit source]

The chance to receive a particular gift depends upon whether the Trainer has already received a Dragon Piece for the day or not. When a Dragon Piece has been obtained, the chance to be gifted Food is 24,44%, the chance for a Portal Gem is 26,67%, and the chance for Gold is 49,89%. When a Dragon Piece has not been obtained, the chance to be gifted Food is 18,33%, the chance for a Portal Gem is 20%, the chance for Gold is 36,67%, and the chance for a Dragon Piece is 25%.

Limits[edit | edit source]

The Trainer can claim a maximum of only 100 gifts within a 24-hour period. The same limit applies to the number of gifts the Trainer can receive, as the Trainer will receive no new gifts until the reset time if they already received 100. For example, if the Trainer did not claim any gift until the reset period, they will receive absolutely no new gifts after the 24-hour period has passed. Gifts that are left unclaimed for 36 hours will expire. At the top of the Gifts section, a counter is displayed showing the current total claimed and unclaimed gifts separated by a slash from the limit of 100. All the gifts can be claimed at once through the Claim All Button.png button.

Portal Gems[edit | edit source]

Since the limit of Portal Gems a Trainer can have in their inventory is limited at 200, whenever that limit is reached and a mystery gift is claimed and results in a Portal Gem, the Convert Button.png button will be shown under it, indicating how much Gold the Trainer will receive should they press it and proceed with converting the Portal Gem to Gold. The Gold received is based on the Level Modifier.

Helping[edit | edit source]

Dragon Hiring[edit | edit source]

Trainers can rent their friends' Dragons when battling on the Campaign Map. The Hire Button.png option is made available when the Trainer selects the quest they wish to engage. After pressing it, the Trainer will receive a list of their friends' Dragons and they can choose which one to hire through the Hire Button 2.png button, provided they have enough energy to do so and the Dragon has not been rented in the past 24 hours.

Rusty Gates[edit | edit source]

Friends can also help each other with opening Rusty Gates and with upgrading the Totem of Friendship.

Timer Boosts[edit | edit source]

Additionally, a visiting Trainer can reduce the timer of an ongoing action by 3 minutes for Farms and 5 minutes for other buildings, up to three times per Trainer, for a total of five Trainers per day, by tapping on said building whenever the Boost Timer Icon.png icon appears atop the building. This last feature is open even to Trainers who are not friends with each other. Tapping the Boost Timer Direction Icon.png icon when it is shown at the edge of the display takes the visiting Trainer directly to the next available Boost action.

The owning Trainer has to click the boosted buildings afterwards to receive the time bonus. The maximum number of visiting Trainers who can help a Trainer in 24 hours is 10. As every visitor can perform 3 help actions, the Trainer can receive 30 helps per day in total.

Near Me[edit | edit source]

There is also a feature that allows Trainers to see nearby Trainers by pressing the Near Me Button.png tab in the friend list screen. From here, the Trainer can visit those Trainers' islands, check their Clan or profile, or send them an invitation in order to add them to the friend list. These Trainers are not necessarily friends of the user, but Trainers in a nearby range of 1, 10 or 100 kilometers. Distance Bar.png

Social Log[edit | edit source]

The Social Log Social Log Button.png keeps track of the latest 20 most important social activities, such as invitations to a Clan, visits, friend requests and help with time boosters from other Trainers. The Trainer information in the Social Log is the same as that in the friend list minus the number of Dragons a Trainer has and the currently-equipped badge. The Trainer can also visit another Trainer or check their profile from here. There is also the possibility of pinning a Trainer to the top of the list, although the Trainer will be pinned at the top of the friend list and not at the top of the Social Log.

Toby[edit | edit source]


Toby is the Trainer's first friend in the game and the only cross-platform and cross-server friend as he is available to all Dragon Mania Legends Trainers. Toby is not counted among the maximum 200 friends a Trainer can have and he is always shown at the top of the list. Toby's account is not played by anybody, his progress being updated by Gameloft from time to time for the purpose of displaying new content. The Trainer only has the option to visit his islands, as well as hire his strongest Dragon. Toby can not be removed from the friend list. When opening the first Rusty Gate in the game, one that requires only one friend, Toby will be automatically assigned by the game to help open it. Toby's interaction tag is always Close Friend.

