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CommentStreams:47b345e53a5f35ca600f089c38960a7b The Final Journey Part II (20/09/21) no,last part they miscalculated anonymous Sep 23 at 2:32 pm
CommentStreams:A689d7d84ae888b3942bc357d1a45615 The Final Journey Part II (20/09/21) Free Tokens Again? Will there be 5000 free tokens again, like there was in Part 1? anonymous Sep 23 at 11:19 am
CommentStreams:63de725d086f0b2668910bcbc25d54b8 Dragon Mania Legends Wiki:Breeding Calculator Very usefull I like this anonymous Sep 19 at 4:51 am
CommentStreams:57f667dbae5556f075739c0378c6bfe5 Black Hole Dragon It lookes good I want it anonymous Sep 18 at 2:00 am
CommentStreams:9b0eee562a2aabb456edd8dce5b53ae8 changing gamertag I can not change my name anonymous Sep 16 at 11:09 pm
CommentStreams:328025ed58b96142884a53e28234ccf6 Dragon Mania Legends Wiki:Breeding Calculator Tyx Tyx helpeful 😃😃👏✔😊👌 anonymous Sep 16 at 12:07 pm
CommentStreams:595172da4f1028b4365168e3b04cfb89 Enchantment Materials undoing fusion Is it possible? anonymous Sep 14 at 10:37 pm
CommentStreams:28a5071470e982a1492bbbcdef05b1f1 The Final Journey Part I (20/09/07) But the event already ended by 12:00 UTC towmorrow, so you might not get the 5000 tokens and the loki dragon. anonymous Sep 14 at 4:41 am
CommentStreams:E322c2e27caa0752feb8f91101f67efe The Final Journey Part I (20/09/07) 12:00 UTC Burning Flame Sep 14 at 3:26 am
CommentStreams:426958561003ae54392202e19a0bf99a The Final Journey Part I (20/09/07) 5000 tokens what time do we get the 5000 tokens everyday? anonymous Sep 14 at 2:40 am
CommentStreams:C3c18f6ce54dffa0d512a1b0a309778b Dragon Mania Legends Wiki:Staff
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Cryscryb2 Sep 13 at 6:33 pm
CommentStreams:35dbcbb989e246b02e5690b36ab729fd The Final Journey Part I (20/09/07) Hi, guys。 it's obviously enough this time. It will even come out more. Wish you, have a good time! Thanks Burning Flame Sep 13 at 6:32 pm
CommentStreams:Aca528a88182b759e627c71fda3a8bbe The Final Journey Part I (20/09/07) Chrono Chang'e Dragon Collecting it requires 42 pieces. The collection begins on September 21st at the next event. So this time it's just the first part. What does this have to do with what you call a butterfly dragon? There are no butterfly dragons in this competition. Burning Flame Sep 13 at 6:25 pm
CommentStreams:3749156182c59669956d5c49984de3ff The Final Journey Part I (20/09/07) Where is my chrono chang'e dragon? I open all chests and got loki dragon but where is my butterfly dragon? anonymous Sep 13 at 4:00 pm
CommentStreams:10faf69bca1e849fb4d8e8ce357c4b7b The Final Journey Part I (20/09/07) Bruh Man i always tend to get key to the next door on 2nd last try level 1 except. anonymous Sep 12 at 7:56 am
CommentStreams:D3a0f2195083d21e53999980a8cc2494 FGTEEV anonymous Sep 11 at 11:21 pm
CommentStreams:F73b492501e91c4e22ce7a51d703d929 Dragon Mania Legends Wiki:Breeding Calculator this is very helpful thanks i use this for info and drawing anonymous Sep 10 at 2:26 pm
CommentStreams:4f9d8417b4d871fc7753a26e429c704f Dragon Mania Legends Wiki:Staff يويوجد لدي حساب قديم لاكن لاعرف كيف ادخل اليه لكنه موجود ومتصل بحسابي الاخر على الفبس بوك يوجد لدي حساب اخر لللعبه على احسابي الاخر للفيس بوك وحسالي الاخر على الفبس بوك موجود فكيف ادخل عليه anonymous Sep 9 at 7:23 pm
CommentStreams:6d2f0001a5f215011ed0de47255210ed The Final Journey Part I (20/09/07) This is the first time that the orbs you can get are not enough if you always have to walk to the last box for the key. anonymous Sep 8 at 1:31 pm
CommentStreams:112e0e587432a4d29b0963ad7d41358e The Final Journey Part I (20/09/07) Wouldn't we all? And also the event currency, too.
Stop with your usual boring private life, wiki people, and get going....
Patience is a virtue - just saying.
Soukupmi Sep 7 at 4:28 pm