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CommentStreams:C9e821fbec72c273664406dab8dd5474 Update 4.0 Of course there is going to be, but, as you just said, a lot to add from this new update. Naturally, if you are willing to contribute and help decrease the load, that would be appreciated.

Later Edit: Forgot to mention, but the page has long been added.

Star Warden Star Warden Sep 3 at 4:35 pm Feb 4 at 9:33 am
CommentStreams:4cb3cdb6250e5b56a6ee368865d3f5e5 Sagittarius Dragon The best combination The best combinations are the ones from option 3, if you guys don’t believe me, go to dml planner and check yourself. But I personally think that Metal + Masque is the best one

anonymous Feb 4 at 8:33 am
CommentStreams:08cf72a75276d27e9772928be3b1912f My fav element Mine is boss., I have two of them! Lil'dusty Jan 28 at 5:12 am
CommentStreams:1043dfc0342b5b9cf585db7d76fa2c19 Chang'e Dragon чан е божествиная акция продовжити anonymous Jan 27 at 11:49 am
CommentStreams:3466b3a2c519b531a50b0673a426007e Dragon of the month why you did not give divine dragons to

Dragon of the month

anonymous Jan 26 at 5:47 pm
CommentStreams:B7903fe1f6c1d83b834dc0fed0daaff5 Table of Dragons/Legendary, Divine & Ancient Dragons Correction to Fall? Fully unlocked health is 243, not 256, according to Table of Dragons and Fall's page. CritterFeeder Jan 26 at 9:19 am
CommentStreams:094d4a7098f45f7133172f77dcb80268 Divine Chest (20/01/24) I got 120 pieces for the Divine dragon!!! I got 120 pieces of the Divine dragon!!! anonymous Jan 25 at 7:38 am
CommentStreams:D19ba6ff134979c735be82f6a5444522 Rainbow Dragon I think I just bred this on my first try- I bred my high ish level water dragon and my lvl 10 energy dragon, and I just might’ve bred this on my first try anonymous Jan 16 at 12:52 am
CommentStreams:1edc85afefe9e9e76b41fae4a0cc32cb Machine Dragon protogen dragon protogen dragon anonymous Jan 14 at 12:15 pm
CommentStreams:Cec61d5f73b7935e20611ab448ed0d08 Anniversary Challenge (20/01/10) The pool is 6 so should be able to clear it as soon as you are on Tier 7 anonymous Jan 13 at 2:13 pm
CommentStreams:Ef84959088d2695b6b6dddfaa219ae8f Anniversary Challenge (20/01/10) Tier 7 The 3rd mission of Tier 7 should be “Earn KOs in the dungeon” , instead of “Win battles”. Six items totally. Statistic of pool and cooldown are unknown. anonymous Jan 13 at 3:01 am
CommentStreams:7bd09045db3d85ebbfe5f012b9c5ba19 Gems Yes it does I bought a gem clam before and I saw that the 99$ was 50% more anonymous Jan 12 at 12:22 am
CommentStreams:28db7e32bca36e3e406f7bd0bba9dbaa Featherfall (19/12/23) dissapointingly so, its not an easy event. anonymous Dec 29 at 10:22 am
CommentStreams:9b1a63dc2ed56a8f7505ba0b66c8263a Relics there are 2 dragon eggs and you get to pick the one you want from the double egg relic anonymous Dec 29 at 2:20 am
CommentStreams:7db8e20169bd75b2aa9a9219e23680d0 Featherfall (19/12/23) Yes indeed in level 17 there’s no pool, it’s only 1 item for battles and 30 min cooldown :( anonymous Dec 28 at 7:21 pm
CommentStreams:337c9dd842fbf247fc314f4e173cfddc Featherfall (19/12/23) 17 is corrected. Gifting was already correct Soukupmi Dec 28 at 7:00 pm
CommentStreams:78d87d3aed1b469094cd4a70a971388f Featherfall (19/12/23) And gifting friends all 3 at once (pool = 3) anonymous Dec 28 at 5:34 pm
CommentStreams:D1049bfcb9d0a5d03333d9ca7eef5fa5 Ivory Dragon Breedable ledgendary dragons 🐉 Why are all legendary dragons breedable???????????😕😕😕😕😕😕 anonymous Dec 27 at 6:04 pm
CommentStreams:0e1c45cdb6b5cf6e4e24904fa3617249 Featherfall (19/12/23) For win battles anonymous Dec 26 at 4:48 am
CommentStreams:C62b589c5ecd80fcf4dd49e8d55dd458 Featherfall (19/12/23) Tier 17 Items/pool = 1; Fuul pool = 30min anonymous Dec 26 at 4:47 am