Toby's Dragon[edit | edit source]

Toby's level, as well as his strongest Dragon, depend on the level range of the Trainer.

Range Toby's Level Strongest Dragon (Skill Levels)
1-9 Level 9 Agave Dragon - Lv. 8 (2, 2, 0)
10-12 Level 12 Mutant Dragon - Lv. 11 (3, 1, 3)
13-15 Level 15 Golden Crow Dragon - Lv. 14 (3, 0, 3)
16-20 Level 20 Pulsar Dragon - Lv. 16 Enchantment Star.png (3, 5, 6)
above 20 Level 60 Titan Dragon - Lv. 18 Enchantment Star.png Enchantment Star.png (5)

Player Profile[edit | edit source]

Player Profile Information.png

The Player Profile is a feature which displays a vast amount of information about the Trainer, it essentially being an in-game ID. It is found in the topmost left corner of the main screen indicating the level of the Trainer.

Own Profile[edit | edit source]

When the Trainer views their own Player Profile, this will display the:

  • Trainer's avatar (either the in-game one or the Facebook profile picture). It can be changed by tapping it, then selecting either the no avatar option or one of the currently-available Dragons. These are the Trainer's top 10 Dragons. If the no avatar option is chosen and the Trainer is connected to Facebook, the profile picture from the network will be displayed instead.
  • Name or nickname. The nickname can be changed by tapping the Change Nickname Icon.png icon and then entering the new desired name. A random name can also be generated through the Random Name Button.png option. Confirming the desired nickname is done through the Done Button.png button or the Done (5 Gems) Button.png button. Choosing a nickname for the first time is free while any subsequent change of the nickname will cost 5 Gems.
  • VIP Level VIP Status Icon.png only if it is currently active.
  • Trainer Level represented by the Experience Icon.png icon with the level inside it and the blue progress bar which indicates roughly the experience currently accumulated and the one needed for leveling up. Pressing the ? Button.png button next to the bar will bring up a detailed window of the exact current and necessary experience, the features unlocked by each level (if aplicabile), and the limit of Habitats for each level.
  • Amount of unique species of Dragons separated with a slash by the total amount of unique species of Dragons in the game.
  • DCL points; tapping it will bring up a brief explanation of how it is calculated.
  • Currently-selected badge, if any. Tapping it will bring up the collection of badges with the options to unequip or equip a badge.
  • Current league in the Dragon League and Enchantment League as well as the highest league in which the Trainer has ever been in these two.
  • Clan whose member the Trainer is, the Clans's Coat of Arms and current Clan League, and the Trainer's current rank represented by both an icon and its name. Tapping this area will display that Clan's interface from the perspective of its members. If the Trainer is not a part of any Clan, the Join Button.png will be available and pressing it will bring up the window for choosing Clans to join. If the Trainer is not yet eligible to join a Clan, the necessary level to join a Clan, namely Level 25, will be indicated instead.
  • Top Dragon in the roster. The information displayed for the Dragon is its image, level, given name between its image and level, Enchantment Stars, rarity, and Elements. If an Element is skilled, the level of the skill will be indicated in the corner of the respective Element. If the Element is unawoken, it will be grayed out and marked with the Red Lock Icon.png if it is also locked. Additionally, in the right of the Dragon, the Information Button.png option can be used to bring up the specific Codex Entry of the Dragon.

Other Profiles[edit | edit source]

Viewing the Player Profile of other Trainer's can be done through any leaderboard in the game, usually by first visiting that Trainer's island and then pressing the Check Profile Button 2.png button, or through the Friends interface by first tapping the More Options Button.png button and then the Check Profile Button.png button.

The Player Profile of a stranger Trainer can only be seen if the target Trainer's privacy settings are set to default, and that of a friend or clanmate Trainer can be seen if their privacy settings are set to hidden. No Trainer, whatsoever, can check another Trainer's profile if the privacy settings are set to private.

