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CommentStreams:87f86c06ee89516013da29cd3add9b3d Temples Why ???? i had enough lv but it did not unlock void temple anonymous Jul 9 at 1:30 pm
CommentStreams:D9af55b05473034b9f6d640fadcb92e2 Temples Why ???? i had enough lv but it did not unlock void temple anonymous Jul 9 at 1:30 pm
CommentStreams:1c2acdb12308029082900eded62109d3 Golden Gatherer (20/05/29) this was my comment, anyone have an answer? Dragon Trainer Jul 8 at 9:52 pm
CommentStreams:235d93fc3285d340ff1b00034e8bfd50 Titan Dragon Awesome I got replies anonymous Jul 8 at 6:01 pm
CommentStreams:249ffb404512b4f1032befe71fa3473b Dark-Tech Dragon Hope this is a BD Guaranteed Dragon. I really hope that gameloft decides to make this a bottomless dungeon guaranteed dragon, it would be noice Dragon Trainer Jul 8 at 3:59 pm
CommentStreams:350c067c3fc10a5535b7c1f597002dd8 Moose Dragon , This dragon is one of my favorites! Dragon Trainer Jul 8 at 3:56 pm
CommentStreams:33e75ce681f927312274412f4eec3f38 Dragon Board (20/07/06) Pipe dragon number of pieces Hello,

The pipe dragon needs 20 pieces, and there are only 19 given according the table for week 1. Is there a mistake somewhere ? Thx

anonymous Jul 8 at 10:13 am
CommentStreams:780c4d6e8d62b9d26571473dcf868239 Vengeful Sword Yes, but En Garde is not a very good upgrade, and considering the helpful earth metal combo, it is best to shield them metal with fin. Vengeance. anonymous Jul 7 at 8:58 pm
CommentStreams:1bc0f9ba6287eddc1dc33c4225299e9c Damage Leech The Sigil Update changed the leech so it cannot stack, so it will just be 25%. Before then, it was a stacking ability. You can still buff with Divine for more damage. anonymous Jul 7 at 8:54 pm
CommentStreams:Edff7eeac4499d3677cb3c0786adc61a The Great Dragon Race (20/07/06) Hi When will it start? anonymous Jul 6 at 11:31 pm
CommentStreams:1d93ca1cff57e430491ae800d57e49d1 Dragonmaster Pass when is the next dragon master pass even? Hi! Is this event going to happened all the time or was it limited to only a couple of times a year?

Thank you for the reply!

anonymous Jul 6 at 3:00 pm
CommentStreams:A2ae655518b000041e38c6fccc500154 Vengeful Sword Does "En Garde!" stack with Stone Shield? Does "En Garde!" stack with Stone Shield? anonymous Jul 5 at 1:48 am
CommentStreams:683aecbe1aadb39c56ec807541ca8263 Musical Dragon rarity is rarity of dragon for breed is affect result chance? anonymous Jul 4 at 3:08 pm
CommentStreams:54976f614ec4da8f9e071d52feaceb4b Dragon Mania Legends Wiki:Privacy policy 8даюк3щ28 уд3щ38щ737 anonymous Jul 4 at 9:14 am
CommentStreams:2410dd8b0209e3397bf3896d133570e9 Quests Side Quest Dragon Level The text mentions that the opposing dragons in the side quests are computed based on the level of your own dragons. How is this computed? Is this based on your highest level dragon, based on your strongest dragon, or based on your top 3 dragons? Or is some other formula used? Humfty Jul 3 at 7:55 am
CommentStreams:Da9af3dbcad892f0c7f8e4be2ee853f5 Lightning Dragon I recommend Plasma/Meteor + Smoke/Bee/Fireball because all the other outcomes are short. anonymous Jul 3 at 4:01 am
CommentStreams:E63cd19f81b164aa54ef2d08bd5ab13c Zephujin Dragon Health His health is 245 and not 236. anonymous Jul 2 at 4:46 pm
CommentStreams:3b5fc67d8993f23a7796ac0324224b1c Heimdall Dragon Heimdal

When will the Heimdal Dragon appear in the next Holy Event? I have 66 pieces now and I want to collect 54 pieces quickly :-)

anonymous Jul 2 at 12:21 am
CommentStreams:9909b9be0f526295d25b5a7fcf01e27a Pipe Dragon Scary Dragon This dragon is really creepy EEK! anonymous Jul 1 at 1:51 pm
CommentStreams:Cccad0b86282194deb5da5478c84203e Wasteland Dragon Like A pro I bred the Wasteland dragon😁😁😁😁 Dragon Jul 1 at 9:02 am