When the Trainer views another Player Profile, this will display almost the same information as viewing their own profile, the differences being:

  • If the two Trainers are not in-game friends, the Add Friend Button.png button under the avatar can be pressed to send a friend request.
  • The VIP status is displayed if active, but the level is only displayed if the Trainer chose to display it.
  • The time when the Trainer was last online in the game can be seen if the two Trainers are in-game friends.
  • Tapping the Clan area, while not being a member of that Clan, will display that Clan's interface from the perspective of an outsider.
  • If the checked Trainer has a badge on display, tapping it will display their entire collection.
  • Checking the Trainer's top Dragon will display its specific Codex Entry while the information under the stats is related to the viewing Trainer's own Dragons. Thus, the information will indicate whether the viewing Trainer has or not this species of Dragons. Additionally, if the respective Dragon is obtainable through Dragon Pieces, the counter under its image will actually display the number of pieces the viewing Trainer has obtained towards their own Dragon.

Messages[edit | edit source]

Messages & Gifts Button.png

Messages Icon.png

Trainers can receive various notices and requests from other Trainers through the messaging system. Messages are stored under the Messages Tab.png tab and can be accessed through the main interface of the Social System.

From the messages screen, the Trainer is able to respond in certain ways depending upon the message received:

  • The Help Button.png button can be pressed in response to requests for opening Rusty Gates or upgrading the Totem of Friendship.
  • Invitations to a Clan can be accepted using the Join Button.png button or declined using the X Button.png button. If the Trainer wishes to see more information about that Clan before making a decision, they can press the Information Button.png button.
  • Whenever one of their Dragons is hired by a friend, the Trainer will be notified here and can Claim Button.png the friendship points they have earned for this.
  • Trainers can Accept Button 2.png or Delete Button.png requests to add someone to their friend list. These friend requests can only be sent inside the game, as friendship requests on Facebook can not be dealt with in the game itself.

Expiration[edit | edit source]

All messages, with the exception of Recruitment Code rewards and system messages, expire after 36 hours if they are left unclaimed. The user can have a maximum of 200 unclaimed messages.

Recruitment Codes[edit | edit source]

Sharing the Code[edit | edit source]

Recruitment Code Screen.jpg

Recruit A Friend Button.png

Every Trainer has a Recruitment Code Recruitment Code Icon.png which can be used to invite non-playing users to the game and to request the friendship of playing users. Both groups must be on the same platform and server. The Recruitment Code window can be accessed from the main interface of the Social System, or by pressing the Go Button.png button at the top of the friend list, or by tapping the Lighthouse. The Trainer can then choose the Copy Button.png button to copy the code to the clipboard and paste it wherever they wish so, or they can choose the Share Button.png option which will bring up several other buttons that are used to send the code to a desired recipient. The Send Mail Button.png button is used to send the invitation code through e-mail, the Facebook Button.png button is used to send the code through Facebook, the SMS Button.png button is used to send the code through SMS and the WhatsApp Button.png button is used to send the code through WhatsApp. The first three buttons are available to everyone, except for the SMS button which is not available to PC Windows Trainers, while the last button is available only to Trainers who have WhatsApp installed on their devices. Additionally, Trainers who have Viber installed will also be able to send the code through this application, through the SMS button. Multiple new users can sign up using the same code, however, only one Recruitment Code may be submitted per person.

Whenever the Trainer has their code used by a user who has never entered a code before, a window will pop up informing them which will also display the name of the Trainer who used it. Additionally, a window will also pop up whenever any recruit of the Trainer's reaches Level 10 or 15. Both windows will have the Go To Inventory Button.png option on them and pressing it will take the Trainer to the inventory.

Using the Code[edit | edit source]

In order for a new Trainer to enter a code Enter Code Icon.png, if they have not used one already, they must go under the same tab and press the Enter Code Button 2.png button, then fill in the blank with the code, either by writing it in manually or by pasting it (after having been previously copied) through the Paste Button.png option, and then finally validating it through the Validate Code Button.png option.

Trainers who wish to enter a code for the purpose of sending a friend request will have to do so from the friend list.

A Recruitment Code that offers both Trainers rewards can only be used by new Trainers who are Level 4 or above, but no higher than Level 15. Recruitment Codes for friend requests can be used at any level. Trainers can not use their own, personal codes, thus they must use another Trainer's code.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Recruitment Code Rewards.png

Once the invitation is successfully accepted by the recruiting Trainer, the Trainers will become friends in the game and both of them will receive compensation for using the code. The rewards will be given regardless of whether the recruiting Trainer accepts the friend invitation or not.

The recruited Trainer will receive a welcome basket of (500*Level Modifier) Food and (5,000*Level Modifier) upon entering the Recruitment Code, 1,000 Food upon reaching Level 10, and 50 Gems upon reaching Level 15. The Trainer whose code was used will receive up to five milestone rewards depending on the number of people who have used their code. Additionally, the latter Trainer will also receive (500*Level Modifier) Food and (5,000*Level Modifier) Gold for each new recruit, (1,000*Level Modifier) Food when the recruit reaches Level 10, and 10 Gems when the recruit reaches Level 15. Under the same tab where the Recruitment Code is, the Trainer's progress toward the five milestones can be seen, as well as the progress of the recruited Trainer.

Trainers who have already used a Recruitment Code for the purpose of receiving rewards will not receive additional rewards for each new code they enter. Additionally, codes used by these Trainers will not count toward the amount of recruited Trainers of the Trainer whose code was used.

Important Icon.png Due to the fact that the game is not cross-platform and cross-server, the code can only be used between Trainers sharing the same operating system and server.

Recruit Milestone[edit | edit source]

Reward for 3 Recruits Reward for 5 Recruits Reward for 8 Recruits Reward for 12 Recruits Reward for 15 Recruits

Received Reward: 25 Gems

Recruitment Reward 1.png

Received Reward: Pop Art Dragon

Recruitment Reward 2.png

Received Reward: 50 Gems

Recruitment Reward 3.png

Received Reward: Farmer Dragon

Recruitment Reward 4.png

Received Reward: 100 Gems

Recruitment Reward 5.png

Dragon Collector Leaderboard[edit | edit source]

Dragon Collector Points.png

Collector Leaderboard Button.png

Notification - DCL Milestone.png

The Dragon Collector Leaderboard is a permanent, global, prizeless leaderboard in which Trainers on the same platform and server are ranked in accordance to the collective sum of their current Dragons' Dragon Collector Points Dragon Collector Points Icon.png. The leaderboard is intended as a Hall of Fame for Trainers with the largest collection of Dragons. The leaderboard is accessed through the main interface of the Social System.

Inside this screen, the Trainer can see their current position on the leaderboard, as well as the position of other Trainers, the total amount of points the Trainer and the other Trainers have and the obtainable progress rewards. The Trainer can also choose to filter the Trainers from the leaderboard by all through the Global Filter Button.png and by their friends through the Friends Filter Button.png button.

A notification is shown in the middle of the screen whenever a new milestone is reached for the very first time.

Formula[edit | edit source]

Each individual Dragon has a specific Dragon Collector Point which is calculated as (Rarity * Enchantment Level) + Dragon Level x 5 + Sigil Rarity, where the values are the following:

Factor Rarity x Enchantment + Dragon Level + Sigil
Value Common 10 x Enchantment Star (Gray).pngEnchantment Star (Gray).pngEnchantment Star (Gray).pngEnchantment Star (Gray).png 1 + Dragon Level x 5 + Sigil - School of Growth Wonder Common.png 5
Uncommon 20 Enchantment Star.pngEnchantment Star (Gray).pngEnchantment Star (Gray).pngEnchantment Star (Gray).png 1.1 Sigil - School of Growth Wonder Uncommon.png 20
Rare 50 Enchantment Star.pngEnchantment Star.pngEnchantment Star (Gray).pngEnchantment Star (Gray).png 1.15 Sigil - School of Growth Wonder Rare.png 100
Epic 100 Enchantment Star.pngEnchantment Star.pngEnchantment Star.pngEnchantment Star (Gray).png 1.2 Sigil - School of Growth Wonder Epic.png 1000
Legendary 200 Enchantment Star.pngEnchantment Star.pngEnchantment Star.pngEnchantment Star.png 1.3 Sigil - School of Growth Wonder Legendary.png 5000
Divine 400 Enchantment Star (Purple).pngEnchantment Star.pngEnchantment Star.pngEnchantment Star.png 1.4
Ancient 400 Enchantment Star (Purple).pngEnchantment Star (Purple).pngEnchantment Star.pngEnchantment Star.png 1.5
Boss (classification) Icon.png 250 Enchantment Star (Purple).pngEnchantment Star (Purple).pngEnchantment Star (Purple).pngEnchantment Star.png 1.65
Enchantment Star (Purple).pngEnchantment Star (Purple).pngEnchantment Star (Purple).pngEnchantment Star (Purple).png 1.75

For example, a non-enchanted Level 50 Mentor Dragon will have a score of 350 Dragon Collector Points Icon.png: (Epic [100 points] * Enchantment Level 0 [1 point]) + Dragon Level 50 [50 x 5 points] while a Level 100 Zeus Dragon with Enchantment Level 2 and a Legendary Sigil will have a score of 5,960 Dragon Collector Points Icon.png: (Divine [400 points] * Enchantment Level 2 [1.15]) + Dragon Level 100 [100 x 5 points] + Legendary Sigil [5,000].

Duplicate Dragons of a species are not counted toward the Trainer's collective sum, thus only the Dragon with the highest DCP of that species will be considered for the total amount. Additionally, Clan Dragons and Chronos do not benefit from the DCP.

If a Dragon whose score is counted towards the DCL is sold, the respective score will be deducted from the total amount.

Milestones[edit | edit source]

While the leaderboard itself does not offer any prizes and is merely a display of status, Trainers do receive different rewards when they reach certain DCP milestones. Any of these rewards can be obtained only once, meaning that if a Trainer's score has decreased beyond an already-reached milestone, no reward will be given after reaching that milestone once again.
Breeding Tokens rewarded for reaching Collector Leaderboard milestones are permanent and can not be lost due to going under the milestone score again.

The table below is ← scrollable →, hold the Shift key while using the scroll wheel (with your pointer over the table) on desktop to scroll horizontally.
My Score Dragon Collector Points Miletones.png
Earth Element unlocked

Water Element unlocked

Gold Icon.png

Plant Element unlocked

Scrolls Icon.png

Metal Element unlocked

Food Icon.png

Gems Icon.png

Energy Element unlocked

Legendary Habitat.png
Gold Icon.png

Gems Icon.png

Food Icon.png

Gold Icon.png

Void Element unlocked

Breeding Token Icon.png for:
Avocado Dragon.png
Legendary Habitat.png
Light Element unlocked

Gold Icon.png

Food Icon.png

Shadow Element unlocked

FIRE Skill Masteries unlockedFIRE Skill Masteries unlockedDragon Academy Icon.png

Fire Mastery Skills
Epic Sigils unlocked

VIP Ticket Icon.png

WIND Skill Masteries unlockedWIND Skill Masteries unlockedDragon Academy Icon.png

Wind Mastery Skills
EARTH Skill Masteries unlockedWIND Skill Masteries unlockedDragon Academy Icon.png

Earth Mastery Skills
WATER Skill Masteries unlockedWATER Skill Masteries unlockedDragon Academy Icon.png

Water Mastery Skills
PLANT Skill Masteries unlockedPLANT Skill Masteries unlockedDragon Academy Icon.png

Plant Mastery Skills
Breeding Token Icon.png for:
Runestone Dragon.png
METAL Skill Masteries unlockedMETAL Skill Masteries unlockedDragon Academy Icon.png

Metal Mastery Skills
ENERGY Skill Masteries unlockedENERGY Skill Masteries unlockedDragon Academy Icon.png

Energy Mastery Skills
LIGHT Skill Masteries unlockedLIGHT Skill Masteries unlockedDragon Academy Icon.png

Light Mastery Skills
SHADOW Skill Masteries unlockedSHADOW Skill Masteries unlockedDragon Academy Icon.png

Shadow Mastery Skills
Habitat Limit Extender.png
3x Habitat Extender
LEGENDARY Skill Masteries unlockedLEGENDARY Skill Masteries unlockedDragon Academy Icon.png

Legendary Mastery Skills
Epic Sigils unlocked

DIVINE Skill Masteries unlockedDIVINE Skill Masteries unlockedDragon Academy Icon.png

Divine Mastery Skills
ANCIENT Skill Masteries unlockedANCIENT Skill Masteries unlockedDragon Academy Icon.png

Ancient Mastery Skills
Time Habitat.png
Gems Icon.png

Gold Icon.png

Breeding Token Icon.png for:
Droid Dragon.png
Food Icon.png

Habitat Limit Extender.png
5x Habitat Extender
Card Dragon Pack Ticket Icon.png

Gold Icon.png

Breeding Token Icon.png for:
Panda Dragon.png
Food Icon.png

Gems Icon.png

Enchantment Ticket Icon.png

Gems Icon.png

Breeding Token Icon.png for:
Pinata Dragon.png
Breeding Token Icon.png for:
Moth Dragon.png
Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 100
Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 250
Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 500
Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 550
Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 750
Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 800
Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 1K
Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 1.25K
Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 1.5K
Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 1.75K
Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 2K
Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 2.25K
Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 2.5K
Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 3K
Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 3.1K
Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 3.5K
Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 4K
Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 5K
Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 5.5K
Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 6.5K
Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 7.5K
Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 7.8K
Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 8K
Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 8.2K
Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 8.6K
Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 9.5K
Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 9.9K
Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 10K
Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 10.5K
Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 11K
Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 11.5K
Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 12K
Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 12.5K
Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 13K
Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 13.5K
Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 14K
Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 14.5K
Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 15.5K
Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 16K
Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 20K
Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 23K
Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 26K
Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 33K
Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 40K
Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 45K
Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 50K
Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 65K
Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 80K
Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 100K
Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 130K
Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 165K
Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 200K
Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 250K

History[edit | edit source]

Update 5.3
Former Milestone Rewards
Milestone 500 750 1,000 1,250 1,750 2,000 2,250 2,500 3,000 3,500
Reward (M*10,000) Gold Icon.png 20 Scrolls Icon.png (M*2,000) Food Icon.png 10 Gems Icon.png 1 Legendary Habitat.png (M*30,000) Gold Icon.png 20 Gems Icon.png (M*30,000) Food Icon.png (M*100,000) Gold Icon.png Breeding Token Icon.png for Avocado Dragon
Milestone 4,000 5,500 6,500 8,000 10,000 13,000 16,000 20,000 23,000 26,000
Reward 1 Legendary Habitat.png (M*200,000) Gold Icon.png (M*60,000) Food Icon.png 7 VIP Ticket Icon.png Breeding Token Icon.png for Runestone Dragon 3 Habitat Limit Extender.png 1 Time Habitat.png 30 Gems Icon.png (M*400,000) Gold Icon.png Breeding Token Icon.png for Droid Dragon
Milestone 33,000 40,000 45,000 50,000 65,000 80,000 100,000 130,000 165,000 200,000
Reward (M*100,000) Food Icon.png 5 Habitat Limit Extender.png 50 Card Dragon Pack Ticket Icon.png (M*2,000,000) Gold Icon.png Breeding Token Icon.png for Panda Dragon (M*250,000) Food Icon.png 50 Gems Icon.png 50 Enchantment Ticket Icon.png 75 Gems Icon.png Breeding Token Icon.png for Pinata Dragon
Updates 4.0 - 4.4

Update 4.4

  • The Global Chat was disabled as of 19 March 2019 to undergo revamp.
  • The color scheme of the chat was changed once again.
  • The Trainers now have the option to disable the chat.
  • The Ignore Button (Old).png button was replaced by the Ignore Button.png and the Report Button (Old).png was replaced by the Report Button.png button.
  • The busy fellow tag for friends was changed to acquaintance.

Update 4.3

  • The option of accessing the entire Social System through the Lighthouse has been discontinued, meaning the only way to access the system now is through the button on the right-hand side of the screen. Selecting the Lighthouse will now bring up only the interface for the Recruitment Code.
  • The color scheme of the Global Chat was overhauled and the feature is now automatically displayed when opening the Social System interface, thus discontinuing the Global Chat Tab.png tab.
  • All the main tabs have been replaced with large, square buttons.
  • The Clan interface can now also be accessed through the Social System.
  • The Suggest Friends feature is now available to any Trainer and no longer only to Trainers with 10 or fewer friends while the Suggest Friends Button (Old).png button was replaced by the Suggest Friends Button.png button.
  • Trainers can now see when any of their friends was last online.
  • Trainers can now help five friends per day with an up to 4-minute time reduction.
  • The Friends Tab.png, Near Me Tab.png, Suggest Friends Button (Old).png, Facebook Invite Button.png and Recruit A Friend Tab.png buttons have all been replaced by the Friends Button 2.png, Near Me Button.png, Facebook Button.png, Suggest Friends Button.png and Add Friend Button 2.png buttons, respectively. The Leaderboard Tab.png tab was discontinued.
  • The Player Profile and the Social Log have been introduced.
  • Trainers can now pin any of their friends at the top of the friend list.
  • The Gifts and Messages tabs have now been separated from the inventory and the option Messages Button.png to access the Gifts tab from the friend list has been discontinued.
  • The Mentoring Program was discontinued, meaning that all social actions related to this program, including the Chat Button 2.png button, were discontinued.

Update 4.1

  • Support for MSN accounts was dropped, meaning Windows Mobile users can no longer connect their accounts to the game.

Update 4.0

  • The Dragon Collector's Leaderboard was introduced.
Updates 3.1 - 3.8

Update 3.8

  • The possibility of inviting new Trainers to the game through SMS, WhatsApp and Viber was implemented.

Update 3.6

  • Global Chat was introduced.
  • The Friend Button.png and Recruitment Code Button (Old).png buttons have been discontinued and the Social System interface will show up instantly when selecting the Lighthouse.
  • Recruitment Codes can now be used more than once for the purpose of adding friends.
  • The graphics for the Recruitment Code screen, along with the related windows, were altered while the Recruitment Code Tab.png tab was replaced by the Recruit A Friend Tab.png tab, the Send Mail Button (Old).png button was replaced by the Send Mail Button.png button and the Enter Code Button 2 (Old).png button was replaced by the Enter Code Button 2.png button. Additionally, for the same feature, the Facebook Button.png button was introduced and appears after pressing the Share Button.png button.
  • The Gift Button (Old 2).png button was replaced by the Gift Button.png button.

Update 3.4

  • The chn server was introduced, being exclusive only to Android Trainers in China.

Update 3.2

  • The possibility of claiming all gits at once was implemented.
  • The numbers in the "near me" section, which represented the "Dragon power" of the user (a combination of the Dragons owned, their levels, and their skills) was removed.
  • The Trainer can now befriend other Trainers inside the game, through the Near Me section.
  • The game can now offer friendship suggestions through the Suggest Friends Button (Old).png button.
  • Befriending Trainers by inviting them through mail Invite Friends Button.png was discontinued.
  • The Dismiss Button.png button was replaced by the Delete Button.png button.
  • Messages have been slightly reworked and now include more information.
  • Xbox Live support was dropped for Windows Mobile, meaning mobile users can no longer connect their game to a Xbox Live account, but, instead, they can connect their account through MSN through the newly-introduced Log Into MSN Button.png button. Additionally, support for Windows Phone 8 was also discontinued.

Update 3.1

  • The level of Toby's Titan Dragon was decreased from 22 to 18 and the level of his Pulsar Dragon from 18 to 16. The former received two Enchantment Stars while the latter received one.
  • The length of the friend list window was expanded allowing for a quicker gifting.
Updates 2.0 - 2.8

Update 2.8

  • Matching pieces for the Enchantress Dragon were introduced as a new gift.
  • Trainer can no longer choose what to gift, making the gifts random, thus the gifting screen has been discontinued.
  • The Messages Button (Old).png button has been replaced by the Messages Button.png button.
  • A Gift Tab.png tab has been added to the inventory. With the latter being introduced, gifts are now being sent there instead of the Messages Tab.png tab. Additionally, gifts are now listed from oldest to newest instead of newest to oldest.
  • Support for Google+ log in has been dropped and replaced by the option to sign in and play using the new Gamer ID, a unique username linked to a Trainer's Google account. This means Trainers can no longer befriend themselves through Google+. Thus, the Google+ Invite Button.png button was dropped for Android Trainers, along with the Facebook Invite Button (Old).png button (the latter for everyone) and both were replaced by the Invite Friends Button.png button that was previously used only by iOS and Windows Trainers.
  • The Log Into Facebook Button (Old).png button was replaced by the Log Into Facebook Button.png button.

Update 2.6

  • The Log Into Xbox Button.png button was replaced with the Log Into Xbox Live Button.png button.

Update 2.5

  • The graphics for the Recruitment Code were altered level-progression prizes were introduced for both the invited and the inviting Trainer. Thus, starting with this update, both Trainers receive additional rewards when the recruited Trainer reaches Level 10 and 15. Prior to this update, the invited Trainer received only a welcome basket of (500*Level Modifier) Food and (5,000*Level Modifier) while the inviting Trainer did not receive rewards based on the level progression of the person they recruited.
  • The Send Mail Button.png button was replaced by the Send Mail Button (Old).png button while the Recruitment Code Button (Discontinued).png button was discontinued.

Update 2.2 dropped support for Game Center, due to the app being discontinued with the release of iOS 10, thus friends can no longer be added in this way. Any friends who were added before it was discontinued remain in the Trainer's friend list unless they are removed.

Update 2.1

  • The option to send friend requests to Clan members without having to befriend them outside the game was added.
  • Support for tvOS was dropped.

Update 2.0

  • Support for the Fire OS platform was implemented, bringing the total number of separate platforms to four.
  • The More Options Button.png button along with Invite Button.png and Check Clan Button.png buttons were introduced, the latter two being part of the Clan feature added within the same update. Both were consolidated under the former button, along with the Visit Button.png and the Delete Button 2.png buttons, the latter having replaced the old Delete Button.png button used for deleting friends.
Updates 1.1 - 1.9

Update 1.9

  • A 36-hour expiry limit for unclaimed messages was introduced and the friend list was capped at 200 friends.

Update 1.8

  • The option to remove friends from the list was introduced.
  • Support for tvOS was introduced.
  • The -gold suffix was introduced for retail servers.
  • Friend Codes were renamed as Recruitment Codes and the Friend Code Button.png button was replaced by the Recruitment Code Button (Discontinued).png button.

Update 1.7

  • The gifts sent to friends were scaled to be in accordance to the receiving Trainer's Level.
  • Referral Codes were renamed as Friend Codes and the Referral Code Button.png button was replaced by the Friend Code Button.png button.

Update 1.5

  • The Near Me section was added to the friend list.

Update 1.4

  • An image of a baby Fire Dragon was added next to each friend's name (except Toby) indicating the total number of unique Dragons the Trainer currently has.

Update 1.3

  • Referral Codes were introduced. Only Trainers who have downloaded the game after this update are able to enter another Trainer's code. Additionally, the Referral Code Button.png was introduced at the bottom of the friend list as part of this feature, and it is used to access the Referral Code directly from the friend list.
  • Starting with this update, Windows Trainers can connect their game account to an Xbox Live account.
  • The Invite Button.png, Gift Button (Old).png and Messages Button (Older).png buttons have been replaced by the Invite Friends Button.png, Gift Button (Old 2).png and Messages Button (Old).png buttons, respectively.

Update 1.2

  • Slight graphical alterations were made to the gift boxes behind the gifts.

Update 1.1

  • Graphical changes were brought to the gifting screen that appears when pressing the Gift Button (Old).png button on the friend list. Each gift is now displayed over a blue gift box background and the avatar and name of the gifted Trainer are now shown. Additionally, the Gift button inside this screen has been replaced by the Send Button.png button.

Gallery[edit | edit source]